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Waaree Energies secures 412 MW solar module order

Waaree Energies says it has obtained a contract to supply its p-type bifacial solar modules for a 412.5 MW project that Acciona Energy is developing in Rajasthan, India.
Heat Pumps

Rooftop PV reduces building retrofitting costs by up to 50%

Cambridge researchers have analyzed the benefits of installing a PV system on the roof of an apartment building in addition to energy refurbishment and have found that photovoltaics, especially if combined with heat pumps, makes retrofit projects more af...

New US platform vets residential solar salespeople

An industry plagued by deceptive practices is now verifying salespeople via the Recheck platform.

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Markets & Policy

Elements Green secures approval for 360 MW/720 MWh storage project in UK

UK-based solar and energy storage developer Elements Green has secured planning consent for its Staythorpe Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project in the UK. The system will be colocated with a massive 800 MW solar farm.

RETC releases 2024 PV Module Index

Solar modules are evaluated in the Renewable Energy Test Center annual PV Module Index.
Markets & Policy

‘They are all selling below their cost prices’

In the second interview in a series held at Intersolar 2024, pv magazine spoke with Karen Tang, editorial director for Europe at Singapore-based market research company OPIS, about the strong pressure on prices across all segments, including the d...

‘In the next year, some of these guys are going to be bankrupt’

At Intersolar in Munich, pv magazine spoke with Jenny Chase, solar analyst at BloombergNEF, about the incredibly low polysilicon prices, massive overcapacity, and increasing consolidation. According to Chase, this year there will be enough polysil...

267 MW PV plant inaugurated in Brazil

The BRL 950 million ($175 million) São João do Paracatu solar park in Minas Gerais employs 500,000 solar modules distributed over an area of ​​509 hectares and counts clients in the areas of mining, magnesium industrialization and plastic productio...

Press Releases

DAH Solar Starts the Full-Screen Era with New Products at SNEC2024

DAH Solar took part in the 17th (2024) SNEC at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center. The new products of DAH Solar’s Full-Screen series and the all scene application solutions made an impressive debut at the exhibition.

Sineng Electric Unveils Latest Innovations at Intersolar Europe 2024, Driving Towards a Sustainable Future

Sineng Electric garnered significant attention during Intersolar Europe 2024 with the debut of its comprehensive product portfolio tailored for diverse applications.

JinkoSolar to Supply Utility Scale Storage to Athens Airport

JinkoSolar announced that it has entered into a Heads of Terms with kIEFER to supply its large scale battery storage, SunTera to Athens International Airport (AIA), hence supporting its commitment to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2025.

185MW Supply Agreement — Hanersun and Fortune Energy Embark on a New Journey in the European PV Market

On June 20th, during the Intersolar Europe exhibition, Hanersun signed an 185MW PV product supply agreement with Europe's leading PV product distributor, Fortune Energy. Hanersun's President, Michael Liu, and Fortune Energy's CEO, Jack Meng, attended the ceremony.

Opinion & Analysis

Low prices for TOPCon solar panels put pressure on PERC

In May 2024, high-efficiency panels, predominantly glass-glass modules equipped with tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) cells began to converge on price with mainstream offerings, writes Martin Schachinger, of pvXchange. Production volumes for these negatively-doped, “n-type” cells and modules have been ramped up in China while the increasingly restrictive customs situation in the United States may already be having an impact. For the European market, ever-lower prices for the latest module technology would suggest that demand would continue to rise were it not for a number of disruptive factors.

European solar generation takes a hit from ongoing Saharan dust event

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that a low-pressure system over the Mediterranean led to a significant dust transport event, affecting solar generation across Europe throughout the week. Weak low pressure in the Mediterranean set up southerly winds from Saharan Africa across the Mediterranean into Europe, drawing dust into Italy and southern France. High-pressure ridging from the Atlantic introduced westerly winds, pushing the dust around the north of the Alps into southern Germany.

Polysilicon prices stable, market concerns persist over worst-case scenario

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

‘With ownership, we can truly enable diversity and prosperity across the industry’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice Johanna Snickars, Chief Communications Officer & Brand Officer at Alight Energy. She says cimbing the traditional career ladder was a fun, challenging, and steep development curve. “I started to feel like I wanted to have a more purpose-driven job where I could see how my contributions made a positive impact on the world,” she also states.

Solar dimming and brightening, and PV power plant output performance

Reliable assessment of the local solar radiation resource is a major component of large-scale PV power plant project development and financing. This assessment is usually based on the assumption that the long-term average annual solar radiation from previous years is not significantly different from the expected future solar resource availability. In many areas of the globe, the solar radiation availability in 2023 was considerably higher (up to 10-12%) than the long-term average, and this might be overshadowing the fact that a large fraction of utility-scale PV power plants is undeperforming.

2024 Outlook: What could La Niña mean for US solar this year?

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, describes the possible consequences for PV plan and grid operators of a possible switch to La Niña conditions in North America. These conditions lead to more hurricanes, convection and cloudiness in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in decreased solar irradiance. In contrast, the Atlantic coast of the USA has historically seen up to 5-10% above-average irradiance during summer months in previous La Niña events.

Markets & Policy


Fire at South Korea primary lithium battery factory kills 22

At least 22 people, most of them foreign nationals, were killed in a massive fire at a South Korean factory that manufactures non-rechargeable lithium batteries in Hwaseong city, just south of Seoul. The cause of the blaze is still being investigated.

Israel to provide incentives for hybrid solar inverters

Israel’s Ministry of Energy says it will exempt hybrid solar inverters from purchase tax and customs duties. It claims that these policy mechanisms will help during energy emergencies.

Italy allocates 145.5 MW of PV in latest renewables auction

The Italian authorities have allocated 243.3 MW of renewables capacity in the nation’s 14th procurement exercise for clean energy. Developers have offered a maximum discount ranging between 2% and 5.5% from the auction ceiling price of €0.07746 ($0.083)/kWh.

Larsen & Toubro wins 185 MW/254 MWh solar-plus-storage project in India

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has secured a contract to build a 185 MW grid-connected solar project and a 254 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) in Bihar, India.

Chinese joint venture to build 100 MW ‘semi-agrivoltaic’ plant in Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi-Chinese joint venture plans to build a 100 MW “semi-agrivoltaic” project in Madarganj, Bangladesh. The facility will produce green chilies, turmeric, and ginger.

Masdar buys out Greece’s Terna Energy in €3.2 billion deal

Masdar has agreed to acquire initially 67% of Greece’s Terna Energy, a developer of clean energy infrastructure, in a €3.2 billion ($3.4 billion) deal.



Ireland deployed 505 MW of PV in 2023

Ireland’s solar capacity has almost doubled in the space of one year, largely driven by utility-scale projects of 5 MW or more. In 2023, the country had 349 MW of utility-scale solar across seven projects, but this has since increased to 594 MW across 13 installations.

Lithuania testing bifacial PV in noise barriers

Two pilot projects are integrating PV into noise barriers, one alongside a railway near Vilnius, and the other along the national E5 highway connecting the cities of Kaunas and Vilnius.

Australian capacity tender flooded with 40 GW of renewable energy projects

Australia’s first national Capacity Investment Scheme auction has been inundated with expressions of interest, with the federal government revealing that investors have tabled 40 GW of new renewable energy generation projects such as wind and solar.

Xing Mobility releases high-voltage battery

Xing Mobility has released its Immersi XE50 battery system designed for both renewable energy applications and commercial and residential uses. The Taiwan-based company says its solution is capable of reaching up to 1500V.

Intersolar 2024: Day 3: Tecloman unveils Cubox mobile storage platform

Our pv magazine newshounds will be walking the floors for one last time in Munich today as Intersolar Europe 2024 winds down for another year.

The Hydrogen Stream: Russian researchers propose hydrogen extraction from gas wells

While a team of Russian researchers proposed a novel approach to produce hydrogen directly in gas wells, Plug Power and CPH2 secure certification for the hydrogen systems.



ChatGPT can tell scientists how to build better perovksite solar cells, research says

An international research group has sought to build for the first time a perovskite solar cell with the help of ChatGPT. The experiment helped the scientists identify a series of materials for the cell composition and the results were cells with a higher power conversion efficiency compared to that of reference cells built without the material proposed by the large language model.

Reducing PV module temperature with cooled air from the ground

Researchers from Iraq have used computational fluid dynamics to simulate the operation of a 100 W panel with ground cooling. The proposed technique was reportedly able to reduce panel temperature by up to 28%, with power generation increasing by up to 6.5%.

Chinese researchers build kesterite solar cell with certified efficiency of 14.2%

The solar cell was treated with multi-elemental alloying, which reportedly helped eliminate defects in the kesterite absorber, thus increasing cell efficiency. China’s National PV Industry Measurement and Testing Center confimed the results.

Spontaneous glass breakage on solar panels on the rise

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory noted an increase in spontaneous glass breakage in solar panels. The PV Module Index from the Renewable Energy Test Center investigates this and other glass-related trends in solar manufacturing.

Trades against the machine

Large battery storage systems are taking on an increasing number of tasks in the German grid, meaning that the volume and speed of transactions can no longer be managed without computers. As a result, traders are working on algorithms to fully automate transactions.

Wavelabs unveils solar simulator for perovskite mini-modules

Wavelabs, a German testing equipment manufacturer. unveiled a new solar simulator suitable for perovskite and thin film mini-modules.



Intersolar: AP Systems presents single-phase hybrid inverter for balcony photovoltaics

Until now, balcony inverters were mostly simple micro inverters, with batteries integrated via MC4 connectors. A hybrid inverter should improve this situation.

Spanish startup Soletrax creates custom trackers for individual projects

The new Trxone, a single-row tracker with short independently tracked rows that are not subject to the tracking algorithm of the master row. The trackers are manufactured separately for each project.

Chinese customs seize PV modules suspected of intellectual property infringement

The detained panels were shipped by Canadian Solar and Sunova Solar to Europe and Latin America, respectively. The total value of the seized products amounts to over CNY 5 million.

Researchers suggest using digested polymers for PV cell coatings, encapsulants

An international research team has proposed to use recyclable biomass-digested polymers as a material for PV coatings and encapsulants. The scientists developed a coating for PV cells that reportedly allows an increase in power output of up to 10%.

Noise-barrier integrated photovoltaics for highways, railways

A German research team is field testing new module concepts that can be integrated into noise barrier walls alongside roadways or railways. The hope is that some of the designs will emerge as cost-effective, power-generating solutions for application in newly constructed soundwalls, in retrofits, or in add-on projects.

Crop-responsive PV tracking system for greenhouses

An international consortium led by Israel-based Al-Zahrawi Society announced the first European installations of a multi-year project to test crop-responsive PV systems combined with carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses.

Energy Storage


Home energy management systems: Compatibility, good forecasts and efficiency

The quality of home energy management systems is a concern for the industry. More than 300 participants at the pv magazine Focus Event in the conference center of the Munich Trade Fair Center made this clear. To provide a glimpse into the "black box," manufacturers, scientists and users discussed the most important criteria.

Fraunhofer IAO, DHBW Heilbronn examine decentralized hydrogen storage

Researchers have analyzed various storage options for green hydrogen, such as in neighborhoods, at company locations and on campus grounds. Their study provides an overview of the respective advantages and disadvantages of physical, chemical and pure hydrogen storage.

Sivortex unveils Spanish PPA project that combines 100 MW PV and 200 MWh of liquid CO2

With a budget of €120 million, the largest such project in Europe would generate renewable energy through a PPA for shared self-consumption.

Green Deal will remain after EU elections, just with different marketing, says analyst

In an interview with pv magazine, Linda Kalcher, executive director at European think tank Strategic Perspectives, described the possible consequences of the recent EU elections on the continent’s energy landscape. “Investors and businesses need security and predictability to thrive,” she said. “If cleantech is not manufactured here, the jobs and investments go to the US and China and a deindustrialisation looms. This cannot be in the interest of any politician,”

Thermal energy storage tech to bolster industry decarbonisation

Long duration energy storage developer MGA Thermal is one step closer to commissioning its behind-the-meter demonstration plant after receiving a $2.48 million windfall from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

BESS, deep learning simulations: decrease in wholesale price variability

Donato Leo is the author of a study on the relationship between photovoltaics, batteries and wholesale energy prices in Italy. Leo’s deep learning simulations suggest changes in energy prices as installed battery capacity increases.