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UIS installs recoating solution at 2 GW solar wafer factory in India

UIS Technologies has commissioned polyurethane (PU) recoating and regrooving solutions for wire guide rollers (WGRs) at Adani’s 2 GW solar ingot-wafer plant in Gujarat, India.

Texas leads VPP adoption with deregulated market

Texas is uniquely suited to adopt virtual power plant (VPP) technology due to its competitive, deregulated market. Its success highlights the “perverse incentive” of vertically integrated utilities in other US states to make capital expenditures with...

TU Delft scientists develop optical filter to improve IBC solar module performance

Researchers at the Delft University of Technology have designed an optical filter for the thermal management of IBC photovoltaic modules. The proposed technology can reportedly reduce the cell operating temperature by up to 2.5 C and extend the lifetime ...

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Aerial thermography for analyzing solar asset health

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Markets & Policy

Australian developer plans 2 GW renewables project

Squadron Energy has filed documents with the state government of New South Wales, Australia, in a forward step on its proposed 2 GW Koorakee Energy Park, which will include a 1 GW solar farm and 1 GW of wind energy, backed by a 1 GW/12 GWh battery energy...
Markets & Policy

Uzbekistan to build its first big battery

Nur Bukhara Solar PV LLC FE, a project company owned by Masdar, will deliver a 63 MW battery energy storage system alongside a 250 MW solar plant in south-central Uzbekistan.

REC launches 640 W heterojunction solar module with 22.5% efficiency

REC has developed a new series of heterojunction solar panels with efficiencies up to 22.5% and an operating temperature coefficient of -0.24% per degree Celsius.
Markets & Policy

Key takeaways: Kongres PV, Warsaw

Fairer curtailment, greater grid flexibility and better regulation were all on the industry wish list at Kongres PV. From cable pooling to direct lines, Poland hasn’t been afraid to innovate in its approach to renewables deployment – but there is ple...
Markets & Policy

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Renshine plans GW-scale perovskite PV panel factory

Renshine Solar says it will open a gigawatt-scale perovskite PV module factory in Jiangsu province, with a planned investment of CNY 1 billion ($138 million). In January, it reported that its perovskite solar panels had achieved a power conversion effici...

Press Releases

Ampace Elevates to the Next Level with Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner

Ampace, a supplier of lithium batteries, is set to unveil a series of new products at the company’s booth in ees Europe on 19 June at 14:00 CEST, featuring the innovative Full Temp. Range Control Technology of Zero Liquid Cooling and Zero Air Conditioner along with the Kunlun Battery Cell 2.

IBC SOLAR and DMEGC Solar announce distribution partnership

DMEGC Solar is expanding its sales network: With IBC SOLAR, the solar module manufacturer has gained one of the leading full-service providers of energy solutions and services in the field of photovoltaics and storage as a cooperation partner for its solar modules in Europe.

Pre-launch Milestone: Production Equipment Arrived at Hanersun Anhui PVESS Manufacturing Base

Hanersun's PV and energy storage integrated manufacturing base received its first shipment of top-tier production equipment. It not only marks the final steps before the facility commission, but also represent the company’s next leap in "Smart Manufacturing 4.

Hopewind Leads the Electrical Revolution with Grid-Forming Technology

As a distinguished leader in electrical solutions, Hopewind excels in technical innovation, constantly injecting new momentum into the progress of a more reliable and stable renewable energy ecosystem. The introduction of grid-forming technology is a core component of Hopewind's pioneering efforts.

Opinion & Analysis


The prospects for battery investment in Germany

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has been heating up in Germany but increased competition and high interest rates are affecting renewables project values. Baris Serifsoy, partner at GreenCap Partners, examines the investment landscape in one of the world’s most developed PV markets.

When is the next Aurora due and what’s the impact on solar generation?

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, explains that the solar cycle does tend to increase the earth’s average annual extra-terrestrial irradiance, but only by a very small amount. It also explains that, while the annual cycle of extra-terrestrial irradiance causes a steady, predictable and significant 3.5% change through the seasonal cycle, the peak of the 11-year cycle of solar activity causes a smaller, more sporadic and unpredictable set of fluctuations.

‘There are no shortcuts to success’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Oana Ijdelea, the founder and managing partner of Romanian law firm Ijdelea & Associates. She says there is no objective blockage impeding women from pursuing a career in the renewable sector. There is, however, a vicious circle where women may become reluctant to apply for a position where males appear to be more present, and on the other hand, the lack of female presence in such roles does not encourage other women to step in.

Global polysilicon prices hold steady, China polysilicon falls on weak demand

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

US solar prices double European costs amid regulatory challenges

The requirements of measures such as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) mean that solar panel prices in the United States can be twice as much as in Europe.

PERC solar products hard to sell due to falling TOPCon module prices

Prices for tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar panels continue to fall. founder Martin Schachinger explains how this will affect the sale of PV modules based on passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) cells.

Markets & Policy


Mali to build 200 MW of solar with Russian support

The authorities in Mali have revealed plans to build a 200 MW solar plant with backing from Russia.

Greece’s Mytilineos signs 10-year PPAs in Ireland

Mytilineos has signed two 10-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Ireland for 14.28 MW of solar projects it is developing.

Svolt abandons plans to open battery factory in Germany

Chinese battery manufacturer Svolt has cancelled plans to open a plant in the German state of Brandenburg. Meanwhile, its plans for cell production in Saarland, southwest Germany, continue to be delayed.

High import duties affecting solar deployment in Bangladesh

Analysts at a recent event in Dhaka called for the removal of high import duties on solar products in Bangladesh, as it could reduce PV system prices by up to 11%.

Combining residential air heat pumps with air-geothermal heat exchangers

Researchers in Italy have found that combining residential air heat pumps with air-geothermal heat exchangers may reduce power consumption by up to 30%. They tested the proposed combination using Matlab in a passive single-family building located in Valtellina, northern Italy.

Italy, Spain, Portugal break daily solar generation records 

Italy, Spain and Portugal recorded their highest-ever daily PV production rates during the week of May 20, while prices also rose across all major European electricity markets, according to AleaSoft Energy Forecasting.



PV string fault detection technique based on multi-layer neural network

Scientists in India have proposed using a multilayer neural network to find line-to-ground, line-to-line, and bypass diode faults in PV module strings. They tested the new approach on a 22.5 kW solar array and reportedly achieved "competitive" accuracy results.

Itochu, Google enter into long-term power agreement in Japan 

The power purchase agreement will see Clean Energy Connect Co Ltd, an Itochu portfolio company, develop around 72 MW of dedicated solar plants for Google by 2026, to help reach the search engine company’s renewable energy targets.

The Hydrogen Stream: Climate group dampens hopes for blue hydrogen

Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC) says in a new report that blue hydrogen might not be an effective climate solution, while TotalEnergies and its partners have agreed to explore green hydrogen potential in Tunisia.

Baywa re switches on 54 MW agrivoltaic site in Spain

Baywa re has commissioned a 54 MW agrivoltaic solar project in Spain. Denmark-based Velux has agreed to purchase most of its 96.8 GWh of annual output under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA).

Brazil’s new PV additions hit 6 GW in January-April period

Brazil added 6 GW of new PV capacity between January and April. ABSolar, the Brazilian PV association, says the country has now cumulatively deployed 43 GW of solar capacity, with around 24 GW from PV systems below 75 kW in size.

Italy deploys 1.72 GW of new PV systems in Q1

Italy installed 1.72 GW of new solar capacity in the first quarter, bringing its cumulative installed PV capacity to 32.0 GW by the end of March, according to Italia Solare, the nation’s solar energy association.



Fraunhofer ISE unveils M10 TOPCon solar cell with 24.0% efficiency

The German research institute said the new 120 µm thin solar cell could exceed 25% efficiency with the next optimization steps. The device was metalized via screen-printed contact fingers and calibrated by scientists at the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin.

Novel attempt to design solar cell based on chalcogenide perovskite delivers 13.86% efficiency

Scientists in South Africa have proposed a new chalcogenide perovskite solar cell design based on a compound known as barium zirconium sulfide. They tested different hole transport materials in the new device and found that a polymer known as P3HT achieved the best performance.

Austrian startup offers double-axis tracking system for agrivoltaics

Anywhere Solar says its new trackers have a module area of 75 m2 and can host PV systems up to 19 kW in size. When deployed horizontally, the systems allow vehicles up to 4.3 meters high to pass underneath.

Sharp unveils new TOPCon solar modules

The Japanese electronics manufacturer has launched the NU-JC440 and NU-JC430B panels with efficiencies of 22.53% and 22.02%, respectively. Both products are IEC/EN61215 and IEC/EN61730-certified and rely on M10 wafers.

Strategies to address thermomechanical instability of perovskite solar modules

A U.S. research team has investigated the thermomechanical reliability of metal halide perovskite (MHP) modules and cells in an effort to identify the best strategies to improve their stability under thermomechanical stressors. The scientists discussed, in particular, film stresses, adhesion of charge transport layers, and instability under light and heat.

Scientists claim PV systems combined with thermoelectric cooling may achieve 6-year payback time

Scientists in South Africa have modeled a photovoltaic system connected to a thermoelectric cooling device and have found it may produce around 9.2% more electricity than conventional PV system without cooling. The research team claims the proposed system guarantees a minimum cost saving of 10.56%.



Solarwatt shuts down battery factory in Germany

Solarwatt says it will shut down its battery factory in Germany. Battery production at the Dresden facility will halt at the end of this year, and the company will move all battery and solar panel production to China.

India’s PV module exports hit $1.9 billion in fiscal 2023-24

India’s solar module exports hit $1.9 billion in fiscal 2023-24, with shipments to the US market accounting for the lion’s share of the total.

Perovskite solar cell based on self-disintegrating seeds achieves 23.73% efficiency, 83.64% fill factor

A Chinese research group including scientists from module maker Tongwei has designed a perovskite solar cell with remarkable perovskite film quality through the so-called self-disintegrating seed strategy. The device not only achieved one of the highest fill factor values ever recorded for perovskite solar to date, but also showed remarkable stability.

Czech utility unveils tech to secure solar panels in unstable subsoil

CEZ Group has developed a new solution for securing solar photovoltaics in areas of unstable subsoil from the central section of conveyor belts previously used in strip coal mines. Several pilots of the steel structure have already been deployed on a reclaimed area near the Bílina Mine in northern Czechia.

Chinese manufacturers offering prices up to 200% lower, says WoodMac

Wood Mackenzie says in its latest report that low prices and integrated supply chains allow Chinese manufacturers to supply more than 65% of total global demand for renewables equipment, with its exports growing by 35% between 2019 and 2023.

Lead-free inverted perovskite solar cells without transparent conducting oxides may achieve 30% efficiency

Researchers in Nigeria have proposed to build inverted perovskite solar cells exclusively with all-inorganic transport materials and a lead-free perovksite absorber. Through a series of simulations, they showed these device may achieve efficiencies over 30% with low production costs.

Energy Storage


Bringing lithium-sulfur batteries closer to commercialization

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have successfully transitioned their highly-durable lithium-sulfur battery technology from coin to pouch cells and reported competent energy densities.

Greece adds storage to solar tenders

The Greek parliament has approved a new law introducing renewable energy policies for auction design and small projects with stable feed-in tariffs.

Reliance Industries signs alkaline electrolyzer deal with Norway’s Nel

Reliance Industries has signed a technology licensing agreement to gain access to Nel Hydrogen’s platform for alkaline electrolyzer production.

U.S. scientists develop air-bridge thermophotovoltaic cells with 44% efficiency

U.S. scientists have developed a thermophotovoltaic cell that could be paired with inexpensive thermal storage to provide power on demand. The indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) thermophotovoltaic cell absorbs most of the in-band radiation to generate electricity, while serving as a nearly perfect mirror.

Car park solar roofing system for off-grid solution

The versatility of solar mounting manufacturer and balance-of-system provider Clenergy’s ezShade 2.0 solar shade system has been put to the test with the solution at the core of a standalone power system fuelling an off-grid communications site in remote northern Queensland.

The Hydrogen Stream: Nikola to sell 100 fuel-cell hydrogen trucks to Port of LA

Nikola plans to sell 100 hydrogen fuel-cell trucks for logistic operations in California, Volvo has started developing hydrogen combustion trucks, and Airbus has announced plans to launch a study into hydrogen projects in the US state of Georgia.

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