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Technology and R&D

Bluesun launches 450 W HPBC solar panels with 23% efficiency

Bluesun says its new PV modules are designed for residential PV applications. They feature a temperature coefficient of -0.29% per degree Celsius.

Namibia launches tender for bundle of renewable energy projects

The Namibian government is looking for consultants to provide development, environmental and advisory services for a range of renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and battery energy storage systems (BESS).

New solar-air dual-source heat pump design based on blower fans

Scientists have utilized two blower fans with two roll-bonded bare plates to create a heat pump that can operate in variety of ambient temperature and solar radiation conditions. The system has an average daily coefficient of performance of 3.24.

PI Berlin releases new tool to detect faults in inverters

PI Berlin has developed a new tool to detect problems in inverters such as defective printed circuit boards, faulty switching algorithms, and deficiencies in components and sensors.

Bauer Solar introduces 440 W glass-glass solar modules

Bauer Solar is expanding its “Premium Protect” series with its new 440 W glass-glass solar modules. Since the beginning of December, the German PV manufacturer has only offered glass-glass modules.

Reconfigurable series-parallel photovoltaic modules with high shading tolerance

TU Deflt researchers made a first attempt to validate reconfigurable solar modules using prototypes in outdoor tests. The panels consist of two or more blocks of solar cells that are connected to a switching matrix and reportedly achieve a 10.2% higher energy yield than conventional shade-resilient modules under partial shading conditions.

Synergy secures planning approval for 2 GWh big battery

Australian utility Synergy has secured approval for its plan to build a 500 MW/2,000 MWh battery energy storage system in Western Australia.

Australian developer secures EDF’s support for CSP plans

Australian solar thermal specialist Vast Renewables aims to accelerate the development of its concentrated solar power (CSP) technology with a AUD 16.37 million ($10.7 million) capital commitment from French energy giant EDF Renewables.

KU Leuven spinoff plans MW-scale production of solar-hydrogen panels

Solhyd, a KU Leuven spinoff, is refining its technology to reach megawatt-scale production of hydrogen-producing solar panels with a €6 million ($6.5 million) investment from a consortium of Flemish investors.

Two-dimensional supercrystal produces hydrogen from formic acid, sunlight

A research team in Germany has developed bimetallic two-dimensional supercrystals with remarkable catalytic properties. They can be used to produce hydrogen from formic acid decomposition and reportedly achieve record-breaking results.

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