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The Hydrogen Stream: Poland unveils hydrogen strategy

The Polish government has outlined its main objectives for the development of hydrogen, while Tyczka Hydrogen says a damaged compressor from Maximator Hydrogen caused a recent incident at one of its filling stations in Germany.

German firm hits energy independence with solar, batteries, hydrogen

Esysteme21 has built a 100% self-sufficient energy system with photovoltaics, hydrogen and battery storage. The German solar company describes the concept as a solution for medium-sized enterprises.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen power plants feasible but inefficient, says CATF

The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) says in a new report that dedicated clean hydrogen production and use is often a costly, inefficient decarbonization strategy for the power sector, while American Airlines says it has signed a deal with ZeroAvia for 100 hydrogen-electric engines.


Horizon Power unveils solar hydrogen microgrid in Western Australia

Horizon Power has developed a solar hydrogen microgrid in Western Australia, including a custom control program for autonomous management of its subsystems in Denham, according to a new report produced in cooperation with the state government

Denmark approves certification scheme for PtX producers

The Danish Energy Agency says its new certification scheme is a “short-term transitional solution” to launch Power-to-X (PtX) projects this year. It will eventually be replaced with the European Commission’s certification system.

UP: Bringing everyone on board

With Europe’s grids ripe for upgrade and expansion, pv magazine’s Carrie Hampel examines community acceptance of energy infrastructure projects and some of the issues involved. Communication between communities and stakeholders is a two-way street.

The Hydrogen Stream: ERM starts trials for electrolysis, desalination, transport

ERM says it has launched offshore trials to test its Dolphyn Hydrogen process, while Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) and Evoloh have completed a joint research project on electrolyzer manufacturing process and anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzer tech.


India launches several green hydrogen tenders

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals has started accepting bids to build, own, and operate a green hydrogen plant to supply 10 kilotons per annum (ktpa( of green hydrogen. It says it will sign a 25-year gas purchase agreement with the successful bidder.

Remote telecom towers powered by 10 kW hydrogen generators

An Australian-made, 10 kW renewable hydrogen generator has been installed 120 km east of Melbourne, as part of a pilot project to provide backup to telecom towers disabled by outages.


Optimal size ratios for solar, wind-powered hydrogen production

Researchers in Italy outlined a new model for estimating hydrogen production cost as a function of the plant’s component sizes. They tested both PV, wind, and hybrid production of hydrogen to determine the optimal size ratio for the 2030-2050 period. They also found that PV-powered hydrogen may currently achieve a levelized cost of hydrogen of €5.11/kg in Italy, with a PV ratio of 2.2.

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