USITC find serious injury in Section 201 trade case

In the most anticipated decision for the U.S. solar industry since the Investment Tax Credit vote in 2015, the industry now braces to see what sanctions the USITC will recommend to President Trump on November 13.


World Bank, EVN install solar measurement stations in Vietnam

The World Bank and Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) have installed five solar measurement stations across Vietnam, as part of a campaign to promote the deployment of renewable energy.

Colombia announces renewable projects to provide power to 60,000 people

The Government of Colombia has dedicated COP 200 billion ($69 million) to renewable projects, as part of the country’s sustainable development objectives. The projects funded will supply up to 60,000 Colombian’s with electricity, according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Slight rise in India’s solar tariff: bids at INR 2.65 in Gujarat

A slight variation from last auctioning results which had lowest bidding at INR 2.44/kwh.

U.K. not doing enough for climate at expense of renewables, says NRDC

The U.K. is still investing in biomass generation, but the authorities should focus on deploying solar and wind to meet the country’s electricity needs in a more cost-effective manner, the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) says in a new report.

Bahrain’s run to sun begins with 255 MW plan

The new plan was announced by the government of the small country island at STEEB 2017, its first ever solar event that is currently taking place in Manama.

European Commission to reduce minimum import price quarterly

The EU has published its decision to review the undertaking and the minimum import price (MIP) for crystalline PV products from China. As was proposed in July, the MIP will now be reduced quarterly beginning in October. For some Chinese manufacturers, the MIP, as well as a variable duty, is to be applied in future.

First ever solar PPA signed in Sweden

Swedish renewable energy company Eneo Solutions AB was awarded a PPA for a 745 kW rootop PV project by the municipality of Järfälla through a tender process.

UK CfD auction sees renewables set record-low strike price

Two offshore wind farms to be built for just £57.50 per MWh following today’s second Contracts for Difference subsidy auction – well below price government guaranteed for Hinkley Point C nuclear farm.

Report: Trump likely to impose solar tariffs if USITC recommends them

According to Axios, officials close to the president put the likelihood of him imposing a remedy at 90%.