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Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the next window for entries in July/August


The 2019 award structure will involve four award ‘windows’ opening throughout the year with Outstanding Entries being selected and announced during three major global PV events: Intersolar Europe, SNEC, and Solar Power International. Each outstanding submission will be featured in pv magazine. Outstanding Entries from each of the four award window rounds will be reviewed by representatives of each of the juries for the Annual Award – to be announced in December. pv magazine awards in 2019 will be selected in five categories: Materials; Tools; Modules; Inverters; and BoS. An additional Sustainability Award will be selected at year’s end with contribution from a jury with specialized knowledge in the field.

First award window The first award window is currently open! Throughout March, pv magazine will be receiving applications for our first award round. The Outstanding Entries from the first award window will be published in the May edition of pv magazine global – to be distributed at the Intersolar Europe conference and trade show.

Awards will be evaluated on the provision of the following details: description of the innovation; USP; economic feasibility and market impact; sustainability; and technical details. Entrants will be able to upload data sheets, certificates, publications, and photos.
Let your innovation shine and keep an eye on the pv magazine daily newsletters and website for announcements as to when an award window is open!

For more details contact award@pv-magazine.com

Award structure 2019

1st award window

Intersolar Europe

5 best in the categories: Materials; Tools; Modules; Inverters; and BoS

2nd award window


5 best in the categories: Materials; Tools; Modules; Inverters; and BoS

3rd award window

Solar Power International / Renewable Energy India Expo

5 best in the categories: Materials; Tools; Modules; Inverters; and BoS

4th award window

5 best in the categories: Materials; Tools; Modules; Inverters; and BoS

Final Awards

Do you walk the walk?

Sustainability. Cradle to cradle. The circular economy. These issues are reaching a tipping point. We need to recognize them, own them, and build them into our business models. Indeed, by being true green leaders and encouraging others in the industry to do the same, we’ll not only be a driving force behind the right revolution – we’ll also be on track to reap a host of advantages.As part of our initiative to bring these issues to the fore, pv magazine has created a new awards category for 2019: Sustainability. So if you’re doing something truly noteworthy, such as designing products with endless recycling potential, or eliminating hazardous chemicals from production, we want to hear from you.

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