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The weekend read: A watershed year for Belgium

Belgium market update: Once among Europe’s leaders in solar PV deployment, with more than 1 GW of capacity added in its peak year of 2011, Belgium’s market lost momentum following the abrupt closure of generous subsidy programs. In recent years, driven by its residential PV segment, the country has experienced a solar comeback, which became particularly prominent in the year just passed.

Rooftop solar could provide half of Dutch electricity needs, Deloitte finds

Based on analysis of publicly available data, Deloitte estimates that solar panels installed on every suitable roof surface across the Netherlands could meet half of the current Dutch electricity demand, despite the country’s cloudy and rainy climate.

Gaza solar project receives $12 million in international backing

US$12 million in private finance has been earmarked for a 7 MW solar PV rooftop system in Gaza, Palestine. Up to 800 jobs are expected to be created.

The US residential solar market fell 16% in 2017

GTM Research and SEIA’s final report on the U.S. solar market in 2017 shows both the struggle of the residential sector, as well as a larger than anticipated fall in utility-scale volumes, leading to a 30% contraction overall.

Denmark preps tender scheme for PV projects up to 1 MW

The Danish Energy Agency has now submitted the scheme for a public consultation. The tender’s budget for 2018 amounts to around 105 million DKK (US$17.4 million).

Ghana ups its solar ante with announcement of new programs

Ghana is planning to grow its solar industry, via utility-scale solar, off-grid projects and domestic manufacturing, the President said at the International Solar Alliance (ISA) founding ceremony.

Italy to launch series of mixed wind-solar auctions totaling 4.8 GW

New auctions for wind and solar projects exceeding 1 MW in size will be part of a new incentive scheme for renewable energy for the period 2018-2020, which is now under review by local authorities. In the first auction, planned for November, around 500 MW of wind and solar projects over 1 MW are expected to be assigned. The incentive scheme will also support solar and renewables up to 1 MW through specific tenders.


Australia’s rooftop installations above 2017’s record-breaking year

February rooftop solar installations exceeded 115 MW, well above the less-than 80 MW installed in the same month 2017 – itself a record-breaking solar year in Australia. Green Energy Markets’ latest STC figures reveal the “extraordinary” installation rates.

Sweden allocates $60 million in solar rebates for 2018

The Swedish Energy Agency will initially allocate 200 million SEK (around US$24 million). Two furthers tranches of 200 million SEK and 100 million SEK, respectively, will be assigned in April and in the fall. The funds will be used to finance small rooftop PV projects under the country’s solar rebate scheme.


Australia: record 1.07 GW small-scale solar installed in 2017

It’s official: 2017 was a record year for rooftop PV in Australia. The Clean Energy Regulator announced today that over 1070 MW of small-scale solar was installed by Australian homeowners and businesses in 2017 – representing 41% growth over 2016.