Waldevar is using Sunova Solar module for their PV powerplants in Romania


Sunova Solar has delivered more than 16,000 of its standard HI-Milo 550W modules and nearly 3800 of the bifacial module version to these two projects which are currently under construction and are planned to be grid connected within April 2023. These modules are equipped with high efficiency PERC cell technology and are produced with state-of-the-art fully automated module production equipment. The bifacial modules will allow additional sunlight collection from the rear side and hence further increase the power performance.

Alexandru Mina, Executive Managing Director of Waldevar, explains: “We decided to work with Sunova Solar because they offer excellent product quality at an affordable price and availability according to our schedule. Once fully operational these PV powerplants will produce 11.5 TWh of electricity, enough to power nearly 3000 average households while helping Romania to decarbonize 11,000 tons of CO2-equivalent emissions annually, that would be exhausted by a conventional power plant. To further connect with the people of the area we used the time of the construction and invited children on an educational tour so they can experience clean energy generation early on.”

Mariam Mtchedlishvili, Sales Director Eastern Europe at Sunova Solar Technolgoy Co. Ltd. Comments: “We are very proud to work together with Waldevar Energy on these large PV powerplants and are looking forward to further expand our partnership. These projects are an important milestone in realizing our vision of further supplying our modules to large utility scale projects in addition to the residential, commercial and industrial roof top markets that we are already successful in.”