NorSun’s Wafers Powering New SunPower Brand Low CO2 Footprint Solar Panels from Maxeon Solar Technologies


The new premium module combines the highest efficiency and lowest CO2 footprint with NorSun wafers produced in Norway. The module is tailored for the Scandinavian and other markets where low carbon footprint is attractive.

With a power of 400 Wp, the new panel from Maxeon Solar Technologies provides the lowest CO2 footprint per kWh electricity produced. – There is a growing interest for low carbon footprint solar modules. Therefore, we are very pleased that our long-time customer and partner Maxeon Solar Technologies is initiating the production of modules that are guaranteed powered with our NorSun wafers which recently received an EPD certifying its low carbon footprint, said Carsten Rohr, Vice President Business Development. – We believe that the introduction of this low carbon footprint module will increase the awareness in the market and further spur the competitiveness and demand for low CO2footprint solar power, Rohr concluded.

Maxeon Solar Technologies was split off from SunPower Corporation in August 2020 and is the company that designs, manufactures and sells solar panels worldwide under the SunPower brand outside of the United States. The new SunPower solar panels are similar to those used in the international award-winning Powerhouse Brattørkaia in Trondheim. This is a specially designed climate building which is also energy-positive due in large to the use of solar panels.

The building achieved the Powerhouse Paris Proof standard for the buildings of the future, that lists maximum and total CO2 emissions per square meter, including the construction phase, energy in operation, materials and disposal as well as a zero-emission construction site, climate-friendly materials, recycling and reuse as part of the solution. The solar modules add little CO2 footprint and ensure higher energy production than the building is consuming.

For many years NorSun has been the leading western producer of monocrystalline wafers for ultra-high efficiency solar cells. Wafer production at the NorSun factory in the village of Årdal, Norway, is based on hydroelectric power free of any carbon emissions. Currently, the company is doubling the production capacity to 1 GW per year, introduce new technologies, and significantly reduce unit costs. NorSun aims to expand further to a total of 4-5 GW at the current site within the next few years.