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Hydrogen power generator for isolated areas, construction sites, events

Developed by French start-up EODev, the 100 kVa system is equipped with fuel cells manufactured by Toyota. The generator has a power of 110 kVA and its lifetime is guaranteed for 15,000 hours.

Solar job numbers kept on rising in 2020

The latest edition of a clean power jobs survey produced by IRENA and the International Labour Organization has stressed the important role which will need to be played by the public sector if the energy transition's employment benefits are to be shared ...
Energy Storage

New flow battery from the United States

Developed by Honeywell, the flow battery is currently being tested by U.S. utility Duke Energy. The battery can reach a storage capacity of 12 MWh and be used through a modular approach in large scale renewable energy projects.




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Reasons for repowering

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Powering the future with NEO n-type TOPCon

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Fast grid-scale storage project delivery – Technology supplier takes on technical consultancy service

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Understanding PV Fire Risk: Is Your Commercial Rooftop Safe?

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Markets & Policy

Colombia’s renewables auction assigns 796 MW of solar at average price of $0.041/kWh

Among the selected developers were EDF, Canadian Solar, Solarpack, Enel and Celsia. The final average price for the PV technology was significantly higher than that of the previous procurement exercise.

Module and shipping cost inflation could cost the world 50 GW of solar next year

The input costs of the two biggest contributors to solar plant development expense have gone through the roof since the world began to come out of Covid-19 lockdowns, to leave project developers with some difficult choices.
Markets & Policy

Taxes set to push up solar energy tariffs in India

The recent increase in the goods and services tax applied to solar cells and modules, from 5% to 12%, coupled with a planned 40% customs duty on panel imports, is set to increase project costs for developers.

Japanese scientists build 23.27%-efficient heterojunction solar cell with 56.2μm-thick wafer

The 4cm2 cell showed a remarkable open-circuit voltage of 754 mV. It was fabricated with a hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si:H) layer, which is said to show lower parasitic absorption and higher external quantum efficiency.

‘Italy can be a laboratory for agrivoltaics’

Efforts are being made to come up with a less convoluted approach to planning farm-based solar systems, in the only EU member state which explicitly apportioned funds for agrivoltaics in its post-Covid spending plans.

Press Releases

JinkoSolar Receives Product Carbon Footprint Verification from TÜV Rheinland

JinkoSolar Holding Co. , Ltd.

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe expands its business partnership with Eurosol in Greece

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe has recently expanded its strategic partnership with Eurosol for distributing photovoltaic panels in Greece.

Solarity celebrated its 10th anniversary

The company, which has been striving for excellence in the solar technology and energy sector since 2011, decided to design its tenth-anniversary celebrations to benefit customers, business partners and co-workers.

Bboxx launches in Nigeria to deliver clean energy and sustainable development to 20 million people

Bboxx, a next generation utility tackling the global energy poverty crisis, has officially launched in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation and Bboxx’s largest market to date.

Opinion & Analysis


What’s next for polysilicon?

The past 12 months have proved profitable for polysilicon manufacturers, as selling prices have soared to levels not seen since 2011. However, with major new capacity expansions on the horizon from most of the leading manufacturers, and new players planning to enter the scene, the market balance looks set to shift. Exawatt’s Alex Barrows rounds up where the industry stands and what might happen next.

Will China’s ‘double carbon’ and ‘dual control’ policies drive demand for solar?

Factories suffering from rationed grid electricity could help drive a boom in on-site solar systems, and recent moves to mandate the retrofitting of PV on existing buildings could also lift the market, as analyst Frank Haugwitz explains.

Prioritizing electrification

The urgency to decarbonize the building sector has caught global attention in the lead-up to the COP26 summit, commencing on Oct. 31. Wood Mackenzie’s Ben Hertz-Shargel says that success will require a two-pronged strategy of massively electrifying building heat over the coming decade, while also investing in technologies that can pick up future heating demand if the grid cannot handle it.

China’s emission-reduction action squeezes PV production

Industrial shutdowns and reduced factory production capacity levels indicate the companies producing the raw materials used by solar manufacturers are being afflicted by electricity consumption measures just as other sectors are. It is not clear whether the solar industry will be afforded any favors by Beijing, as analyst Frank Haugwitz explains.

More sun for everyone

It turns out that you can have too much of a good thing, says Mark Byrne of Australia’s Total Environment Centre. Or rather, it’s possible that there is too much rooftop PV at some times in some places. As a result, a range of critical reforms – including the introduction of export tariffs to pay for upgrades of the electricity distribution network – are necessary to allow for the uninhibited growth of solar in the future, he argues.

Nigeria’s solar workforce can help the world to net zero

With a rising chorus of voices calling for more solar industry recruits to perform the energy transition, Nigeria already has a skilled base of PV engineers and, with a little help filling the few gaps they have in their knowledge, the nation can step into the breach immediately, as Testimony Gabe-Oji, chief technology officer for Abuja-based installer Green Energy Spectrum, explains.



EU raises another €9bn for Covid recovery

The latest, seven-year investment attracted offers worth more than €100 billion from investors and means the European Union has already generated €54 billion of the €80 billion of bond proceeds it is aiming for this year, as part of its five-year, €800 billion NextGenerationEU support package.

Is it time for the world to start thinking about 1.7C?

A note issued by Norwegian analyst Rystad has hinted it may be time to consider abandoning the 1.5-degree average global temperature rise ceiling agreed upon in Paris six years ago, because the world will never be able to pump out enough solar panels in time.

EU to start auctioning green bonds next month

An independent third-party has approved the European Commission’s safeguards to ensure the projects in member states financed by €250 billion of green bonds over the next five years, will have genuine emission reduction credentials.

International group offers $68m loans for struggling off-grid clean energy distributors

‘More than 90’ suppliers of appliances such as solar lanterns and home solar panels, as well as mini-grid installers, will be offered low-interest credit by an assortment of government-backed and privately-financed entities.

‘The chance to reset with a green recovery has now been lost’

Norwegian consultancy DNV today published the latest of its annual surveys of the state of the energy transition and lamented the fact so very little has been achieved during the last five years. We are forging ahead into a world that will be 2.3C hotter this century, predicts the report.

‘Polysilicon shortage will continue through 2021’

The latest global PV industry outlook published by trade group SolarPower Europe, has indicated tight supply of the solar panel raw material is expected to persist this year but the trade body said it would be unlikely to drive further price rises.

Markets & Policy


Reshaping the climate conversation

Inventor, serial entrepreneur, energy analyst and scientist Saul Griffith is set to add the title of “author” to his collection with the October publication of his new book, “Electrify: An Optimist’s Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future.” Griffith – the CEO of Otherlab and the founder of Rewiring America and Rewiring Australia – says that the discussion of rapid decarbonization can be reimagined by thinking about the electric “machines” that can be installed in our homes.

Polish distributor launches 250 MW module procurement in response to rising solar panel prices

Menlo Electric said the procured modules will be primarily offered to B2C and B2B installers across Central Europe.

Australian hydrogen ship maker to develop 2.8 GW green facility

Compressed hydrogen ship maker Global Energy Ventures will develop a 2.8 GW green hydrogen export project on the Tiwi Islands, off the coast of the Northern Territory. It says the project will demonstrate the simplicity and efficiency of compressed hydrogen for Asia-Pacific supply chains, and will of course use a fleet of its own hydrogen-powered and hydrogen carrying 430-tonne ships.

Colombia’s largest PV plant comes online

The 61 MW solar facility is owned by Colombian oil company Ecopetrol.

The Hydrogen Stream: Saudi Arabia bets on blue hydrogen, Denmark wants to improve green alkaline electrolysis

Elsewhere, Snam and Toyota are pushing for more hydrogen-based mobility in Italy, and Woodside Petroleum wants to establish an export-oriented hydrogen and ammonia production facility in Australia.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Government confirms plan to install 1.2 TW of renewables by 2030

Elsewhere, cell maker Aikosolar has announced two major wafer purchase agreements with manufacturers Shuangliang and Shangji, and Zhonghuan Semiconductor has reported solid financials for the third quarter.



Out of landfill, back in the stream

With technological progress, falling costs, and favorable subsidies all incentivizing Australian households to replace serviceable modules and upgrade their rooftop array, a stockpile of useable second-hand modules is mounting. But efforts to embrace reuse rather than refuse are taking shape.

Dragon scale solar tiles installed on Google buildings in Silicon Valley

Some 90,000 individual solar panels will generate enough electricity to cover around 40% of the electricity used in two buildings for Google.

Russia launches major solar plant in Siberia

A $40 million solar field which will double the generation capacity of the Omsk region is planned to start generating in December as part of the national government’s clean air ambitions.

Microgrid-forming PV microinverter from Enphase

The 97%-efficient device is said to be the most powerful PV microinverter developed by the company to date and is capable of forming a microgrid during a power outage. The U.S. manufacturer expects to ship the first products in December.

Burundi’s first solar park comes online

Under development since 2015, the 7.5 MW solar plant was built thanks to the efforts of multiple international entities including the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and the U.K. government-funded Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP).

Morocco + green hydrogen could be at heart of sustainable shipping revolution

With green hydrogen needed to produce the ‘e-ammonia’ required for carbon-free vessels, new clean power generation capacity and potential solar power hotspots near international shipping lanes will be crucial.



A messy perovskite separation

There are increasing signs that a new era for PV production in Europe may be dawning. However, two pioneers of PV technology have decided, at this moment, to part ways. And while at present there are more questions than answers, technology and business strategy both appear to have played a role.

Solaria announces initial favorable ruling in patent dispute with Canadian Solar

According to a statement released by the Californian manufacturer, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) issued an initial determination finding that Canadian Solar may have violated two U.S. patents covering Solaria’s shingled photovoltaic panels.

Large format modules present a new set of challenges

As modules change in size and form factor, ripple effects are felt across the entire solar industry, requiring tweaks, modifications, and outright changes to longstanding project development and construction practices.

Converting coal mines into gravity-based renewable energy storage facilities

U.K.-based Gravitricity is planning to deploy its gravity-based energy storage solution at a decommissioned coal mine in Czechia. The project is part of a plan to commence a full-scale, 4-8 MW prototype scheme in disused mines next year.

Retractable PV awning for recreational vehicles

The 1.2 kW solar awning can be retracted automatically in the event of adverse weather conditions. The patented technology, developed by Xponent Power, may enable a wide range of additional applications such as for use by the military, for emergency relief, and residential power.

Four winning bidders in India’s gigawatt-scale solar manufacturing tender

Jindal India Solar Energy, Shirdi Sai Electricals, Reliance New Energy Solar, and Adani Infrastructure will each have half of their planned 4 GW annual production of polysilicon-to-module output subsidized by public funds.



What’s next for polysilicon?

The past 12 months have proved profitable for polysilicon manufacturers, as selling prices have soared to levels not seen since 2011. However, with major new capacity expansions on the horizon from most of the leading manufacturers, and new players planning to enter the scene, the market balance looks set to shift. Exawatt’s Alex Barrows rounds up where the industry stands and what might happen next.

GCL has no record of performing due diligence on lender which walked away with $120m of its stock

An investigation into internal controls at the polysilicon maker found the company permitted deals to be signed off solely on paper in certain circumstances and also unearthed no evidence anyone had done their homework before handing over 865 million shares to secure a loan which, GCL says, never materialized in full.

Solar panels blasted with sound to better understand microcracking

Researchers at NREL and EPRI focused heavy bass sounds on solar panels to simulate the effects of wind-caused deflection.

Longi achieves 25.82% efficiency for heterojunction solar cell

The result, confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH), was achieved on a heterojunction solar cell based on an M6 wafer.

Plastic for solar panels?

Three companies are swapping out aluminum and glass in favor of plastic to save weight and add flexibility. We look at the pros and cons.

Solar tile with 19.22% efficiency from Canada

The solar tile has a power output of 15 W and is recommended for flat concrete roof tiles. It can operate with a maximum system voltage of 600 V.

Energy Storage


Moorabool burning

At approximately 10:30 a.m. on July 30, 150 firefighters responded to a fire at Neoen’s 300 MW/450 MWh Victorian Big Battery in Moorabool, which is due for completion this year. The fire crews arrived to a 13-ton lithium battery ablaze in a shipping container, and the fire wasn’t brought under control until three days later, on the afternoon of Aug. 2. With a widescale investigation now underway, pv magazine asks how such failures can be prevented, and whether we should be better prepared for the inevitability of battery failure.

Nigeria franchising out sections of power distribution network

The move will encourage private sector renewables companies to be part of the national energy industry, a representative of the regulator told a recent webinar which considered how to accelerate clean energy roll-out in Africa.

Italy reaches 252 MW/405 MWh of distributed energy storage capacity

The country added 60MW/106 MWh in the first half of the year. Energy storage continues to grow with the region of Lombardy and Veneto being the two largest contributors.

SolarEdge launches residential battery and inverter

The DC-coupled battery has 94.5% round-trip efficiency and the inverter offers up to 11.4 kW power and 10.3 kW backup power.

The hydrogen stream: High gas prices mean cost competitiveness

New investments and partnerships announced this week see hydrogen projects developing across Europe, India, Asia and more. The current climate of high prices for natural gas has led one company to exclaim that green hydrogen is now competitive with its fossil fuel produced ‘grey’ counterpart, and research continues into optimizing hydrogen supply chains and smoothing its integration into the energy landscape.

The burgeoning underground scene of hydrogen storage

Underground hydrogen storage seems to be coming up a lot lately, and with the burgeoning hydrogen industry needing somewhere to store itself, it’s not hard to understand why. One of the countries with the best credentials for the future hydrogen economy is Australia. A newly published report has quantified the country’s “massive opportunity” for underground hydrogen storage.

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