Vietnam: 4 GW PV Installation Finished in Past Two Months


Geographical advantage of solar and wind

Vietnam is located in the sub-equatorial region. The amount of solar radiation in winter is between 3 and 4.5 kWh per square meter per day, and the amount of radiation in summer is between 4.5 and 6.5 kWh per square meter per day.

Figures released by World Bank in 2006 showed that Vietnam has 1,600-2,700 sunlight hours per year and average direct normal irradiance of 4-5 kWh per square meter per day. In term of wind power, Vietnam has a coastal line of 3400km, with an average wind speed of 6M/s, with total wind power potential between 24GW and 26.7GW.

Huge demand of electric

According to the Vietnam electricity supply mix and tendency of 2030 released by EVN, the current power structure is impossible to meet the huge demand. Theoretically, It’s immense potential for wind and solar-based projects and is sufficient enough to address the growing power demands.

Relevant policies issued by the government

Taking into account of the power network overload, transmission losses, unsteady fuel supply to generation, severe weather and so on. , to address the challenge from the huge demand in future, VEA is now asking supports from Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and local government to incentive related entrepreneurs and company to join its plan for rooftop solar.

According to the leadership of MOIT, approximately 1 GW rooftop solar will be installed and in operation by the end of 2025.However, according to Vina Capital’s figure, there are 4GW of roof top solar potential from now on to 2030.

In term of wind power, Vietnam government has raised the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) for both onshore and offshore wind and set a target with 800 MW wind power of 2020 by its Revised PDMP VII. The current pipeline data shows about 2GW of projects, with just over 1 GW of capacity expected to be installed in 2021, although 440MW have a permit or even secured financing already. However, previous FiTs were the biggest obstacle for project developers as the tariffs were not commercially viable.

More challenge and more opportunity

To explore the current situation and future changes in Vietnam renewable energy market, an international meeting will be held in HoChiMinh City on 6 Nov. by PVBOX a vertical media company in China.

The aim of this SWES (Solar and Wind Energy Summit) is to provide a world-class meeting to exchange information and promote the renewable energy industry, to differentiate the summit from other conferences by covering more comprehensive issues from both pubic and private sectors relating to sustainable or renewable energy, to meet the challenges and demands in developing practical solutions under international standards, and to help main roles in field to seize the opportunities and gain the initiative.