Las Vegas thin film company offered Brazilian incentives


Las Vegas based PacWest Equities says it has been invited by the Brazilian government to bring its thin film CIGS production line to the country.

PacWest says it has been invited to market solar products for production and distribution in Brazil and neighbouring countries after its US$55 million acquisition of DayStar Technologies in March.

That acquisition included ownership of a 15-chamber CIGS production line which makes solar covered glass panels, a library of 51 patents, patents pending, international patents, and intellectual property.

Based upon the DayStar technology, PacWest said Brazilian government officials felt "PacWest Equities is uniquely positioned to help propel them into a leader in the production of solar photovoltaic products."

PacWest says its technology cost $106 million to develop with $67 million spent on research and development, $12 million to build the prototype line, and $27 million on the final production line.

BIPV opportunities

Its technology advantage, the company says, "addresses the construction market’s need to replace typical tinted window panes in high-rise buildings with solar glass panels that generate electricity at the same time as functioning as a window, a skylight, or any other type of building cover." The product can be applied to either rigid glass or flexible media, enhancing market opportunities in building integrated PV (BIPV), added PacWest.

"With the amount of solar potential in Brazil, combined with high electricity rates and a desire to preserve the environment, Brazil is uniquely positioned for rapid growth in this sector," PacWest added.

Sunlight Technologies, PacWest’s subdivision manufacturing the CIGS photovoltaic products, said it "has tremendous business and political relationships in Brazil and is scheduled to give several presentations in the coming weeks. The company plans on leasing a commercial building, assembling the solar manufacturing equipment, training manufacturing, sales, and engineering staff and leading the solar panel market in Brazil in the coming months."

For this reason, PacWest added, Brazilian government officials at local, state, and federal levels have promised a suite of economic incentives to move to Brazil including land grants, import tax incentives, export tax waivers, plant and manufacturing grants and financing from the Brazil National Development Bank.