Technology and R&D

Natcore develops new processes for patented foil cell

U.S. based technology company, Natcore has announced two new processes, which it says could dramatically reduce the production costs of its foil cell, which it has been working to commercialize for the past couple of years.

Q&A: JinkoSolar discusses half cut cells, multi-busbars and bifacial technology

Ahead of its upcoming webinar, on March 27, JinkoSolar’s Head of Technical Service Europe, Andrea Viaro, discusses the company’s new Half Cell (HC) Series, the benefits of multi-busbar and bifacial technology, and upcoming innovations, in a Q&A with pv magazine.

Australian researchers demonstrate first working proton battery

Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have demonstrated the first working example of a “proton battery”, which utilizes a carbon electrode and a reversible hydrogen fuel cell for the storage of energy. The scientists say their small prototype has already demonstrated similar storage capacities to commercially available lithium-ion batteries, with plenty of potential for further optimization.

Chinese breakthrough in harvesting energy from the sun and the rain

A team of scientists based at the Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Carbon-Based Functional Materials and Devices has integrated a silicon solar cell with a device that generates power from the motion of raindrops, an innovation which could greatly enhance performance in cloudier climates.


Berkeley Lab scientists confirm century-old theory of high performance batteries

Researchers in the U.S. have confirmed the existence of a novel state of the element manganese, first proposed in a journal dating from 1928, which could allow for the development of low-cost, high performance batteries for grid level and other energy storage applications.


US researchers develop new organic solar cell architecture

A team of scientists based at New York University (NYU)’s Tandon School of Engineering has developed a method of improving the performance of non-fullerene organic solar cells, by introducing a crystallizing agent.

German researchers create ‘sunlight funnel’ to concentrate light onto solar cells

Scientists led by the University of Braunschweig have developed a new type of solar concentrator, which can concentrate light from any direction onto a small area, such as a solar panel. The researchers say that funnels can be tuned to different light wavelengths and stacked, allowing for conversion of the entire light spectrum into electricity.


Scientists develop ‘air stable’ perovskite at more than 19% efficiency

A team led by Chonnam National University in South Korea has developed a new perovskite solar cell composition, which it says could lead the way to the production of “highly efficient and air stable perovskite solar cells”.

Longi claims 23.6% efficiency for its PERC monocrystalline cells

Just one month after announcing a PERC module efficiency of 20.41%, the Chinese solar manufacturer announced it has now achieved a 23.6% efficiency for its PERC monocrystalline cells, thus beating its own previous records.

Storage Highlights countdown #4: Fraunhofer ISE’s power electronics

As Energy Storage Europe approaches, pv magazine counts down the highest-ranked energy storage highlights, selected by our independent jury, that visitors to the exhibition can lay their eyes on. In fourth-place was Fraunhofer ISE’s Cell-Booster and the power electronics for the project “Netefficient”, a technology planned for higher efficiencies, while reducing construction volumes.