Stion places tool order to double capacity


U.S. CIGS manufacturer Stion has taken the bold step of expanding tis production capacity, adding key equipment to expand its manufacturing capacity from 60 MW to 120 MW. While no timeframe for the expansion has bee n released, Stion reports that the increased production capacity will be achieved through implementing the new tools along with “other productivity improvements.”

Stion is presumably benefiting from an uptick in demand and more favorable pricing as a result on the anti dumping and countervailing duties that have been imposed on Chinese crystalline silicon (c-Si) imports into the U.S. The company said that its modules are now becoming deployed in PV power plant projects more often, after having been installed on rooftops for some time.

Stion will acquire the $5.8 million in production equipment from Avaco under a Capital Lease Agreement.

"This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity for Stion to take advantage of strong demand in the US and other global markets," said Chet Farris, CEO of Stion.

Avaco said that the deal is significant in that it allows the company to expand its U.S. presence. "Our partnership with Stion shows our belief in and commitment to CIGS technology, and we hope to help Stion drive continued technology progress," said Avaco Jimyung Wee.

Avaco is based in Korea and is predominately involved in the supply of flat panel display production equipment. It has been working with Stion for some years, including recent projects to retrofit “key tools” at Sion’s production facility in the south of the U.S.

While it has its headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley, Stion operates a production facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It has received some state government support in establishing the module fab.

The forthcoming September edition of pv magazine includes a ranking of the leading thin film producers. The ranking is published in partnership with IHS.