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Organic solar cell gains counterintuitive efficiency boost from entropy

A research team at the University of Kansas have found that organic semiconductors known as non-fullerene acceptors demonstrate a high solar cell efficiency due to a reversed heat flow.

AEG unveils 5 KWh stackable high-voltage battery

Germany’s AEG is selling new stackable, high-voltage batteries with usable capacity of 5 kWh. They come with a 10-year warranty and reportedly have a lifecycle of more than 4,500 cycles.

Ireland reaches 400 MW of operational distributed-generation solar

New figures from Ireland's ESB Networks reveal that the country has surpassed 1.2 GW of cumulative installed PV capacity, with the residential segment accounting for 20% of the total capacity installed over the past six months.

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Markets & Policy

Indosolar starts production at 1.3 GW solar module factory

Indosolar, a subsidiary of Waaree Energies, has started production at its new 1.3 GW solar module manufacturing facility in India.

IEA-PVPS identifies 456 patents in PV module recycling

The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme's (IEA-PVPS) latest report on solar panel recycling offers a comprehensive review of all existing technologies in this market segment, from pure mechanical recycling to innovative techniques such as as light p...
Markets & Policy

High-altitude floating PV has energy payback time of 2.8 years

New research from Switzerland showed that alpine floating PV systems can outperform lowland or ground-mounted counterparts in terms of energy yield and sustainability. The scientists found that the main material-reduction potential of such floating PV in...
Markets & Policy

A gulf between PV ambition and testing facilities

Though it already hosts several of the world’s largest PV installations, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s solar industry is still young, with limited local infrastructure and expertise. Project developers are learning quickly that bui...

France concludes C&I rooftop PV tender with average price of €0.1016/kWh

The French authorities have concluded a commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop PV tender with an average price of €0.1016 ($0.11)/kWh. The government allocated 179.9 MW of PV capacity in total.

Press Releases

Menlo Electric and JinkoSolar Commit to a 1GW strategic alliance

Menlo Electric and JinkoSolar announce a renewed commitment to boost sustainable energy deployment across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South Africa. In the past three years, Menlo Electric has integrated 1GW of Jinko's photovoltaic modules into these markets.

WEIHENG ECACTUS’ Participation in Thailand’s ASEW 2024

From July 3 to 5, one of Southeast Asia's most influential energy events, the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (ASEW), was held as scheduled at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.

Huasun Secures High-Efficiency HJT Modules Deal with A2 Technologies for Thailand’s Multi-scenario Solar Applications

Huasun Energy has achieved significant gains in the Thai market following the successful conclusion of the "ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Thailand 2024".

JinkoSolar Launches the 10 Million “Qingmiao Award” at Yuhuan High School to Inspire Outstanding Teachers and Students

JinkoSolar recently held the signing and award ceremony for the "Qingmiao Award" at Yuhuan High School.

Opinion & Analysis


‘Early in my career, I had the tendency to behave and perform like a man’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Mary Riccio-Kjærgaard, CEO and owner of Danish PV installer Risskov Teknik & Solar Aps. She explains how the idea of leadership is still being negatively influenced by cultural stereotypes and says women can accomplish more and go further by simply being "female leaders."

Texas solar shines through Tropical Storm Beryl

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that the Tropical Storm Beryl caused a large but temporary dip in solar generation potential across Texas on July 8. However, cross-referencing with grid operator reports revealed that very little production went offline due to the storm, showing the resilience of Texas’ solar infrastructure.

Polysilicon prices stabilize at low levels amid market downturn

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Weather standstill limits European solar production in June

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that, while in June Western Europe experienced below-average irradiance, Eastern Europe and the Balkans in particular saw a notable increase, resulting from persistent and static weather patterns.

‘Mobile work policies are extremely beneficial for women’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Olga Kovalchuk, Head of Finance and Investment – Managing Director at Germany’s Goldbeck Solar. She says that the underrepresentation of women in STEM subjects affects the pipeline of women entering both the renewable and traditional energy sectors, though this is gradually improving with more targeted educational initiatives. “The gender pay gap is ever-present and, given how much pay is linked to performance in senior positions, the underrepresentation has a knock-on effect on the gender pay gap for the industry,” she stated.

Wafer prices stable-to-soft on weak demand

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Markets & Policy


The Hydrogen Stream: Poland unveils hydrogen strategy

The Polish government has outlined its main objectives for the development of hydrogen, while Tyczka Hydrogen says a damaged compressor from Maximator Hydrogen caused a recent incident at one of its filling stations in Germany.

Energy-storing carbon fibre composites pave the way to weightless batteries

Building on research work at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology, Sinonus has developed carbon fiber-based structural batteries that not only store energy but also become an integral part of a product’s structure. Their possible span of energy density is said to be around 25-50% of a conventional lithium-ion battery at current technology level.

Woodburn Capital, Magna Exteriors sign 15-year solar PPA in Czechia

Magna Exteriors and Woodburn Capital Partners have signed a 15-year solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in Czechia. The agreement covers energy generated on-site at a 2.4 MW solar plant located at Magna Exteriors’ site in the northwestern part of the country.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Beijing probes EU investment barriers for PV

The Chinese government is launching an investigation to determine whether the European Union is blocking Chinese solar investments.

SolarPower Europe calls for stronger cybersecurity measures

SolarPower Europe argues in a new position paper that regulators and policymakers should create a sector-specific strategy to address the growing threat of cyberattacks.

IRENA calls 16.4% annual renewable growth to hit COP28 targets

Statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that if the world were to continue with a 14% annual growth rate in renewables capacity, as seen in 2023, it will fall 1.5 TW short of meeting deployment targets set at COP28.



Microclimates could bolster case for agrivoltaics

A new paper finds that combining photovoltaics with crop farming can result in revenue gains over the life of a PV system at a diverse range of locations in the United Kingdom. Researcher Aritra Ghosh tells pv magazine that the benefits of agrivoltaics are "multifaceted."

Albania’s 300 MW solar tender attracts lowest bid of €0.0397/kWh

The Albanian authorities have revealed that a recent 300 MW solar tender has attracted a lowest bid of €0.0397/kWh. The government has shortlisted nine bidders with an average offered price of €0.0513/kWh for 283.9 MW of preselected capacity.

Amazon hits 100% renewable energy goal seven years ahead of schedule

The retail giant matched 100% of the electricity used in its operations with investments in renewable energy in 2023.

Somalia opens tender for off-grid solar-plus-storage plants

Somalia’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources has launched a tender for off-grid solar-plus-storage power plants to serve 46 education facilities in the southeast of the country. The deadline for bids is August 1.

Biodiversity expanding at 138 MW solar project in Hungary

Ecological monitoring reveals rising plant and bird species diversity at a 138 MW nature-friendly solar park in Hungary during its first year of operation.

Residential PV power forecasting method based uniquely on direct radiation

Researchers in Spain have created a novel PV forecasting method that uses only direct radiation as a parameter. They found it to be “comparable, if not superior” to four established forecasting techniques. The method could help homeowners with PV systems decide when to use electricity-intensive appliances and cleaning systems.



Solar panel cleaning with electromagnetic waves

Three companies, including US-based startup Sol Clarity, are experimenting with electrodynamic screen systems to clean solar panels using minimal electricity and no water.

Bifacial PV, single-axis tracking produces cheapest electricity, says IEA-PVPS

The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme’s (IEA-PVPS) latest factsheet covers bifacial PV modules and advanced tracking systems. It says a combination of bifacial modules with single-axis tracking could increase energy output by up to 35%.

Deye releases residential storage system with integrated hybrid inverter

Chinese manufacturer Deye says its new three-phase residential storge system and integrated hybrid inverter system has a rated output power ranging from 14 kW to 20 kW.

All-perovskite tandem solar cell based on tin-lead perovskite achieves 27.8% efficiency

Scientists in the United States have fabricated an all-perovskite tandem solar cell that reportedly shows reduced interfacial energy loss in the cell’s top device. It was built with a hole transport layer based on a compound known as P3CT that was doped with lead iodide.

V2G tech can provide outage support, claim Australian researchers

Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, have shown that their response to a February 2024 grid emergency provides evidence that electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems could strengthen the grid during blackouts, marking a global first for such research.

EDF wins Israeli PV tender with bid of $0.019/kWh

EDF has won an Israeli solar tender with a bid of $0.019/kWh, securing a 100 MW project to sell energy at a record price of ILS 0.07 ($0.02)/kWh.



India’s ALMM list tops 50 GW of solar module capacity

The PV modules on India's Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards and meet the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy's (MNRE) module efficiency criteria for utility-scale, rooftop, solar pump, and solar lighting applications.

Longi, Aiko Solar, TCL Zhonghuan, Tongwei to post H1 losses

Longi says it expects a net loss of CNY 4.8 billion ($660.2 million) for the first half of 2024, while Tongwei is bracing for a CNY 3 billion loss. Aiko Solar and TCL Zhonghuan, meanwhile, are predicting losses of CNY 2.9 billion and CNY 1.4 billion, respectively.

China to impose stricter requirements on PV manufacturing

The new provisions are intended to reduce overcapacity in the market while selecting the most efficient technologies and products.

German firm hits energy independence with solar, batteries, hydrogen

Esysteme21 has built a 100% self-sufficient energy system with photovoltaics, hydrogen and battery storage. The German solar company describes the concept as a solution for medium-sized enterprises.

GoodWe unveils double-glass TOPCon bifacial solar modules

GoodWe has developed new double-glass tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) bifacial solar modules for its Polaris series, available in 530 W and 580 W variants.

VIPV in refrigerated trucks can ‘easily’ offset energy demand it creates and meet chiller demand

Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE investigated thermal effects and net energy gains of a 3.2 kW vehicle integrated PV (VIPV) system installed on a freight truck with a refrigerated cargo storage area. It found that with battery storage the system could potentially meet the entire energetic needs of the cooling unit throughout the year in some cases.

Energy Storage


Grenergy secures financing for two phases of world’s biggest battery project

Madrid-headquartered independent power producer (IPP) Grenergy has reached financial close on the first two phases of its Oasis de Atacama solar and battery energy storage hybrid project in Chile.

Enfinity Global secures $162.4 million for 250 MW solar portfolio in Japan 

Enfinity Global has closed $162.4 million in financing for a 250 MW solar portfolio in Japan. The seven utility-scale projects are expected to produce 300 GWh of clean energy per year.

Bulgaria’s battery storage market gears up

Bulgaria has installed between 40 MWh and 50 MWh battery energy storage capacity to date. However, a new national legislation as well as funds provided through the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility could see the country install another 1 GWh over the next two years.

Battery storage deployment in Canada kicks into gear

The deployment of battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Canada is picking up the pace, with the announcement of a 705 MWh battery storage system delivery to Nova Scotia by Canadian Solar’s e-Storage and various other projects in provinces across the country. However, this surge cannot come quickly enough says Energy Storage Canada.

Hungarian startup offers PCM-based thermal battery with energy density of 30 kWh/m3

Hungary-based Heatventors is offering its new thermal energy storage system with capacities of 10 kWh, 30 kWh, and 60 kWh. The thermal battery is combinable with solar PV and has an expected service life of over 10,000 cycles.

Navien unveils residential air-source heat pump

The South Korean heating specialist said its new heat pump can achieve a seasonal coefficient of performance of up to 4.87 and flow temperatures of up to 75 C.

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