India may miss solar PV target, says CEO survey

The country will achieve solar PV capacity of 50 to 75 GW by 2022 – a little over 60% of the 100 GW target. Total rooftop capacity will be less than 10 GW.

Seoul escalates dispute over US solar tariffs with WTO complaint

The South Korean government has announced plans to formally launch a dispute settlement process with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over U.S. tariffs on PV cells, modules and washing machines.


California’s solar mandate: Questions and answers

The pv magazine USA team attempt to answer some of the larger questions regarding California’s landmark mandate for solar on all new homes.


RE employs 10.3 million people, solar PV leads charge with 3.4 million jobs – IRENA

According to figures released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), there are more than 10 million people working in the renewable energy industry. In 2017 alone, the sector added more than 500,000 jobs globally, up 5.3 % from 2016, with solar PV the biggest employer.


More care in EU PV purchasing required – Interview

Interview: In recent years, customs authorities have repeatedly conducted searches and arrests for companies circumventing the existing PV antidumping and anti-subsidy measures in Germany. In a conversation with pv magazine, legal expert Alexander Rumpf draws on personal experience to explain the current legal situation.

Blockchain could significantly shape management of renewables, but challenges remain – report

The evolving outlook for project finance, as well as the gradual maturation of technologies, such as blockchain, present new challenges and opportunities for renewables, EY says in its latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) report. Uncertainty in the sector continues to drive a “relentless focus on cost” to soften the impact of protectionism, subsidy cuts and rising interest rates throughout the world, it adds.


The Weekend Read: Three questions facing Indian solar

PV in India: The seemingly serene solar journey that India was on has hit stormy waters in recent months as issues regarding tariff duties, domestic content and financial backing have served to shake confidence in the industry. But there still exists fantastic potential across the nation for PV to really embed itself as India’s favored power source, provided it can address these three key questions.


Greece to tender 300 MW of PV in July

Greece’s tender-based policy scheme for the support of renewable energies is maturing. After running a pilot tender in 2016, the country will tender 300 MW of solar PV power and 300 MW of wind power projects on July 2.

Renewables penetration unbalanced across sectors, off-grid solar boosts access to electricity – report

According to a tracking report from five international agencies, the world is lagging behind its sustainable development goals for the period 2015-2030, although significant progress has been made in reducing electrification deficit in the least developed countries, and industrial energy efficiency. Off-grid solar solutions, meanwhile, are emerging as one of the key drivers of rural energy access.


US community solar capacity more than doubles in 2017

387 MW of community solar projects were installed in the United States last year. This brings the cumulative total to 734 MW, with the majority in Minnesota and Massachusetts.