Green City Energy launches largest solar fund in corporate history


In total, 400 private investors have put approximately €4.2 million into the “Solarpark Deutschland 2010“. The closed end fund bundles rooftop solar systems at nine sunny locations across Germany. All systems, which total an output of 4.2 megawatt peak (MWp), will benefit from an increased feed-in tariff during the first half of the year.

Munich-based energy provider Green City Energy GmbH has sold all 1,662 shares in their hitherto largest public solar fund, called "Solarparks Deutschland 2010". The umbrella fund bundles highly sophisticated photovoltaic systems at nine sunny locations all over Germany.

In total, 370 investors hold €4,155 million in limited partnership capital contributions. The total investment volume is €15 million, with a forecast yield rate of an annual 6.5 percent. All systems benefit from a higher feed-in tariff during the first half of the year. Two systems have not been implemented as planned because the registration of senior public easements was not granted. This has reduced the project’s volume from 5.6 MWP to 4.15 MWp, but that will not impact the fund’s profitability or general concept.

"We are happy to see the great interest in our solar fund. This clearly shows that the local change in energy is fully going on. All citizens support the structural change of the energy system. In the past year alone, the solar families, which means the investors, have put more than €6.22 billion into the development of a decentralized renewable energy supply system – that’s more than the big four energy providers have invested in total,” said Thomas Prudlo, managing director of Green City Energy.

"The government is surely backing the wrong horse by extending the operation periods for nuclear power plants. We will therefore continue to pursue our goal of 100 percent renewable energy supply. For this purpose, we will continue to offer products to the citizens to invest into the future.”

The Solarpark Deutschland 2010 follows a long tradition of eleven public solar parks operated by Green City Energy, which were built in 2000, and which yield excellent profits for 1,300 investors. For the Solarpark 2010, Green Energy does not charge any premiums (as goes for all other products, too), thus empowering private investors to contribute to decentralized energy supply and climate protection.