Neon Energy installs its 1000th residential rooftop PV installation

The photovoltaic company has been providing turnkey photovoltaic solutions across park, commercial and residential applications to clients in Greece and Europe.

The company would like to take the opportunity to thank its customers that became ‘green’ when they collaborated with Neon Energy for the construction and installation of their residential rooftop photovoltaic systems.

Having undertaken 1000+ residential photovoltaic projects, today these amount to a total productive capacity of 7,8MWp.

Its clients’ green investments display their commitment and contribution to the green economic development of Greece in partnership with a credible and experienced firm, Neon Energy.

Today, residential photovoltaic projects represent one of the most stable and sustainable investments for Greek households, securing an additional source of much needed income and contributing meaningfully to the green economy. Neon Energy’s clients have realized the great potential Greece offers in the field of renewables, even despite the FIT changes in 2012.

Returns on investment remain high at approximately 18%, the cost of construction has declined substantially and given Greece has among the most favorable renewables policies in Europe with favorable FIT rates coupled with very high sun irradiation levels, the investment is paid off in a few years (out of a 25-year contract with the National Electricity Company).

"A thousand plus customers have entrusted us with their household photovoltaic installations," said Neon Energy’s president, Mr. Konstantinos Georgiadis. "The milestone of our 1,000th residential project gives us the confidence we have achieved a job well done and we intend to continue this through the next 1,000 projects and beyond."

Neon Energy is among the leading multinational firms offering its services for the German, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian and Cypriot markets. The company provides business development and EPC services as well as financing packages for the completion of projects.

The company offers photovoltaic solutions for park applications as well as commercial and residential properties, which are supported by high-quality photovoltaic technology in its countries of operation. Today, Neon Energy has an impressive portfolio consisting of over 92MWp PV Parks, 11.9 MWp commercial rooftops and 7.8MWp on residential rooftops, either installed or in progress.