OCI adds 5,000 MT of polysilicon capacity in bid to become market leader


The company has said construction will begin this month, with a view to being completed by next October. The total cost comes to 220 billion KRW (around USD$187 million).

With a 6,500 MT production capacity at its P1 Plant, 10,500 MT at its P2 Plant and 10,000 MT at its P3 Plant – to be completed this December – the company has said it will have a total production capacity of 27,000 MT. Moreover, with further polysilicon plant expansion of 5,000 MT due next October, OCI will be quipped with a total manufacturing capacity of 32,000 MT. If this expansion goes ahead, the comapny will become one of the biggest polysilicon manufacturers in the world.

OCI has said it is already producing and supplying 10-nine grade polysilicon and that it is equipped with the production capacity to produce 11-nine grade purity polysilicon.