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How to Optimize Solar Plant Design and Engineering

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Cost is paramount, so ensuring that your PV project’s design is entirely optimized is of utmost importance. However, each project’s site, needs, and materials vary. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will learn how to improve the end-to-end engineering process by examining real-life case studies and looking at a design software aimed to deliver optimal projects.


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How to Optimize Solar Plant Design and Engineering

In an industry where cost is so paramount, ensuring that your PV project’s design is entirely optimized is of utmost importance. Achieving this, however, is not always a simple process, as each project’s site, needs, and materials can vary drastically.

Enter pvDesign, RatedPower’s cloud-based project design software, which can optimize the end-to-end engineering process, from producing the necessary documentation for the interconnection request to develop a complete proforma, to creating a financial model with its CAPEX tool.

Intended to be used every step from conception to implementation, the software is aimed to accelerate overall design time, saving developers money and delivering projects on an expedited schedule.

In this pv magazine Webinar, we will learn how pvDesign has the potential to improve the end-to-end engineering process, solving common problems that developers face. We will also examine real-life case studies where specific issues and limitations have been met to deliver optimal projects by pvDesign.

Presenters Gabriel Cañadas, Business Developer, and Soukayna Jermouni, Project Engineer, from Rated Power will discuss the details of the software and how to best employ it to improve processes.

Gabriel and Soukayna will be joined by their client Blue Ridge Energy’s Chief Engineer Megan Parsons. Megan will go into all the stages of design, explaining her experience and supplementing the demonstration with a case study of a real-life project optimally developed with pvDesign.

pv magazine Webinar content

  • Details on the project design software pvDesign
  • How to improve the design and engineering of PV plants
  • In-depth discussion of real-life use cases
  • Live demo of the software showcasing the customer journey
  • Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Tim Sylvia from pv magazine USA will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.


Gabriel Cañadas | Business Developer, RatedPower

Gabriel Cañadas | Business Developer, RatedPower Gabriel (Gabi) is a Business Developer at RatedPower, where he handles business opportunities in the North American market. Having lived in the US, China, Sweden, and Kazakhstan, Gabriel counts with an international background, but balances this out with a strong focus on individual needs where needed. Prior to RatedPower, Gabriel performed market research and looked for business opportunities for Spanish companies in the international sphere, and also worked in consultancy and finance.

Megan Parsons | Chief Engineer, Blue Ridge Energy

Megan is Blue Ridge’s Chief Engineer. She has 16 years of experience managing fossil and renewable utility-scale project development, including land acquisition, permitting, transmission interconnection, and construction oversight activities, among many others. She has provided integrated resource planning consulting services for regulated, municipal, and cooperative utilities across the US. Prior to joining Blue Ridge, Megan managed the development engineering department at Burns & McDonnell.

Soukayna Jermouni | Project Engineer, RatedPower

Soukayna (Souky) is a Project Engineer at RatedPower. As part of the technical team, Soukayna counts with expertise in Software Engineering and Energy Management, as well as Project Management. The combination of her knowledge in computer science and sustainable energy gives her the perfect tools to identify and understand the needs of clients in-depth. Prior to RatedPower, Soukayna focused on software development, but also managed several energy projects in Germany and Morocco.


Tim Sylvia | Editor, pv magazine USA

Tim Sylvia is an associate editor at pv magazine USA. A graduate of Hood College, Tim has been with pv magazine since May 2018. Tim covers project development, legal issues and renewable energy legislation, as well as contributing to the daily Morning Brief.

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