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GSA taps Solaria for Green Proving Ground program

Berkely Lab's FLEXLAB

The PV module technologies provider will participate in the U.S. government program, which evaluates innovative sustainable building technologies.

Germany: 293 GW solar potential

Germany has the potential to install 143 GW of ground-mounted solar PV systems

In a study, researchers identified that 143 GW of solar PV could be installed, restriction-free, on just 0.9% of Germany’s landmass. Another 150 GW would be possible on rooftops. In this case, however, it will depend on how solar...

Panasonic announces 22.5% module-level efficiency solar panel

Panasonic HIT cell.

Company claims new solar module prototype sets new world record for module-level efficiency based on mass-production technology. New HIT N330 high-powered module set to debut in U.K.

SolarCity to begin production of >22% efficient PV modules this month

Calling it the “world's most efficient rooftop solar panel”, the company says it will produce PV modules with greater than 22% efficiency at a pilot facility.

Cloaking technology refracts light around metallization fingers

German researchers have applied the approach used by invisibility cloak research to direct sunlight around busbars and metallization fingers to potentially increase PV cell and module efficiency. The research was carried out by a...

INDEOtec sells Octopus II PECVD tool to French institute

A HJT cell.

Swiss PECVD tool developer INDEOtec has sold one of its Octopus II PECVD tools to France’s IPVF (Institut Photovoltaique d’Ile-de-France). The Octopus II tool is a deposition platform for high efficiency PV cell production, such...

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands to expand PV testing

ECN new solar PV testing equipment

The Hague-based high-tech company Eternal Sun, a specialist in solar testing equipment, designed and upgraded the Energy Research Centre's new testing lab.

Southern Company, EPRI tap LG Chem for battery testing project

LG Chem-powed energy storage system powered at Southern Company PV farm in Cedartown, Georgia.

The project will provide data to help Southern Company understand how well the battery energy storage system works to store and discharge solar energy.

SolarReserve receives CSP SunShot award, to advance storage technology

SolarReserve installed the 110 MW Crescent Dune CSP plant in Nevada with the help of a $737 million DOE loan

SolarReserve LLC has received an award from the U.S. Department of Energy under the SunShot Initiative to advance its CSP technology. With the help of a US$2.4 million grant, the company aims to improve its molten salt energy...

California: EPRI, SunEdison partner on net-zero energy home pilot project

Antioch, California, homes, Yingli rooftop installations

The program will be crucial in evaluating how net-zero energy homes that generate and store their own energy impact the local electricity grid. California is aiming to have all new homes net-zero starting in 2020, and all new...

Fraunhofer debuts world record 25.1% efficient TOPCon solar cell

The Fraunhofer has created a full-area passivated back contact solar cell

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has achieved an efficiency of 25.1% on a both sides-contacted silicon solar cell. In addition to increasing efficiencies, the TOPCon technology is said to simplify...

Polish perovskites attracts Japanese investor

Saule Technologies team with a contract thing.

Perovskite startup Saule Technologies has attracted investment for Japan’s Hideo Sawada, one year after the company launched. Saule is attempting to commercialize perovskite semiconductor on flexible PET substrates, which was...

Dyesol claims perovskite stability breakthrough

Dyesol material.

Australian organic PV and perovskite solar cell (PSC) developer Dyesol claims to have made a significant breakthrough in perovskite stability for solar applications. The company claims to have produced 1cm squared perovskite...

Natcore aims for 2016 production of silver-less solar cells; companies express interest

Natcore will hold high efficiency laboratory demonstrations in the next two to three months

Natcore Technologies Inc. has said pilot demonstration of its silver-less solar PV cells is expected in early 2016, with production available later in the year, if successful. To date, four companies have expressed interest in...

Adler, viamon pilot project sees theft protection installed in 18 MW PV park

The anti-theft device is said to be the world’s first GPS-based safety concept for PV installations

Adler Solar and viamon have completed a joint pilot project in the U.K., which saw theft protection devices installed in an 18 MW solar PV park. The companies claim to have built the world’s first GPS-based safety concept for PV...

Natcore swaps silver for aluminum in solar cells

Nacore Technology has eliminated silver from a solar cell

In what is expected to bring "substantial" cost savings to the industry, Natcore technology Inc. says it has successfully swapped silver for aluminum in its solar cells. A provisional patent application will now be filed.

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