Tempress books repeat boron equipment order, completes 800 MW diffusion tool install


PV cell production upgrades in China and Taiwan are delivering significant tool orders to European PV equipment suppliers. Tempress announced today an order for its BBr3 (boron) diffusion equipment to a Taiwanese producer for n-type cell production. It has also completed the installation of 800 MW of atmospheric diffusion systems to a Chinese cell and module producer.

Tempress reports that the order for its boron diffusion system comes as a repeat order for the Taiwanese customer, having previously supplied the manufacturer with 400 MW of its HD-POC13 platform. With orders for both its boron and phosphorous equipment, no clear trend towards n or p-type is evident from today’s Tempress announcement.

Along with the new order, Tempress has announced the completion of installation of 800 MW of its “next generation” diffusion system to an unnamed Chinese manufacturer.

"After Tempress’ successful implementation of approximately 400 megawatts (MW) of HD-POCl3 systems at a top-tier Taiwanese cell producer, we are proud to announce a repeat order from this same Taiwanese customer and a new order from a new customer in Taiwan,” said Amtech CEO Fokko Pentinga. “One of the key differentiators is the integrated compact automation which seamlessly matches the high output of the HD-POCl3. This system is delivered and installed by another subsidiary of Amtech, R2D Automation.”

Pentinga said that its HD process is now “fully qualified and accepted in the industry.” Tempress is a fully owned subsidiary of Amtech.