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Commercial & Industrial PV

Taiwan maintains feed-in tariffs for PV unchanged

The move is intended at helping the solar sector recover from the delays caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The Taiwanese government has also granted a three-month grace period for project completion.

Gravity-based storage for distributed solar

An international research team has designed a residential solar-plus-storage system based on gravity. The system was built with a solar power generator, a bulk booster charge controller, an inverter, a solenoid device, a deep cycle battery, a pulley block, a geared motor, a microcontroller, and wire ropes. Its creators said the system is ideal for regions with high solar radiation. They found that, due to its high electrical requirements, the system needs to rely on high-power solar modules with an output of over 500 W.

New tool aims to streamline fast-charging EV station design

A new project offers a design and validation framework for renewables-based microgrid configurations that deliver electric vehicle fast charging, energy security, and value-added grid services.

Scotland announces massive plan for heat pump deployment

The Scottish government wants to deploy renewable-powered heat pumps on at least 1 million homes and 50,000 non-domestic buildings by the end of this decade. For this purpose, it has created an advisory group and is now seeking to gather all potential stakeholders.

Upscaling PV-powered irrigation in India

India’s PV-powered irrigation mission has had a sluggish run, even though the PM-KUSUM scheme provides flexibility and budgetary support for system implementation. An IEEFA report highlights the need to address key challenges at state level to increase deployment.

Maldives launch tender for 40 MW/40 MWh of storage

The government of the archipelago is tendering the deployment of two big batteries, with capacities of 24 MW/24 MWh and 16 MW/16 MWh, respectively, to store renewable energy for 22 islands.

Amazon warehouse fire linked to solar installation

A recent fire at an Amazon warehouse, with an estimated $500,000 in damages, has been linked to an issue with a rooftop solar system, according to Susquehanna Hose Co.


Solar 101: Multiple threats to jolt your solar project

Homeowner associations and town councils can derail your solar project, but so can dust from nearby factories and bivalve mollusks falling from the sky.


France may reach between 70 and 208 GW of PV by 2050

French grid operator RTE has outlined six scenarios on how France’s energy system may achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In the most optimistic one, solar is expected to reach a cumulative capacity of 208 GW.

Building renovations crucial for heat pump deployment

Building renovations may result in up to 51% space heating demand savings, according to recent research from Germany. Its authors claim that, if buildings are retrofitted and thermal energy storage and individual hybrid heat pumps with back-up gas boilers are applied on a large scale, significant heat cost reduction may be achieved across the whole of Europe.


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