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Egyptian solar set to expand beyond the massive 1.8 GW Benban PV project

In this edition of the Weekend Read, we turn to Egypt. The gigawatt-scale Benban project showcases the North African country’s solar potential, and premium prices for gas exports make the case for a more diverse energy mix. A nation with grand renewables targets – but slow installation rates – may finally be weaning itself off fossil fuel resources.

The Hydrogen Stream: Engie confirms termination of H2Sines.Rdam project

Engie has told pv magazine that the developers of the H2Sines.Rdam installation have decided to terminate the project to produce hydrogen in Portugal and send it to the Netherlands, while Fortescue said it has opened an electrolyzer production facility in Australia.

The Hydrogen Stream: MAN Truck to deliver 200 hydrogen vehicles by 2025

MAN Truck & Bus says it will deliver 200 hydrogen vehicles to customers in Europe and some non-European countries by as early as 2025, while Provaris has revealed plans to develop a gaseous hydrogen import facility in Rotterdam.

Fortescue opens 2 GW electrolyzer factory

Fortescue has officially opened a 2 GW hydrogen electrolyzer factory in Australia and has followed that by also confirming plans to set up a 50 MW green hydrogen production plant in the state of Queensland.


The Hydrogen Stream: Nikola beats expectations for hydrogen vehicle sales

Nikola, via the Hyla brand, produced 43 Class 8 Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles and wholesaled 40 of them in the first quarter of 2024, while Snam awarded Baker Hughes a contract to provide three hydrogen-ready gas turbine-driven compressor trains for a new gas compressor station in Italy.


Producing hydrogen via microalgae-bacteria coculture

A group of researchers has identified a multispecies bacterial community that could reportedly increase the efficiency of hydrogen generation via microbial metabolism. The proposed hydrogen system achieved a more than double production rate compared to common biological hydrogen production technologies.

Developing hydrogen fuel from iron-rich rocks

Researchers at UT Austin have secured grant funds from the US Department of Energy to produce hydrogen fuel from rocks in an emissions-free process.


The Hydrogen Stream: Stadler finalizes longest hydrogen train test

Stadler says it has wrapped up a hydrogen train test, while Ballard has secured a long-term agreement to supply 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell engines through 2027.


The Hydrogen Stream: Companies to close 3 hydrogen stations in Germany

H2 Mobility’s live map has reported the planned closure of at least three hydrogen filling stations throughout Germany in the coming months, while the Japanese government has revealed plans to support the development of low-carbon aviation solutions, including hydrogen-combustion engines.


PV-driven green hydrogen may be sold in Australia at $2/kg by 2030

Australian researchers have calculated the levelised cost of green hydrogen under different installed capex scenarios for 2030. They also looked into the different possible sizing of PEM electrolyzers.


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