Higeco More begins the supply of the Scada system for the biggest photovoltaic project in Hungary


The plant, consisting of two twin slots of 50 MW each connected to the same high voltage substation, is the largest PV project under development in Hungary up to date, with completion of works scheduled for December 2020. The photovoltaic site will be subject to remote control by the local DSO and the Hungarian TSO (MAVIR Ltd) in order to contribute to the balancing of the grid, together with other production units from renewable sources which will form a “virtual aggregated unit”.

The SCADA in Kaposvàr will be a centralized system on a redundant virtual server, a smart solution that will guarantee greater computing power and maximize the robustness of the system, which will indeed continue to operate even in case of failure to one of the two servers. The SCADA will allow remote monitoring and control of all inverters, transformers, string combiners, low voltage panel, HV/MV substation, meteo stations and fire protection system.

In addition to the SCADA system, Higeco More will also supply four meteo stations, all equipped with advanced sensors, and is responsible for the design of the entire communication system inside the PV plant. In particular, since the site is located in a remote agricultural area, a radio bridge will be activated with the nearby town of Kaposvàr, the first place with a wired Internet connection.

“It's a great honour for us to participate in the construction of this utility-scale PV plant” says Fulvio Ferrari, Founding partner and Application Manager at Higeco More. “We are ready for the kick-start of similar projects also in Italy, and we hope that this will happen soon. However, it is necessary to streamline the current Italian authorization process, which is particularly slow and complex, and runs the risk of becoming an obstacle to the achievement of the Italian PV objectives for 2030”.

“This project is an important sign of growth and affirmation of Higeco More in the international market of utility-scale PV plants” underlines Giovanni Rossi, Founding Partner and Sales Manager at Higeco More. “Our goal is to keep growing at international level while being confident that Italy's delay in the clean energy transition will soon be addressed and overcome”.