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Western Europe

Scientists assess lifetime for perovskite PV to become competitive on rooftops

Researchers say that lightweight, high-performance perovskite solar modules could soon become competitive with crystalline PV modules in the residential segment, as such products will likely have lower manufacturing and balance-of-system costs in the future.


Acciona energizes 125 MW solar plant in Spain

Located in Spain’s southern province of Badajoz, the project is the largest PV facility built by Acciona in its home country.

Eggplants grow 50% more under solar panels

French specialist Sun’Agri unveiled the agronomic results on a crop of eggplant grown in a greenhouse commissioned in the Lot-et-Garonne in September, 2020.


New way to calculate LCoE of perovskite solar

Italian researchers have analyzed different ways to assess the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) of perovskite solar cells and modules. They said a common approach should soon be defined to increase the market maturity of the tech.

Sweden deployed 1 GW of PV in 2022

Sweden’s cumulative installed solar capacity hit 2.6 GW at the end of December.

Storing renewables via regenerative braking in underground mines

Scientists in Austria have developed a long-term energy storage system that uses regenerative braking to adjust the descent speed of sand in mine shafts and generate electricity.

Grid congestion continues to increase in Netherlands

Solar project developers see fewer opportunities to build PV facilities in the northern Netherlands, as grid bottlenecks are becoming worse.

Spain installed 2.5 GW of distributed PV systems in 2022

Spain’s cumulative PV capacity under its self-consumption regime hit 5.24 GW at the end of December.


Adapting agrivoltaics to different climates, crops

An international consortium led by Italy’s Eurac Research launched the Symbiosyst project to adapt PV modules, mounting structures, and maintenance technologies to the needs of various crops in agrivoltaic installations in different climates.

Sustainable Capital offers €100m of financing for EU hydrogen companies

The European Union and its funding mechanisms for hydrogen are attracting the interest of private funds and investors. Sustainable Capital says it wants to co-invest in preselected companies, mainly in the mobility sector, focusing on Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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