ib vogt delivers largest solar park in the Netherlands


Berlin, Borsele, Vlissingen, 05/11/2018. The official opening ceremony was performed on Thursday November 1st by mayor Dijksterhuis of the municipality Borsele, alderman Verhage of the municipality Vlissingen, project initiator Hans Hoven and CEO of ib vogt Anton Milner. With a symbolic start-up of the generator they put the largest solar park in Zeeland and in the Netherlands into commercial operations. The festive opening was attended by over 80 invitees. Solar park Scaldia represents an important facility in the achievement of the climate goals: During its 30 years lifetime the solar park prevents 738.000 t of CO2 emissions.

ib vogt acquired the permits of the solar park Scaldia in February of this year from developer Solarpark Zeeland. HSH Nordbank provided 41 million euro of project finance to Scaldia by end of May before construction began. Following two and half years of careful and considerate preparation and permit procedures, ib vogt constructed the project in just half a year.

Energy and certificates of origin are sold to ENGIE Netherlands and marketed by Engie to its consumers under a long-term contract covering more than half the lifetime of the project. 

Scaldia has a capacity of 54.5 MWp and covers an area of 38 hectares with more than 140.000 solar panels. The solar panels are positioned east-west for optimal use of land and for power generation. In total the solar park delivers 51.000 MWh of renewable energy annually for 30 years, which is the equivalent amount of energy consumed of approximately 14.000 households.