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Malaysian utility to build 2.5 GW of hybrid hydro-floating solar

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, a Kuala Lumpur-based utility, says it plans to install floating solar farms at its hydropower facilities. It targeting 2.5 GW of capacity to support Malaysia’s National Energy Transition Roadmap.
Heat Pumps

Performance assessment of air-source heat pumps in office buildings

Scientists have analyzed the performances of two air-source heat pumps in two small office buildings in China during the heating season. They identified the instantaneous load of the building as a critical cause of low energy efficiency.
Markets & Policy

SECI unveils India’s largest solar-battery storage project

Solar Energy Corp. of India Ltd (SECI) has installed a battery energy storage system (BESS) with a capacity of 152.325 MWh and a dispatchable capacity of 100 MW AC (155.02 MW peak DC) solar power. The 40 MW/120 MWh BESS is located in Chhattisgarh, India.

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Markets & Policy

US developer secures $1.1 billion for California solar-storage project

Arevon Energy secured the funds for a 374 MW solar project with 150 MW / 600 MWh of co-located energy storage.

Fully printable flexible perovskite solar cell achieves 17.6% efficiency

Developed by scientists in Canada, the 0.049 cm2 solar cell was built in ambient air fabricationand with a reactant known as phenyltrimethylammonium chloride (PTACl). It achieved an open-circuit voltage of 0.95 V, a short-circuit current density of 23...

Enhancing PV performance with graphite-based thermoelectric generator

Indian scientists have built a PV system coupled with a thermoelectric generator using graphite as a heat dissipator. The graphite-based system achieved a higher output and temperature gradient than a reference system without heat dissipation.

Weekend Read: Energy sovereignty

Native American lands boast serious PV potential in the United States but getting projects off the ground hasn‘t always been easy. Different tribes are willing to take power generation into their own hands and the landscape could be shifting, thanks to...
Energy Storage

The Hydrogen Stream: Luxury regions invest in marine hydrogen services

SBM Offshore has installed a floating facility in Monaco to produce green hydrogen from renewables, while Axpo and its partners have revealed plans to use hydrogen to power a passenger vessel in Switzerland.

Press Releases

Astronergy World Tour announced to kick off to encourage actions on a sustainable future

Themed ‘Do you speak solar’, Astronergy World Tour 2024 (AWT 2024) was announced to kick off, continuing the trip which aims to promote public awareness about sustainability, highlight solar power strength in the energy transition process and altogether all industry experts and insiders and environmental enthusiasts to explore paths for zero carbon future.

EDF announces acquisition of solar panel and battery installer, Contact Solar

Purchase follows EDF’s acquisition of heat pump installer, CB Heating, last year, paving the way for integrated low-carbon home offers

Mitsubishi Power Announces Prevalon, Standalone Company Dedicated to Fast-Growing Battery Energy Storage Market

- Prevalon Energy LLC established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Power Americas - Existing battery energy storage solutions business transfers to newly-formed “Prevalon” with dedicated focus on innovation and growth in battery energy storage

Valorem enters Swedish market to co-develop 1 GW of wind, solar

The French independent green energy operator VALOREM has signed a cooperation agreement with TRIBRID for the co-development of 1 GW of wind and solar projects in Sweden.

Opinion & Analysis


Saharan dust drops irradiance across Europe

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that Saharan dust carried by Atlantic winds passed over Europe via the Iberian Peninsula. This caused irradiance drop particularly in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

Solar cell prices hold steady as market weighs feasibility of increasing prices

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

PV and prices, the fast uptake of solar in Brazil

In a new monthly column for pv magazine, the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) reports that Brazil currently has more than 85% renewable electricity, mainly hydropower, but with rapidly growing shares of solar and wind power. With 2.3 million rooftop PV systems installed so far and more than 90 million consumer units still available to go solar, favourable energy policies and cheap PV are encouraging the fast uptake of solar in the country.

Demystifying upcoming EU Ecodesign and Energy Label rules for solar PV

Ahead of the upcoming introduction of EU Ecodesign and Energy Label policy measures for solar PV products, SolarPower Europe brings some reflections on the topic, adding insights to the ongoing industry discussions.

Unusual winter weather led to record-breaking January in Europe

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that almost all of Europe experienced 10-25% more irradiance than the long term January average. Spain, in particular, experienced significant rainfall and slightly below average irradiance, while parts of Northern Europe enjoyed clear and sunny days for much of the month.

Addressing socio-economic challenges will advance solar

In its latest monthly column for pv magazine, the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) presents the main findings of a recent whitepaper it published on the nexus of the socio-economic and technological challenges of solar deployment.

Markets & Policy


Chinese PV Industry Brief: Trina Solar posts strong 2023 earnings

Trina Solar has announced its 2023 earnings results, while Autowell has secured a supply contract from Longi Green Energy.

Malta extends FITs, rebates for residential solar and batteries

Malta has extended its feed-in tariffs (FITs) and a rebate scheme to support the adoption of residential solar and battery energy storage systems for another year. The authorities will start accepting applicants for the two initiatives again from Feb. 23.

South African province approves 800 MW solar project

The provincial government of Gauteng, South Africa, plans to set up a solar park with a capacity of at least 800 MW. Premier Panyaza Lesufi says 100 MW could be connected to the grid from April.

Meyer Burger prepares to shut down plant in Germany

Swiss solar panel maker Meyer Burger will seek shareholder approval for a rights issue of as much as CHF 250 million ($284 million) to finance the completion of its US manufacturing facilities in Colorado and Arizona.

Navitas Solar introduces n-type TOPCon bifacial modules

Navitas Solar, an Indian solar panel manufacturer, has developed new n-type TOPCon bifacial modules with power outputs ranging from 560 W to 630 W.

Australian researchers develop magnesium-ion water battery

Australian scientists claim that the process of manufacturing magnesium-ion water batteries indicates that mass production is feasible, given that materials such as magnesium and zinc are abundant in nature.



New research analyzes performance ratios of bifacial PV

A comparison between monofacial and bifacial PV systems in Ghana showed how changes in system parameters can affect the bifacial gains. The researchers found that changing the albedo of a land-based system can increase the bifacial gain from 5.25% to 14.5%.

US residential solar prices falling amid surging interest in storage

The 18th edition of the EnergySage Marketplace Report indicates that the US residential solar segment faces persistent inflation, the California NEM 3.0, and rising loan fees, but prices have fallen and consumer interest in storage is strong.

New bifacial agrivoltaic solar panels from Greece

Brite Solar, a Greek specialty module manufacturer targeting the agrivoltaics greenhouse and PV canopy segments, is building a 150 MW production line. Marketing its modules to farming cooperatives, integrators and installers since the end of 2022, Brite solar has pilot installations in North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. In January it announced raising $9.26 million in venture capital.

Somalia seeks consultants to support grid expansion plan, PV minigrids

Somalia is seeking consultants to help it expand its grid network and develop solar minigrids. The work will involve drafting tender documents to repair and expand the electricity network in the city of Bossaso.

Big batteries to create tailwinds for large-scale solar in Australia

The accelerating deployment of large-scale energy storage is one factor behind the tailwinds forming for large-scale solar in Australia. Rystad Energy Senior Analyst David Dixon said that with gigawatts of big batteries under construction, the flexible load will create demand for solar during peak PV production periods.

Kaco presents new silicon carbide inverters for C&I solar

Kaco New Energy’s new silicon carbide inverters feature an efficiency rating of 99.1% and a European efficiency of 98.7%.



Premier Energies unveils 590 W TOPCon bifacial PV modules

Premier Energies says its n-type TOPCon bifacial glass-backsheet modules are available in power outputs of 555 W to 590 W, with an efficiency rating of up to 22.83%.

Socomec releases new modular energy storage system

Socomec says its new modular energy storage system includes a converter and up to six battery cabinets. At maximum capacity, it can store 1,116 kWh.

Inverted perovskite solar cell with 2D/3D heterojunctions achieves 25.6% efficiency

An international research team claims to have achieved optimal passivation in inverted perovskite solar cells by applying thin layers of low-dimensional perovskite on top of a 3D perovskite film. The resulting cell achieved an open-circuit voltage of 1.19 V, a short-circuit current density of 24.94 mA cm2, and a fill factor of 85.9%.

Researchers develop hemispherical organic solar cells

A Turkish research team has tested a hemispherical shell-shaped organic active layer for photovoltaic applications. The group found the shape maximizes light absorption and angular coverage when compared to flat-structured cells, suggesting the structure would be beneficial for applications requiring flexible light capture such as wearable electronics.

Vikram Solar displays new 725 W bifacial heterojunction PV modules

Vikram Solar has developed new glass-glass bifacial PV modules based on n-type heterojunction (HJT) G12 half-cut solar cells. The modules are available in power ratings ranging from 700 W to 725 W, with efficiencies between 22.53% and 23.34%, respectively.

Swedish virtual power plant software developer secures funding

Swedish virtual power plant software platform developer Fever Energy is expanding into Europe enabled by a $10.81 million round of venture capital.



Shoals to invest $80 million to expand US manufacturing

Shoals Technologies Group, an electrical balance-of-systems (EBOS) specialist for the solar industry, says it will move its US manufacturing and distribution center to a new, larger facility.

Future Solar to ramp up PV module capacity to 1.2 GW

India’s Future Solar is expanding its solar module manufacturing capacity to 1.2 GW, from 500 MW at present.

Inverted perovskite solar cell with antimony-doped tin oxides achieves 25.7% efficiency

Researchers in Singapore have built an inverted perovskite PV device with a p-type antimony-doped tin oxides (ATOx) interlayer that reportedly reduces the efficiency disparity between small and large-area perovskite cells. According to their findings, ATOx may easily replace commonly used nickel oxides (NiOx) as a hole transport material.

GoodWe releases 60 kWh battery for commercial, industrial PV systems

GoodWe has developed a 60 kWh battery for commercial and industrial PV systems, featuring a compartment for its ET15-30kW inverter series.

GameChange Solar to expand US production of PV trackers to 35 GW

GameChange Solar says it will expand US production of solar trackers to 35 GW, supplying systems with 70% domestic content, and potentially increasing to more than 85%.

Fraunhofer ISE opens module lab in old Solar Fabrik factory

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) has opened a PV module production lab for new product ideas in a former Solar Fabrik factory in Germany. It is equipped with systems for cell interconnection, laminators, and a range of materials and solar cell technologies.

Energy Storage


UK researchers identify optimal heat pump design minimizing system transition costs

Researchers led by the Imperial College London have analyzed the effects different kinds of air-to-water heat pumps will have on the UK energy system, based on their coefficient of performance and price. They also identified a point of diminishing returns, after which it is more cost-effective to invest in centralized energy generation and storage.

Rheem presents residential heat pump

The heat pump uses R-410a as a refrigerant and has a size ranging from 2 tons to 5 tons. It features a rated power of 7.0 kW to 17.6 kW and a cooling capacity spanning from 6.7 kW to 15.5 kW.

Trina Storage releases 4.07 MWh energy storage system

Trina Storage has developed a 4.07 MWh energy storage system featuring its in-house 306 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells, configured with 10 racks of four battery packs.

The Hydrogen Stream: EU auction attracts 132 bids for 8.5 GW electrolyzer capacity

The European Hydrogen Bank’s pilot auction has drawn 132 bids, exceeding the available budget, while Australia has finalized an agreement to build a hydrogen hub.

Panasonic presents air-to-water reversible heat pumps

The Japanese electronics manufacturer said its new heat pumps are suitable for commercial, industrial, and multi-dwelling residential applications. The new products feature a rated power ranging from 50 kW to 80 kW and a coefficient of performance spanning from 3.2 to 3.4.

Greece awards 300 MW in storage tender

The Greek authorities have awarded 300 MW of new battery storage capacity in the nation’s second energy storage tender, split among 11 projects. The tender is part of the country’s 1 GW energy storage auction program.

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