SolarMax Group develops system solutions for storing solar power


Following last year’s successful establishment of its service network in Europe and the start of production in Burgau, in 2016 the SolarMax Group is focussing on the development and launch of its new devices, in particular system solutions involving inverters and storage systems for both roof-mounted and freestanding systems. SolarMax CEO Mathias Mader presented the plans at a press conference at the group’s Burgau plant on 27 January.

“PV plants with a capacity of up to 15 kilowatts make up around 30 to 40 per cent of the solar market in Germany”, said Mader at the press conference. Suitable inverters are therefore very important for SolarMax.

“This capacity range is where our TP series can prove its worth. Our 5, 6 and 7 kilowatt three-phase devices fill the void, so that we can now provide the complete product range between two and 15 kilowatts.”

The devices were developed by Sputnik Engineering AG prior to their insolvency. Thanks to their dynamic 70% power reduction they can control consumers to increase self-consumption. Towards the end of the year the SolarMax Group will be offering the TP Series as a system solution complete with battery and battery management system.

New central inverter for free-standing and industrial systems

This summer, SolarMax will be launching the new RX inverter series for freestanding and industrial plants. The two outdoor central inverters have capacities of 500 and 600 kilowatts, with a modified version that will be able to charge and discharge mass storage systems, thereby supplying grid-conform power. “This means new potential applications for large-scale free-standing and industrial roof systems”, explained Mader.

In addition to talking about the new products, Mader also explained the group’s expansion plans. “We want to increase our number of employees from 41 to 60 by March, and produce an inverter with a total capacity of 80 megawatts this year.” In addition to Germany, Austria and Germany, Mader also wants to start selling SolarMax devices in the UK, Ireland, Italy and Poland in the course of 2016.