SunEdison and APS to install a further 10 MWs in Arizona


SunEdison will own and operate the plant, while APS will purchase the entire output. It is expected to be operational next autumn and should provide enough power to meet the annual energy needs of 2,500 Arizona customers. It has been said that over 25 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy will be generated in its first year of operation, and approximately 653 million kWh over 30 years. ??

Don Robinson, APS president and chief operating officer commented: "With five solar facilities operating or under construction, Prescott is becoming an important hub for solar development. It is an ideal location because of its abundant sunshine, cooler weather, available land and access to the transmission system." ?

?Earlier this month APS and SunEdison announced plans for two other Arizona solar plants: a 20 MW facility in Chino Valley – another Prescott-area solar plant – and a 17-MW facility in Hyder. Those plants also will be developed by SunEdison. However, instead of purchasing the power, APS will own the facilities after construction is completed.