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Commercial & Industrial PV

UAE says Mohammed bin Rashid solar park is powering aluminum production

A press release issued by utility DEWA and the state-owned metal manufacturer today implied production of solar-powered aluminum is already taking place.

EU cash will fund solar lights for fishers

The Electrification Financing Initiative has announced it will award €1.5 million each to two French firms and a Tanzanian business operating in Benin, Uganda, Tanzania, Togo, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

‘SolarEV City’ concept can cut both costs and emissions

Scientists applied a model where rooftop PV and electric vehicle batteries are integrated into the energy system of nine Japanese cities. Their findings suggests that such a system could meet more than half of every city’s total energy demand by 2030, and as much as 95% in some cases. The model also reveals opportunities to cut both pollution and energy costs for urban populations in Japan.


Offshore hydrogen production powered by floating PV

Spain’s Repsol will develop a €4.5 million ($5.5 million) pilot project to produce green hydrogen with floating PV for the Santander Port Authority. It will be completed in December 2023.

India launches tender for deployment of 317,975 solar pumps

The tender was launched by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), an energy service company owned by the government of India.


What happens to floating PV when the water surface freezes?

What happens to a floating PV system located in cold climates during freezing temperatures? How is the plant handled and which kind of risks could be associated with these unfavorable climatic conditions? We have sought to answer these questions with the help of Kane Wang, manager of Sungrow Floating’s system solution department.


Equinor, Saipem test offshore solar in Norwegian Sea

The two companies want to test a floating PV array under harsh weather conditions in rough waters for at least a year. The system will be based on a floating solar technology developed by Maritime Moss, a unit of Saipem.


Baywa re energizes more floating PV in the Netherlands

The German renewable energy company has completed two more projects, totaling 29.2 MW, in the country.


Bangladesh mandates 2% of loans issued must be for green projects

Some 15% of the finance disbursed must fit the wider definition of being ‘sustainable’ and banks and other lenders have been warned penalties will be applied for non compliance.


Spanish PV struggling with snowfalls caused by Storm Filomena

While Spain is struggling with the largest snowfall since 1971, pv magazine editor Alejandro Diego Rosell has asked two Spanish experts what the consequences of the massive snow loads produced by Storm Filomena will be on solar installations. According to them, some PV systems may stop working completely and component failures may not be excluded.


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