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‘Renewables superhighway’ to link Australian states

Work will proceed on a new electricity transmission line linking the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales, under a joint funding agreement between the Victoria state government and the federal coalition.

The ambiguous impact of battery storage on emissions

U.S. researchers have investigated whether energy storage deployment could actually drive up greenhouse gas emissions in the short term in some energy markets. The fact the existing literature considers only the dispatch of energy from storage facilities in the current fossil fuel-renewables energy mix, though, could understate the long-term emissions reduction benefits of such facilities.


UK researchers launch PV generation forecasting tool

A team of researchers at the University of Sheffield has developed a service to forecast energy generation levels from PV up to three days in advance, allowing grid operators to make decisions further in advance, lowering costs and increasing the efficiency of electricity systems.


Energy storage already cost-competitive in commercial sector, finds study

Cheaper battery prices sees storage playing a broader role in energy markets, particularly for commercial customers seeking to reduce peak consumption, research from McKinsey shows.


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