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Grids & Integration

Ingeteam touts Italy’s largest storage system

Spain’s Ingeteam will supply a 70 MW/340 MWh facility based on almost 60 lithium-ion containers to provide storage services to the grid.


How grid-forming inverters may enhance grid synchronization

US researchers have investigated how grid-forming inverters could help to resolve network synchronization issues. They have found that multi-loop devices could offer strong damping support in power systems with intermittent renewables.


Grid company appeals for flexibility from energy consumers

Tennet has suffered well-cataloged problems attempting to absorb solar projects into parts of its Dutch grid network and is now appealing for help in two pinch provinces.

Ultracapacitor sonar seeking grid with 100% solar, wind

Reactive Technologies uses an ultracapacitor to send signals to the grid that help managers determine the level of system inertia, supporting power grid stability – and they’re coming to the United States.


Quebec publishes draft documents for 1.3 GW tender

The Canadian provincial government’s Green Economy Plan, launched in November 2020, envisages a 37.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions en route to net zero by mid century.


Sun Cable reveals full extent of its giant solar-plus-storage project in Australia

Singapore-based Sun Cable has submitted its Environmental Impact Statement to the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority. The document reveals the full extent of the project’s enormity, specifically a 17-20 GW solar farm tied to 36-42 GWh of battery energy storage, which is set to be transmitted by subsea cables to Singapore.


New method for long-term prediction of renewables generation in Europe

Developed by scientists in Spain, the new methodology is claimed to be capable of mitigating energy crises in Europe through climate predictions.

Fluid gas market situation casts shadow over EU energy system models

With each of the 10-year network development plans produced by Europe’s electricity transmission system operators years in the making, the latest such publication may already be out of date as the bloc prepares to fast forward its energy security and climate change ambitions.

Spain curtails PV for first time

The Spanish authorities applied solar curtailment for the first time on Easter Sunday, when power generation exceeded demand and the wholesale electricity price went from €168.50 ($182)/MWh to just €3.70/MWh.


NREL’s storage projections for 2050

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) final report on the future of storage presents “key learnings” from a series of six in-depth studies.


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