UK solar market could create 100,000 jobs by 2030


According to the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), the UK has the potential to reach zero carbon status by 2030. Not only that, but quoting David Matthews, chief executive of the Solar Trade Association, the report also outlines the importance of solar’s role for creating new jobs.

“The opportunities solar provides for the UK economy are massive with a huge potential for job creation – in excess of 100,000 people could be employed in the installation of solar across the country. Today, we are already witnessing these size industries in our European neighbours. Solar benefits both the homeowner and the economy,” explains Mr. Matthews.

The report includes research input from thirteen universities, twelve research bodies and eight key industry players. It has been published with the aim of driving the country’s efforts to cut their emissions by choosing alternative renewable power technologies. Now that the UK has a feed-in tariff incentive for installing solar photovoltaics, the report outlines that the increased investment for renewable energy generation is expected to rise.