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Residential PV

New three-phase hybrid inverter series from Sunways

The new hybrid inverter series has an efficiency of up to 98.2% and a European efficiency of up to 97.4%. The device offers multiple connections with a maximum of 10 units in parallel to expand the AC output power.

Solar 101: The brains behind the beauty of your solar power system

In addition to converting the output of PV panels from DC to AC, inverters now perform a number of other functions, such as maximizing electricity generation, assessing performance and even shutting down in emergencies.

PV-driven air conditioner coupled with ice thermal storage

Researchers in China have built a PV-powered air conditioner that can store power through ice thermal storage. The performance of the system was evaluated considering operating efficiency and stability and the scientists found that a device relying on a variable-speed compressor and an MPPT controller showed very good ice-making capability.

‘Low-cost renewable hydrogen may already be in reach’

If the three record-busting low solar price tariffs recorded in the Middle East in the past 18 months are to be believed, renewables-powered hydrogen in prime sites in the region could already compete with gas-plus-CCS production, according to IRENA. Has the Gulf discovered the new petrol?

Climate district relying on solar-powered hydrogen in Germany

A 1 MW electrolyzer in the middle of a residential area in Esslingen, southern Germany, is intended to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its residents. One of the energy sources used in the project is rooftop PV located in the area.

Germany commits another €238m for clean power and energy efficiency in Bangladesh

The cheap loan package agreed at the weekend is part of a wider €340 million development deal and extends Germany’s record of promoting the energy transition of the South Asian nation.

India added 1 GW of solar during Covid-hit April and May

The nation installed 1 GW of solar power capacity and 0.2 GW wind during the pandemic-hit first two months of the current fiscal year. The cumulative addition was double that of the same period during the previous year

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Cumulative PV capacity tops 260 GW

Furthermore, Aikosolar is seeking funds to build two solar cell factories totaling 16.5 GW, and China Huaneng Group (CHN) wants to deploy a 2 GW plant including agrivoltaics, floating PV and solar facilities built on fishponds.

New microinverter from the US

Yotta Energy’s new micro-inverter is claimed to be an ideal solution for commercial rooftop PV systems linked to between 500 kWh and 1 MWh of storage. The device has a peak efficiency of 96.5% and a nominal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency of 99.5%.

‘New solar will be cheaper than existing conventional power stations in Germany this year’

With forecasters predicting the carbon price will top €100 per ton by 2030, the latest edition of a Fraunhofer ISE study into electricity generation costs has painted the renewables-versus-fossil fuels conundrum as something of a no-brainer.