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Residential PV

Is residential solar worth it in the US?

Many homeowners invest $15,000 to $30,000 or more in solar. How does this cost compare to the status quo of paying the utility company?


Cost comparison between lithium batteries, fuel cells, reversible solid oxide cells as storage for off-grid rooftop PV

Scientists in the United Arab Emirates have looked at how off-grid rooftop PV could be combined with batteries, fuel cells or reversible solid oxide cells for energy storage. The modeling assumed a typical commercial building in Los Angeles.

Novel way to turn semi-finished thin-film solar modules into colored BIPV panels

German scientists have developed a way to cut semi-fabricates into desired shapes and then apply a conductive oxide-metal-oxide electrode with the preferred color. They can structure the elements into modules via the backend interconnection process.


APsystems reveals 3-phase microinverter for high-power PV modules

APsystems has developed a new 97%-efficient microinverter with a power output of up to 2,000 VA. It says it is particularly suitable for PV systems with high-power solar modules.


1 kg balcony solar module you can install yourself

German startup We Do Solar is gearing up to deliver its first balcony solar modules to customers in the next three weeks. pv magazine caught up with one of the founders at Intersolar Europe 2022 to learn more about the kit, which features a 1.6 kg flexible solar module people can install themselves, and three innovative business models.


Germany concludes third rooftop PV tender with average price of €0.0853/kWh

Germany’s latest solar procurement exercise resulted in final prices of €0.07 ($0.073)/kWh to €0.0891/kWh.


BIPV facade for new exhibition space in Switzerland

Switzerland-based Novartis has deployed a 36 kW building-integrated PV facade on its new exhibition center in Basel. The system features 10,680 organic PV modules from France’s Asca.


Global solar demand to reach 190 GW this year, says IEA

The International Energy Agency expects solar, wind power, and other renewable energy technologies to achieve triple-digit global growth this year, with new PV additions set to reach almost 200 GW.


Smarter E Products: Trina Solar showcases G12 solar modules for rooftop applications

All the products rely on the company’s 210 rectangular silicon wafer (G12R) cell technology. The manufacturer claims these new products can increase the installed capacity of residential roofs by 5-7%. The largest panel is a 21.5%-efficient device with a power output of up to 580 W and the smallest features an efficiency of up to 21.3% and a nominal power of up to 425 W.


Smarter E Products: JinkoSolar unveils residential battery

The lithium iron phosphate battery is sold with a storage capacity ranging between 7.1 kWh and 21.31 kWh, a voltage of 192 V to 576 V, and a nominal capacity of 37 Ah.

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