SC SOLAR launches a new generation of auto bussing machine


The maximum compatible module size is 2700*1500mm. ALU series auto bussing machine integrates the function of string layup to be directly connected to the stringer, saving layup machines and space layout. Now the auto ultra-high-speed bussing machine is newly upgraded to meet the higher production capacity needs of customers.

The features of SC SOLAR’s auto bussing machine are as following:

1. Cycle time of conventional modules ≤12s, cycle time of opening bypass welding is less than or equal to 14s;

2. Compatible with both horizontal and vertical modules;

3. Compatible with modules of 2 to 6 strings;

4. Compatible with PERC, TOPCON (SMBB), HJT, HBC (IBC) and shingled modules and etc.;

5. Automatically paste the barcode on the busbar;

6. Automatically welding of busbar and EVA;

7. Integrated automatic cutting, laying and welding functions of large reel black insulating strips;

8. Optional 30kg welding tape coil feeding, busbar punching, busbar scraping black paint, and virtual welding detection functions;

9. Low maintenance cost, easy to operate, fast switching.

The unique superiorities of SC SOLAR’s auto bussing machine are as following:

1.Cycle time:12S in mass production, high production capacity, effectively improve the utilization rate of the production line.

2.Switching time: normal switching time ≤ 30min, switching time of 182 modules to 210 modules ≤ 60min, quickly put into production.

3. Deviation correction: support one-time deviation correction of strings, with a deviation range of ±30mm and a deviation angle of ±5°, effectively avoid cracks caused by multiple pick-and-places.

4.Easy operation: reasonable mechanical layout, bus-bar feeding and adjustment outside of the machine, convenient and safe for personnel to

operate and maintain.

SC SOLAR's auto bussing machine ALU series has been widely used in well-known solar companies such as LONGi, Jinko, Trina, Tongwei, DAS Solar, Seraphim, REC, VinaSolar, DMC, and etc. The equipment operates stably and efficiently on site, and has won unanimous praise from customers.

Since its establishment, SC SOLAR has always been driven by technological innovation and pursued by casting high-quality products. While major breakthroughs have been made in the R&D of solar cell processing equipment, SC SOLAR continues to consolidate its own advantages in the field of solar module equipment, strive to explore the intelligent improvement space in each link of module production, vigorously develop new products, upgrade and optimize existing product functions, and assist customers in module production. The automation of the whole line has been improved to help customers realize unmanned production as soon as possible. In the future, SC SOLAR will continue to create reliable value for customers and make photovoltaic manufacturing easier, more efficient and safer.