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PI Berlin releases new tool to detect faults in inverters

PI Berlin has developed a new tool to detect problems in inverters such as defective printed circuit boards, faulty switching algorithms, and deficiencies in components and sensors.

Bluesun launches 450 W HPBC solar panels with 23% efficiency

Bluesun says its new PV modules are designed for residential PV applications. They feature a temperature coefficient of -0.29% per degree Celsius.

Namibia launches tender for bundle of renewable energy projects

The Namibian government is looking for consultants to provide development, environmental and advisory services for a range of renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and battery energy storage systems (BESS).

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Minimizing partial shading yield losses

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Além da geração solar distribuída: soluções integradas de energia para o cliente final

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Achieving domestic content tax incentives with solar trackers

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The value of standard module formats in the n-type era

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New pv magazine Global - Gold standard | Winter edition

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Combining long-term market expertise and forces together, pv magazine and Solarabic have shaped a brand-new event in the Saudi energy landscape – SunRise Arabia Clean Energy Conference on January 31, 2024 in Riyadh.

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Energy Storage

New solar-air dual-source heat pump design based on blower fans

Scientists have utilized two blower fans with two roll-bonded bare plates to create a heat pump that can operate in variety of ambient temperature and solar radiation conditions. The system has an average daily coefficient of performance of 3.24.
Markets & Policy

India’s solar panel imports hit $1.13 billion in first half of fiscal 2024

India's solar panel imports in the first half of fiscal 2024 surpassed the total value imported for all of fiscal 2023.

Bauer Solar introduces 440 W glass-glass solar modules

Bauer Solar is expanding its “Premium Protect” series with its new 440 W glass-glass solar modules. Since the beginning of December, the German PV manufacturer has only offered glass-glass modules.

Reconfigurable series-parallel photovoltaic modules with high shading tolerance

TU Deflt researchers made a first attempt to validate reconfigurable solar modules using prototypes in outdoor tests. The panels consist of two or more blocks of solar cells that are connected to a switching matrix and reportedly achieve a 10.2% higher e...
Heat Pumps

Multiple UK heat pump laws recommended for revision

Scrapping size limits on outdoor compressor units and removing location restrictions are just two of the eight policy changes the United Kingdom government should consider in its campaign to install 600,000 heat pumps by 2028, according to consultancy fi...

Press Releases

ABB and Gravitricity to collaborate on energy storage systems using end-of-life mine shafts and hoist technology

ABB has signed an agreement with UK-based gravity energy storage firm Gravitricity to explore how hoist expertise and technologies can accelerate the development and implementation of gravity energy storage systems in former mines.

Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023: A Recap of Deye’s Energy Showcase

Germany, known for its engineering prowess and environmental consciousness, has been a leader in renewable energy adoption. Its Solar Energy market has been growing steadily over the years, driven by a combination of customer preferences and underlying macroeconomic factors.

Astronergy Jumps to Top 6 Among Module Manufacturers in 2023 BloombergNEF Bankability Ranking

Astronergy, a Tier-1 PV module manufacturer, announces its achievement in securing the Top 6 among all module manufacturers in 2023 BloombergNEF PV Module and Inverter Bankability report.

Autowell Highlights Innovation in Intelligent Module Manufacturing at CIPVIC 2023

Hosted by Tongwei Group, the 6th China International PV Industry Conference took place from November 13th to 16th in Chengdu, Sichuan. Tongwei Group, the organizer and a multinational corporation deeply involved in green agriculture and renewable energy, has become the first Fortune Global 500 company in the global solar industry after more than a decade of development in the PV industry.

Opinion & Analysis


China module prices slide to new record low, manufacturers cut production

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

November high pressure delivers high irradiance in the Northeast U.S., cloud in the Gulf

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that North America in November experienced a divide in irradiance patterns across the continent.

Finland’s gold rush: navigating the solar landscape

In the land of a thousand lakes and long, harsh winters, a surprising gold rush is under way – not for precious metals but for sunlight. Finland, often associated with its stunning natural landscapes, has become an unlikely contender in the global renewable energy market, particularly in the realm of solar power.

The extraordinary story of rooftop solar in Australia’s National Electricity Market

In this Opinion and Analysis piece, Lumi Adisa, Director of Energy Market Analytics at NEOM and ex-Investment Director of Energy Markets at Octopus Investments Australia, presents a deep dive into the unprecedented impact of rooftop solar in the NEM. As rooftop solar continues to drive changes in the intraday demand and price trends, it is evident that customers will remain a significant part of the energy transition for years to come.

Shivering temperatures boosted Europe’s electricity market prices

A cold snap rocketed demand for electricity in Europe’s main markets in the final week of November compared to the previous week, according to Aleasoft Energy Forecasting.

Empirical approach shows PV is getting cheaper than all the forecasters expect

With the consistently unambitious forecasts for solar trotted out by entities such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) now a matter of record, a German risk management company has tried to predict more realistic figures for 2030 and beyond.

Markets & Policy

Synergy secures planning approval for 2 GWh big battery

Australian utility Synergy has secured approval for its plan to build a 500 MW/2,000 MWh battery energy storage system in Western Australia.

Swedish battery maker Nilar files for insolvency

Nilar, a Swedish producer of nickel metal hydride batteries, has filed for insolvency and is now looking for a new owner.

Weekend Read: Europe’s subsidy conundrum

On Nov. 6, the European Solar PV Industry Alliance (ESIA) published a recommendation paper in which it set out how its members envisage a European support scheme to foster the development of European solar. What chance does it have of actually achieving its goals? Götz Fischbeck delivers an assessment.

The Hydrogen Stream: Masdar signs more hydrogen deals at COP28

Masdar unveiled a 10 GW Africa Growth Plan for renewable investments in six Sub-Saharan Nations at COP28 in Dubai this week, in addition to signing four additional hydrogen deals.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Polysilicon prices continue to fall

Polysilicon prices fell by as much as 0.63% in China this week, according to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNMIA).

Energetica Industries files for insolvency

Energetica Industries, an Austrian PV manufacturer, can no longer meet its payment obligations. A total of 120 creditors and 94 employees are affected by the insolvency proceedings.



Australian developer secures EDF’s support for CSP plans

Australian solar thermal specialist Vast Renewables aims to accelerate the development of its concentrated solar power (CSP) technology with a AUD 16.37 million ($10.7 million) capital commitment from French energy giant EDF Renewables.

Bangladesh approves 1.5 GW of solar

Bangladesh has approved more than 1.5 GW of solar projects over the past seven months, with recent developments including tariffs for 200 MW in November and 310 MW in October.

Planet One Group secures $52 million financing for 50 MW solar farm in Sierra Leone

A consortium of financial institutions last week announced they co-invested $52 million to help finance the development of a 50 MW greenfield project in Sierra Leone titled Planet Solar spearheaded by Frontier Energy and Planet One Group.

Solar LCOE now 29% lower than any fossil fuel option, says EY

A report from Ernst & Young (EY) shows that despite inflationary pressures, solar remains the cheapest source of new-build electricity. The global weighted average levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for PV is now 29% lower than the cheapest fossil fuel alternative.

Key takeaways from Italia Solare Forum

The Italia Solare Forum this week in Rome highlighted the renewed importance of the large-scale solar segment in Italy and underscored the huge potential of energy communities, given the EU’s recent approval of a dedicated incentive scheme.

US solar industry back on roller coaster through 2026

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Wood Mackenzie predict that 33 GW of solar will likely be added in the United States in 2023. Despite economic challenges in the near future, solar is expected to be the largest source of generating capacity by 2050.



KU Leuven spinoff plans MW-scale production of solar-hydrogen panels

Solhyd, a KU Leuven spinoff, is refining its technology to reach megawatt-scale production of hydrogen-producing solar panels with a €6 million ($6.5 million) investment from a consortium of Flemish investors.

Two-dimensional supercrystal produces hydrogen from formic acid, sunlight

A research team in Germany has developed bimetallic two-dimensional supercrystals with remarkable catalytic properties. They can be used to produce hydrogen from formic acid decomposition and reportedly achieve record-breaking results.

Exploring the depths of Italy’s oldest BIPV project

Scientists have assessed the performance of Italy’s first publicly funded BIPV project, which was installed in 2001. Their analysis shows that only one of the 10%-efficient panels in the 11 kW array experienced a severe fault that caused the complete loss of functionality.

MIT researchers plan to use acenes to make singlet fission solar cells

Acenes are benzene molecules with unique optoelectronic properties. Singlet fission solar cells can produce two electrons from one photon, making the cell more efficient.

New research identifies advantages of POE encapsulants in dual-glass solar modules

To understand better the long-term effects of humidity on durability of glass-glass modules, Austrian researchers carried out lengthy damp-heat tests on double glass modules made with EVA and POE encapsulants. They identified several POE advantages, such as improved interfacial strength and less water uptake, among others.

Canadian Solar to supply 1.7 GWh of batteries for UK storage project

Canadian Solar says its majority-owned subsidiary, CSI Solar Co., will supply 1.7 GWh (DC) of e-STORAGE batteries to an under-construction energy storage facility in Coalburn, Scotland.



India’s Alpex Solar preparing IPO in Mumbai

India's Alpex Solar has filed a draft prospectus for an initial public offering (IPO) on the NSE Emerge trading platform in Mumbai. It plans to use the net proceeds to expand its PV panel capacity from 450 MW to 1.2 GW and set up an aluminium frame manufacturing unit.

EKI Energy, IndianOil to jointly promote indoor solar cooking system

EKI Energy Services says it will oversee the production, marketing, installation, and after-sales services of “Surya Nutan,” an indoor solar cooking system designed and patented by IndianOil. The initiative will be supported by carbon finance.

Fire suppression system for flat rooftops with PV systems

Minimax’s PVProtect system, which is recognized by German insurers, detects solar panel fires and fights them in their early stages.

Agrivoltaics may increase forage quality in semi-arid regions

New research from the United States showed agrivoltaic plants on grassland may not only maintain grass productivity but also increase forage quality. The scientists took their measurements at the Jack’s Solar Garden (JSG), an elevated, south-oriented agrivoltaic research facility using single-axis-tracking systems near Longmont, Colorado.

France’s Profils Systèmes unveils new solar veranda

Profils Systèmes, a French aluminum carpentry specialist, has developed Wallis&Energy, a new solar veranda that is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing buildings and new structures.

All solar cell efficiencies at a glance – updated

The research group led by Professor Martin Green has published Version 63 of the solar cell efficiency tables. There are six new results reported in the new version.

Energy Storage


Australian town to host 200 MW/1,600 MWh compressed air storage facility

Canada's Hydrostor has struck a deal to provide backup power to a remote town in the Australian state of New South Wales by using a compressed air energy storage plant that will be built in an underground cavern at one of the region’s closed mines.

US Virgin Islands to cover 30% of power needs with solar-plus-battery systems

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced plans to install about 124 MWh of its battery energy storage systems alongside 140 MW of solar at six sites to help the US Virgin Islands cover 30% of its electricity needs.

Jamaican utility launches solar-plus-storage, wind project tender

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) is inviting applications for engineering, procurement and construction services of a 115 MW utility-scale solar plant, 171.5 MWh battery energy storage system and 12 MW wind plant at unspecified locations at unspecified locations in the Caribbean country.

Comoros to revamp its solar-plus-storage offerings, network

The Government of Comoros wants to improve the supply and storage of solar on its islands and is inviting applications for the development, operation and maintenance of multiple PV plants with a combined output of 9 MW, as well as battery and storage facilities totaling 20 MWh.

EnergyAustralia pushes forward with 335 MW pumped hydro project

EnergyAustralia has released the concept design for a 335 MW pumped hydro energy storage and generation project it plans to develop at Lake Lyell, in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Four ways heat pumps can assist the world’s energy transition

From using heat pumps in decommissioned power plants, to utilizing them for storage and carbon capture – scientists from China have listed the ways in which heat pumps can help the global energy transition move forward. They showed that their potential is beyond heat electrification.