Jolywood starts delivery of NTOPCon bifacial modules for Oman Ibri 458MW Project


This is another breakthrough achieved by Jolywood on n-type mass-scale utilization after the 125MW Oman Marubeni project in 2019. Jolywood vice general manager, Dr. Liu Zhifeng said, this is by far the largest n-type solar park in Middle East.

Oman has a desert climate, with temperature above 40℃ more than half of each year, which results in very high requirement on the performance and reliability of solar equipment. N-type modules has strong character of low temperature co-efficiency, power generation gain more obviously under high temperature than p-type products; also, n-type silicon structure are nature bifacial, which results in module bifaciality range 80-85%, which is 20% higher than p-type bifacial products. These also are the reasons why Middle East more preferred n-type modules for local projects.

Jolywood is focus on n-type bifacial technology research and manufacture since 2016, and is the first company successfully brought the n-type modules to be used in large scale solar project. By far, Jolywood not only offered n-type bifacial products to high-tech required China Toprunner projects, super high voltage projects; but also to utility solar parks and rooftop projects in Europe, Middle Eat, and Australia.

Middle East solar projects has a very rapid growth, and is the key strategic market for Jolywood. In the future, Jolywood will make continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and reliability of n-type product, to further help the Middle East projects reach better value.