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Residential PV

Solar on new-build homes has significantly shorter payback period

A report by BloombergNEF and Schneider Electric has pressed the case for governments to unlock the world’s potentially huge rooftop solar potential, and cited California’s solar mandate as a shining example.


Italy deployed 362 MW of PV in H1

At the end of June, Italy’s cumulative PV capacity surpassed 22.4 GW. Rooftop PV keeps driving the Italian solar market.

EU $6m credit line for solar appliances in Africa and South East Asia

Energy access entity EDFI ElectriFi has offered the revolving credit facility to a Californian distributor which supplies affordable, pay-as-you-go-enabled devices.

Coupling balcony solar panels with residential storage

South Korean researchers have tested four operational modes to combine residential batteries with balcony PV modules and have found that the best configuration is when solar is supplied to the load after the battery is fully charged. Charging the battery with the grid prevents the risk of full discharge in the absence of PV power, they said.


Pakistan’s looming water crisis could be eased by a solar-led energy system

With renewable energy generation said to consume up to 95% less water than fossil-fuel fired power plants, solar could lead the way to a less stressed existence in mid century, according to researchers from Finland’s LUT.


Solaria unveils 430 W pure black residential solar panel

The new residential module of the U.S.-based manufacturer has a power conversion efficiency of 20.40%, a size of 1,076×1,957x35mm, and a weight of 21.3kg. The product is claimed to be compatible with next-generation, module-level power electronics.


Italy’s Lombardy region adds another €20 million for residential PV+storage

Italy’s richest and most dynamic region continues to support solar+storage installations with rebates.

LCOE of monofacial, bifacial solar modules

Does higher energy production outweigh an increase in costs? Clean Energy Associates tries to answer this question in a new case study.

Toshiba claims 15.1% efficiency for polymer film-based large-area perovskite solar module

The result is claimed to be the highest efficiency ever reached for a large-area, polymer film-based perovskite photovoltaic module. The device has an area of 703 square centimeters and was fabricated through a new coating method.


Mathematical model to couple PV, wind with cooling-heating-power systems

Brazilian researchers have proposed a new mathematical model to change parameters for wind and solar resources and different levels of energy demand. The model was originally conceived for tropical regions, but it can actually be used in any location. The new methodology models a highly complex system featuring wind turbines and PV modules, as well as solar collectors, fuel lines, gas boilers, engine-generator sets, recovery boilers, absorption and compression chillers, and grid electricity.

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