Grids & Integration

BBOXX leads on £2.5m crowdfunding scheme to bring affordable PV to Rwanda, Togo and Nigeria

In partnership with online investment platform Lendahand Ethex, British off-grid power specialist BBOXX will seek to raise £2.5 million via a series of retail focused investment offers to garner funds for the roll out of its solar systems in a handful of African countries.


Data is driving change – adapt or fall off the grid

As global economies develop, and uses for renewable energy diversifies, new pressures are being placed on the electric network. Yet, utilities are sitting on a wealth of data that can reveal better insights into their operations, writes Dan Beasley, Director, Utilities, Cyient.


SolarEdge launches inverter with EV-charging capability

Power electronics company, SolarEdge has announced the launched of an EV charging inverter in Europe.


Pilot project for flywheel storage underway in Hawaii

Utility, Hawaiian Electric has announced the start of operations of a pilot project featuring flywheel energy storage technology provided by Amber Kinetics. The project will test the technology’s capability of supporting the grid and allowing further integration of renewable generation.

Construction begins on hybrid storage facility in Jamaica

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCO) has announced the start of construction on a new hybrid storage facility set to provide spinning reserve power to the country’s grid. The project, according to JPSCO, is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and will be completed by April 2019.

Solar rises to nearly 2% of US generation in 2017

Generation from U.S. solar increased 41% last year to 1.9% of all electricity, with solar making up more than 10% of generation in California, Nevada, Hawaii and Vermont.


Storage Highlights countdown #4: Fraunhofer ISE’s power electronics

As Energy Storage Europe approaches, pv magazine counts down the highest-ranked energy storage highlights, selected by our independent jury, that visitors to the exhibition can lay their eyes on. In fourth-place was Fraunhofer ISE’s Cell-Booster and the power electronics for the project “Netefficient”, a technology planned for higher efficiencies, while reducing construction volumes.

AEE outlines key cyber security threats, as energy goes digital

A new report published by the U.S. Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEE) identifies the biggest threats, and challenges for regulators, policymakers, technology providers and other players in protecting rapidly evolving energy systems from cyberattacks.

Seasonal patterns show a need for more solar in the U.S. electricity mix

An abundance of hydroelectric power and wind is pushing up renewable energy in the spring months, but there is a need for more power during the summer peak, as well as issues with the geographic location of resources.


Scientists study impact of RE, energy trade on power grid frequency fluctuations

Research by scientists at the Queen Mary University of London, the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Gottingen, alongside German and Japanese researchers, has sought to analyze the impact of renewables and trading on power grid frequency fluctuations.