Fluidic Energy unveils residential storage unit in Arizona


The unit is the first of its kind to be deployed in North America, and the first new electrochemical storage system to reach a global market in decades. The battery provides the ability to charge from both solar and off-peak electricity.

The battery has been installed at the home of Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association Tom Harris, and will be monitored to maximize the benefit of energy storage to the homeowner.

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin has pushed to align the public and private sectors around a vision for solar + storage: “Our state’s energy future is undeniably tied to maximizing the use of abundant sunshine, both day and night,” says Tobin. “As storage continues to develop, I hope we can get to a point where the sun never sets in Arizona.”

The system is funded through Arizona Public Service’s (APS) Solar Innovation Study 125 program, which looks at the integration of rooftop solar with other advanced technologies, including battery storage.

“Affordable and reliable technology can truly change lives,” says Steve Scharnhost, CEO at Fluidic Energy. “Our team is very excited to be a part of Arizona’s clean energy future, empowering the industry to store energy and redistribute it to the consumer when and how they need it.”