Talesun Whitelisted by Major Banks of Vietnam


Recently, News from Ho Chi Ming City, one of the major banks of Vietnam, the Military Bank of Vietnam (MB) today officially informed China leading solar PV module maker, the Talesun Solar, that the solar PV module products manufactured by Talesun Solar is now granted white list of MB’s bankability for solar PV components. This means all new PV projects in Vietnam which utilized Talesun Solar’s module products will get non-recourse debt financing from MB in future.

The bankability of PV module is a key factor for the PV plant to get finance support from capital market including bank loans and debt financing with low interest. So far Talesun Solar has totally been whitelisted by three major Vietnamese banks. Besides the MB, the other two banks are the Tien Phong Bank (TPBank) and the VietinBank.

Talesun Solar is a leading PV module manufacturer and was ranked in top 10 of module shipment globally in 2019 by professional market research institute PV InfoLink. The company has been recognized as Tie1 module manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) for years and also was granted with the quality and durability warrantee by Munich Re Group. Thousands of solar PV plants around the world have used Talesun’s products as their module components and experienced very good performance.

Being as one of the hottest emerging markets of solar PV, Vietnam was treated as a key market within scope of Talesun’s global strategy. The company achieved a monthly module shipment to Vietnam with 70 MW recently.

Whitelisted by these three Banks does fully demonstrate that products, technology and service quality of Talesun Solar has been authoritative recognized and accepted in Vietnam. Meanwhile, recognized by the banks has also well relieved customers of worries about product quality and efficiency attenuation, thus providing better risk management and control tools for owners and investors. In the future, Talesun Solar will, as always, adhere to the requirements for product quality and continue to provide customers with high-quality PV module products and a full range of efficient and professional customer services.