SPI unveils green energy payment platform


Shanghai-based solar turnkey developer and EPC contractor, SPI has launched a new online platform that allows ordinary households in China to pay for retail electricity from renewable sources online.

The platform, Lvdiantong, enables users to pay for solar-generated electricity at discounted rates in comparison with other channels, states SPI. Lvdiantong is part of SPI’s online energy e-commerce and investment platform Solarbao.

Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman of SPI, commented, "By leveraging the Internet to connect households with renewable energy from solar PV projects, Lvdiantong allows Chinese retail customers to enjoy discounted electricity bills while also reducing their carbon footprint. As more consumers experience the benefits of Lvdiantong, we believe more households across China will use our platform to choose green energy in meeting our country’s growing power needs."

With the launch of Lvdiantong, SPI extends its e-commerce platform, establishing an online ecosystem that includes generation, storage and sale of green energy.

Solarbao offers PV products for upstream and downstream clients, giving Chinese investors access to green energy projects as well as products. The platform, which currently has projects only on its Chinese website, has managed to leverage internet finance to support PV project development in China. Solarbao has been named the "Most innovative internet finance brand" by the China International E-Commerce Association this year.