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REC launches 430 W heterojunction solar module with 22.2% efficiency

REC has developed a new series of residential heterojunction solar panels with efficiencies ranging from 20.6% to 22.2% and an operating temperature coefficient of -0.24% per degree Celsius.
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Utility-scale PV cheapest power source in Asia Pacific, says WoodMac

Wood Mackenzie says the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) in the Asia-Pacific region hit an all-time low in 2023, as utility-scale PV beat coal to become the cheapest power source. It predicts a further drop in costs for new-build solar projects, driv...
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BayWa, Ampt add solar to wind-flow battery project without own inverters

BayWa re and Ampt, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT), have developed an innovative and technically challenging hybrid system featuring 690 kWp of rooftop and ground-mounted PV, a 2 MW wind turbine, and a 10 MWh ...

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Polysilicon shipments into China fall to lowest level since 2011

Bernreuter Research says the volume of polysilicon shipments into China dropped 28.5% year on year in 2023 to the lowest level since 2011. It predicts that imports could fall by another 40% this year.
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Serbia to auction at least 400 MW of wind, solar

The Serbian government plans to launch its second renewables auction this year in a bid to procure at least 400 MW of wind and solar power.
Energy Storage

U.S. startup offers solar kit for VIPV applications

Worksport, a U.S. technology company, has announced a protective cover for pickup trucks fitted with solar PV modules. The kit includes a battery and an inverter and is meant to be a portable power source for leisure activities, such as camping, or as a ...
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Solar at ‘twice the natural capacity factor of the sun’

Eland Solar 2 and Skeleton Creek are two high-capacity factor renewable power plants moving through development.

New method to repair ribbon busbar interruptions in PV panels

A Spanish research team has developed a set of techniques to repair ribbon busbar interruptions in PV panels without resorting to expensive electroluminescence images. The scientists warned that the proposed approach should not be used with modules that ...

Press Releases

Vattenfall and Wieland enter into solar PPA partnership

The energy supplier Vattenfall and the Wieland Group - a leading supplier of semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys based in Ulm, Germany - are driving the decarbonization of industrial production. The companies expect a new ten-year power purchase agreement (PPA) to provide investment security, a price guarantee and risk diversification for both parties.


FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, a world-leading contract development and manufacturing organisation for biologics, vaccines, advanced therapies and oncolytic viruses, has entered into a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)1 to offtake 40 GWh of renewable energy annually with Better Energy, an integrated renewable energy company in Northern Europe.

Masdar Arlington Energy breaks ground on two UK sites as part of £1 Billion Battery Energy Storage System Investment

Located in Rochdale and Stockport, the two new plants will have a joint capacity of 55MW Masdar is investing £1 billion in UK BESS, targeting a pipeline of 3GWh of projects

Thin layer solution unlocks stability and efficiency in perovskite solar cells for cheaper solar energy

Thin layer solution unlocks stability and efficiency in perovskite solar cells for cheaper solar energy

Opinion & Analysis


RustMo-mentous: Celebrating 10 years of South Africa’s first big-solar site

With the size of utility scale solar projects in the nation having ballooned, the lessons learned from South Africa's first big solar field continue to help developers roll out PV as a key energy source.

Module prices steady as market mulls price hikes

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Why the EU should avoid PV protectionism

Rather than pondering the introduction of trade measures against solar imports, Europe should be pragmatic about its short-term reliance on Asian panels while moving now to nurture and incentivize a domestic supply chain of the future.

Hope at the end of turbulence

Growing demand for solar products is colliding with the hesitant shipment strategies of manufacturers, according to pvXchange’s Martin Schachinger.

Saharan dust drops irradiance across Europe

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that Saharan dust carried by Atlantic winds passed over Europe via the Iberian Peninsula. This caused irradiance drop particularly in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

Solar cell prices hold steady as market weighs feasibility of increasing prices

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

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Weekend Read: Thin prospects

The production of PV ingots and wafers remains the most highly concentrated of all the production stages in the silicon solar supply chain. Yet efforts to re-establish production in Europe and the United States are not for the faint-hearted.

Photovoltaics for refrigerated warehouses

Scientists in China have analyzed the performance of PV-driven refrigeration warehouses and have found they can ensure stable operation thanks to a refrigeration coefficient of performance of up to 2.66.

1komma5° acquires Australia’s Arkana Energy

German solar tech developer 1komma5° has strengthened its presence in the Australian market with the acquisition of Arkana Energy Group.

India government approves $9 billion rebate scheme for residential PV

The residential rooftop solar scheme provides a central financial assistance (CFA) of 60% of the system cost for 2 kW systems and 40% of the additional system cost for systems between 2 to 3 kW capacity. The CFA will be capped at 3 kW.

PV Expo Tokyo 2024: Lightweight modules, Agri-PV and big hopes for big storage

Japan’s main industry event concludes with record size, new products and some trends to see. New PPA rules drive the market in new spaces, as project developers are scrambling for land to build on. Lightweight plastic modules were the star of the show. And the country’s storage auctions proved to be highly successful, attracting developers from all over the world in hope for their share of this new market.

German consultancy finalises feasibility stage of Ugandan floating solar project 

A consortium of organisations have completed a feasibility assessment of a floating PV system on four reservoirs of different hydropower plants in Uganda.



Pneumatic PV facade with solar trackers

A group of researchers in Germany has designed a novel PV façade using two actuators that allow bending in two directions. The PV functionalization of FlectoSol aims for an energy self-sufficient shading system.

Zendure offers PV-plus-storage solution for deployment in balconies

The U.S. startup said its new AIO 2400 package includes two solar panels with each a power output of 800 W, an 800 W microinverter, a 2.4 kWh plug-and-play storage system, and a management system.

Aerocompact releases new portrait mounting system

Austrian manufacturer Aerocompact has developed the SN2 Q PLUS solar mounting system, which can support PV modules measuring up to 1,310 mm x 2,500 mm. It has an installation angle of between 5 degrees and 10 degrees.

India launches 1.2 GW wind-solar hybrid tender

Solar Energy Corp. of India (SECI) has started accepting bids to build 1.2 GW of wind-solar hybrid power projects on a build-own-operate basis anywhere in India. The projects must be connected to the interstate transmission system (ISTS). Bidding closes on March 29.

New approach to improve MPPT in partially shaded PV systems operating at high temperatures

The novel methodology is reportedly able to track global maximum power point and reduce power losses in partially shaded PV systems by up to 33%. It uses a backstepping controller (BSC) algorithm to adjust the pulse width modulation signal and a genetic algorithm to compute the BSC gains to achieve an optimal PV system outcome.

US solar up 52% in 2023 as nation deploys 35.3 GW of capacity

BloombergNEF says US clean energy generation grew by 0.9% in 2023. Wind and hydro generation fell, while solar generation grew by 15.4%.



Scientists describe anti-soiling performance mechanisms in solar glass

Laboratory and outdoor soiling experiments conducted in Saudi Arabia have shown that increased particle resuspension by wind is one of the dominant factors for high anti-soiling performance in photovoltaic glass.

MIT research provides roadmap to perovskite passivation

Research teams have developed methods for perovskite passivation, but there hasn’t been a clear understanding of how the process works. A new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study provides details on how to passivate the material’s surface so the perovskite no longer degrades so rapidly or loses efficiency.

New copper antimony sulphide solar cell design promises 16.17% efficiency

A group of researchers has made another attempt to design solar cells based on non-toxic and earth-abundant copper antimony sulfide. The proposed cell architecture is the result of the optimization of the device’s layer thicknessess.

Correlation between efficiency and absorber texture of CdTe cells

Researchers have characterized the texture of several cells. They found that the randomization of the absorber texture correlates with increased cell efficiency.

Improving silicon solar cell performance with aluminum-doped polysilicon passivating contacts

An international research group has developed a novel technique enabling the creation of contacts at low temperatures. The novel contact types are reportedly able to enhance cell efficiency by up to 3%.

Longi develops flexible heterojunction solar cell with 26.06% efficiency

The Chinese module manufacturer led an international research team seeking silicon material savings and efficiency gains in the development of heterojunction PV devices. The cell achieved a certified power conversion efficiency of 26.06% with a thickness of 57 μm, with Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research confirming the result.


US government calls for continued tariffs on solar imports

A new US government ruling is a mistake that the solar industry will have to deal with for the next several years, according to a solar trade group CEO.

Cadmium telluride solar cell based on indium gallium oxide emitter achieves 17.2%

Developed by the University of Toledo, the cell achived the highest efficiency ever reported for flexible cadmium telluride solar cells to date. The device reached an open-circuit voltage of 861 mV, a short-circuit density of 27.8 mA/cm2, and a fill factor of 71.7%.

Remanufacturing perovskite solar cells and reusing some of their components

Researchers have developed a novel method to remanufacture PSCs, optimizing it for the decrease in global warming potential. The power conversion efficiency of the remanufactured cell was 88% of the original.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Canadian Solar, Aiko Solar to build new factories

Canadian Solar says its new 14 GW vertically integrated cell and module factory will require an investment of CNY 9.63 billion ($1.33 billion), while Aiko Solar says it will invest CNY 9.97 billion in a 10 GW facility.

New design for photovoltaic-thermal panels mitigates risk of cracking

Researchers in Sweden have developed a new PVT module using an aluminum alloy structure between the thermal absorber and the photovoltac cells. This architecture reportedly reduces thermal expansion by 20%, thus increasing the chances of mitigating cracks in the PV unit.

Fraunhofer ISE develops vacuum deposition process for perovksite-silicon tandem solar cells

The German research institute is investigating the use of commercially available vacuum-based evaporation equipment to manufacture perovskite thin films and contacts layers in the fabrication of perovskite-silicon tandem cells.

Energy Storage


The Hydrogen Stream: First hydrogen coach ready for mass-production

GCK Mobility has secured French government approval for the first homologation of a hydrogen-retrofitted coach for series production, while Forvia and Air Liquide have agreed with FAW Jiefang to equip heavy-duty trucks with liquid hydrogen storage systems in China.

EDF to develop 3 GWh pumped hydro project in Australia

The Australian arm of French energy giant EDF Group has acquired and agreed to co-develop the proposed 300 MW/3 GWh Dungowan pumped hydro energy storage project in New South Wales, Australia.

Global atlas for pumped hydro at mining sites

The researchers that created the atlas considered mining pits, pit lakes and tailings ponds within mining sites and located nearby reservoirs. The selected sites have a potential storage capacity of 30 TWh.

Energy Vault starts building green hydrogen storage project

Energy Vault has begun construction on a 293 MWh green hydrogen and battery storage facility within utility Pacific Gas & Electric’s service territory in northern California.

Spain announces €750 million incentive scheme for clean-tech manufacturing

Spain’s government has submitted a new incentive scheme to a public consultation. It is designed to support the development of a clean-tech supply chain in the country, including the production of batteries.

Should a solar car park in the sun, increasing the AC load?

Researchers have addressed the ‘parking dilemma,’ looking into the tradeoff between charging the car and raising its inside temperature. They have calculated the critical time as a function of the car’s solar capacity.