Residential PV

China drags global clean energy investment to $333.5bn in 2017, finds BNEF

Despite approximate 25% fall in solar costs per MWh against 2015, last year saw more than $333 billion invested in clean energy, with global solar deployment figures topping 53 GW, finds new Bloomberg New Energy Finance report.

Nicaragua’s new net metering regulations come into force

The new rules, now published in the country’s official journal, will enable owners of PV and renewable energy power generators to sell excess power to the local distributors.


Turkey adds 1.7 GW of solar PV in 2017

Turkey’s solar industry has just come out of its best year so far, adding about 1.7 GW of new PV capacity in 2017. Some peculiar characteristics of the Turkish PV market remain, however.

Pakistan updates net metering scheme, unveils clean energy investment program

Pakistan has updated its 2015 net metering scheme to make it more user friendly. The Government of Punjab, meanwhile, has unveiled a new Access to Clean Energy Investment Program, aimed at installing over 20,000 solar PV rooftop systems.

China grid connects over 500 MW DG solar in one day

Following the surprise removal of a grace period for PV rooftop projects last month, China reportedly saw over 500 MW of DG solar grid connected on December 29, after developers worked to secure 2017 FIT rates. Overall, EnergyTrend estimates DG capacity to be over 19 GW in 2017.


China’s capacity additions approach 50 GW mark in 2017

China’s cumulative solar installations reached approximately 125.8 GW by the end of November, suggesting that PV developers completed nearly 50 GW of capacity in the first 11 months of 2017, according to new government statistics.


India’s impressive solar achievements in 2017

2017 was a busy year for India’s solar industry. As of the end of November, the country had installed around 5.5 GW of PV. With its ambitious renewable energy goals, it is paving the way to becoming a world leader in the industry. Overall, the country saw a rapid increase in renewable energy activity, with solar dominating almost 48% share of total capacity installed.


Germany adds 116 MW of solar in November

Between January and November 2017, new PV installations with a combined capacity of 1,580 MW were connected to the German grid. Cumulative installed PV power in the country reached 42.8 GW.

Austria sets 2018 FIT for PV systems up to 200 kW

Owners of residential solar PV systems in Austria will receive €0.0791 per kWh for power surplus in 2018.

China to see another PV installation rush in 2018

China is likely to experience another solar PV installation rush in H1 2018, as the June 30 FIT deadline looms, although it will not reach more than 7.2 GW, says EnergyTrend. Q4 is, however, expected to see “hectic” activity topping 20 GW ahead of a December 30 deadline.