Jamaica targets $300 million renewable energy investments

The Caribbean country is seeking to accelerate its transition to clean energies, and to benefit from funds from the Green Climate Fund. Meanwhile, the government is also seeking to improve net metering for residential and commercial PV.

Pacifico starts building 258 MW in western Japan

The Tokyo-based developer has begun construction on what it claims will be Japan’s biggest PV project upon completion in September 2019.

Denmark’s Energy Commission says incentives for renewables should be phased-out

A recently created Energy Commission has advised the Danish government to phase-out incentives for renewables, at the same rate as the technology becomes competitive with other energy sources. Meanwhile, Denmark has added only 3.7 MW of PV so far this year.

German government approves draft regulation for tenants’ solar power supply

The new regulation will likely to come into force by the end of this year. The German solar association BSW has welcomed the government’s decision, although it has asked for improvements.

Dangote Industries and Blackstone plan 100 MW solar plant in Nigeria

The Nigerian industrial group was granted funds to conduct the feasibility study for the 100 MW facility by the USTDA. The plant would be built in Kano State, in the north of Nigeria, where the two companies are also planning to construct a 1 GW coal power plant.

Kosovo must do more for renewables, EU says

The European Commission has said that Kosovo’s government needs to increase efforts to improve its energy system, and to provide more support for renewables, although it has recently revised its energy (and renewable energy) strategy up to 2020.

BREAKING: Suniva petition could start new global solar trade war

Today Suniva filed for relief under a little-known act that could exempt the United States from global trade agreements and allow President Trump to take trade action against solar imports from multiple nations. Suniva is asking for a minimum import price of US$0.78 per watt for modules and $0.40 for cells.


Poland to miss 2020 EU renewable energy target, Ecofys

Poland is set to miss its target of covering up to 15% of energy demand with renewables by 2020. Under the most favorable scenario provided by a report released by local consultancy Ecofys, new additions for solar may reach 695 GWh, while the country is expected to reach a target of only 13.8% by the end of the decade.

South Africa makes it easier to deploy large-scale solar in renewable energy zones

The country’s Ministry of Environmental Affairs has simplified the environmental impact assessment process for large-scale solar and wind power projects in South Africa’s eight Renewable Energy Development Zones.

The age of plenty on steroids (with charts)

Despite the climate-denying Trump Administration, Michael Liebreich gave plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future in his address to the BNEF Future of Energy Summit.