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South African data-center specialist to build 120 MW solar plant

Teraco, an operator of data centers, has secured its first grid-capacity allocation from South African state-owned utility Eskom. It will soon start building a 120 MW utility-scale PV plant in South Africa’s Free State province to power its facilities.

Fraunhofer ISE opens module lab in old Solar Fabrik factory

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) has opened a PV module production lab for new product ideas in a former Solar Fabrik factory in Germany. It is equipped with systems for cell interconnection, laminators, and a range of m...

Argentina hits 1.36 GW of PV capacity

New figures from Cammesa, the state-owned company that manages Argentina's wholesale electricity market, show that solar accounted for 3.1% of total national generating capacity at the end of December 2023.

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Case study: Utility solar + storage in LATAM’s largest solar installation

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Case study: Utility solar + storage in LATAM’s largest solar installation

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Germany’s new PV additions hit 1.25 GW in January

Germany installed 1.25 GW of solar in January, bringing the nation's cumulative PV capacity to 82.19 GW by the end of the month, with more than 3.7 million projects in total.

Ciel & Terre, Hexe Renewables round off 400 MW floating PV array

Ciel & Terre and Hexe Renewables have completed a 192.3 MW extension of a 400 MW floating PV array in Taiwan. The extension includes patented technology featuring concrete pillars and an H-beam system as an anchoring design, in order to address near-...

Adani Solar unveils 575 W TOPCon bifacial PV module with 22.4% efficiency

Adani Solar has unveiled an n-type TOPCon bifacial solar module featuring Indian-made cells this week at Intersolar India 2024. The module is available in power range from 550 W to 575 W, with an efficiency of 21.4% to 22.4%

Rooftop PV could serve 45% of US electricity demand, says Environment America

Environment America says in a new report that rooftop solar could meet 45% of US electricity demand, despite currently only accounting for just 1.5% of electricity consumption.
Energy Storage

Rheem presents residential heat pump

The heat pump uses R-410a as a refrigerant and has a size ranging from 2 tons to 5 tons. It features a rated power of 7.0 kW to 17.6 kW and a cooling capacity spanning from 6.7 kW to 15.5 kW.

Press Releases

Chosen by Profession, DAH Solar Received the EUPD SolarProsumer Award

On February 7th 2024, DAH Solar received the EUPD Research SolarProsumer Award for Austria. The award passes on the high recognition of prosumers towards DAH Solar’s exceptional innovation ,effectiveness, and influence in promoting and implementing the prosumer concept within the realm of solar energy solutions, setting an inspiring start for 2024.

JinkoSolar to Supply 100MWh Liquid Cooling ESS SunTera to Build Grid-side Energy Storage Power Station in Jiande, Zhejiang Province

This 50MW/100MW grid-side energy storage power station, located in Jiande, Zhejiang province, serves for peak and frequency regulation. After completion, it can effectively promote the local consumption of new energy, ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system, and effectively drive and promote local economic and social development.

GoodWe Enters Building Material Industry, Announces Partnership with ALSPEC via Umax Energy in Australia

GoodWe has made a strategic move into the Building Material industry in Australia by collaborating with aluminum magnate Alspec, marking a significant milestone in the company's expansion.

Let the Light In – Bucha Lyceum No. 3 joins the “100SolarSchools” сampaign by the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation

Almost two years after the beginning of the full-scale war, the small town of Bucha continues to recover from the horrific events, photos of which have circled the globe. Bucha Lyceum No.

Opinion & Analysis


PV and prices, the fast uptake of solar in Brazil

In a new monthly column for pv magazine, the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) reports that Brazil currently has more than 85% renewable electricity, mainly hydropower, but with rapidly growing shares of solar and wind power. With 2.3 million rooftop PV systems installed so far and more than 90 million consumer units still available to go solar, favourable energy policies and cheap PV are encouraging the fast uptake of solar in the country.

Demystifying upcoming EU Ecodesign and Energy Label rules for solar PV

Ahead of the upcoming introduction of EU Ecodesign and Energy Label policy measures for solar PV products, SolarPower Europe brings some reflections on the topic, adding insights to the ongoing industry discussions.

Unusual winter weather led to record-breaking January in Europe

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that almost all of Europe experienced 10-25% more irradiance than the long term January average. Spain, in particular, experienced significant rainfall and slightly below average irradiance, while parts of Northern Europe enjoyed clear and sunny days for much of the month.

Addressing socio-economic challenges will advance solar

In its latest monthly column for pv magazine, the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) presents the main findings of a recent whitepaper it published on the nexus of the socio-economic and technological challenges of solar deployment.

Solar wafer prices momentarily stable, masking turbulence of industry consolidation

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Large-format solar modules and legacy assumptions

While most large-format modules are lab tested for certification, the lab is not the real world. The field loading applied to a solar module depends on the structure on which it is mounted and the terrain of the project.

Markets & Policy

Rooftop PV to outpace all renewables in Australia, says Green Energy Markets

A new report by Green Energy Markets (GEM) to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) confirms the future domination of rooftop solar and battery storage in Australia, with a projected cumulative PV capacity potential of 66 GW to 98.5 GW by 2054.

Refurbishing heritage buildings with BIPV, heat pumps, energy efficiency

An energy makeover of a heritage-listed church built in 1965, including new solar PV roof, new insulation, new windows, and heat pumps, enables it produce 149% of its energy requirements. The achievement garnered the project team the Norman Foster Solar Award 2023.

The Hydrogen Stream: EU auction attracts 132 bids for 8.5 GW electrolyzer capacity

The European Hydrogen Bank’s pilot auction has drawn 132 bids, exceeding the available budget, while Australia has finalized an agreement to build a hydrogen hub.

Italy’s annual new solar additions hit 5.23 GW in 2023

Italy installed 5.23 GW of new solar in 2023, bringing its cumulative installed PV capacity to 30.28 GW by December, according to trade body Italia Solare.

Colombia assigns 4.4 GW of solar for $0.0182/kWh in latest energy auction

The Colombian authorities have allocated 4.4 GW of solar capacity at a rate of $0.0182/kWh in the nation’s latest energy auction, with solar plants accounting for approximately 99% of the assigned capacity.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: CNNC launches inverter procurement tender

China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC), a Chinese state-owned nuclear producer, has revealed plans to procure 1 GW of inverters, while Mubon High-Tech said it may scrap its plans to build a 5 GW heterojunction solar cell factory in China’s Anhui province.



BloombergNEF says global solar installations could hit 574 GW this year

BloombergNEF says in a new report that developers deployed 444 GW of new PV capacity throughout the world in 2023. It says new installations could reach 574 GW this year, 627 GW in 2025, and 880 GW in 2030.

Bifacial agrivoltaics for olive groves

A Spanish-Italian research team has investigated different system configurations for bifacial agrivoltaic solar arrays deployed in olive groves and has found that the solar modules’ tilt angle has a significant impact on power yield while their height plays a crucial role on increasing agricultural yield.

Panasonic presents air-to-water reversible heat pumps

The Japanese electronics manufacturer said its new heat pumps are suitable for commercial, industrial, and multi-dwelling residential applications. The new products feature a rated power ranging from 50 kW to 80 kW and a coefficient of performance spanning from 3.2 to 3.4.

Adani Green starts generating at world’s largest planned renewables park

Adani Green Energy Ltd. (AGEL) has switched on the first 551 MW section of solar capacity at a planned 30 GW renewable energy park in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Slovenia’s new solar additions hit 400 MW in 2023

Slovenia recorded 400 MW of new PV installations in 2023, taking its total installed capacity to 1.1 GW, according to figures from the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy.

New mounting system for east-west C&I PV systems

Netherlands-based Autarco has developed a new mounting structure for large PV modules in commercial and industrial arrays.



Triple-junction perovskite–perovskite–silicon solar cell achieves record-breaking efficiency of 24.4%

Developed by scientists in Germany, the triple-junction cell is based on a perovskite top cell with an energy bandgap of 1.84 eV, a perovskite middle cell with bandgap of 1.52 eV, and a silicon bottom cell with a bandgap of 1.1 eV. The device achieved an open-circuit voltage of 2.84 V, a short-circuit current of 11.6 mA cm–2, and a fill factor of 74%.

Trina Storage releases 4.07 MWh energy storage system

Trina Storage has developed a 4.07 MWh energy storage system featuring its in-house 306 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells, configured with 10 racks of four battery packs.

New ion implantation tech promises lower costs for TOPCon solar cells

A Japanese-German research team has fabricated a TOPCon PV device by replacing common ion implantation techniques with plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII). The resulting device showed almost the same efficiency as TOPCon cells produced with conventional Beam line ion implantation systems.

Sharp unveils vehicle-to-home EV charger for PV-powered homes

Sharp has developed vehicle-to-home (V2H) electric-vehicle chargers for PV-powered homes, featuring 6 kW of charging/discharging rated power and an input DC voltage of 340 V. The wall-mounted devices are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

US researchers develop 108 cm2 perovskite solar module with 19.21% efficiency

The scientists built the panel with perovskite solar cells treated with trifluoromethane sulfonate to combat iodide defects. The mini module reportedly achieved the highest efficiency ever recorded for its size to date, with the result being confirmed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

O&M strategies to improve efficiency of solar assets

People, equipment, construction and technology best practices can optimize performance.



Pahal Solar expanding PV module capacity to 1.8 GW

India's Pahal Solar says it is ramping up its solar module production capacity to 1.8 GW per year, from 800 MW at present.

Sharp unveils all-black 425 W TOPCon solar panel with 21.76% efficiency

Sharp’s new IEC61215- and IEC61730-certified solar panels have an operating temperature coefficient of -0.30% per degree Celsius, with 21.76% efficiency.

‘Sustainable’ module prices unlikely to fall further

PV manufacturing analysis is revealing that module prices can not “sustainably” fall significantly in 2024 without producers selling below cost. UK-based analysts Exawatt delivered the development last week, in a trend observed by Australian market participants.

Brazil’s solar panel imports hit 17.5 GW in 2023

PV module imports fell by 1% year on year in Brazil in 2023, according to a new report from solar consultancy Greener.

Solarcycle invests $344 million in solar factory

Solarcycle has invested $344 million in a solar manufacturing facility in Polk County, Georgia. The factory has been designed to use recycled materials from retired solar panels to produce new solar glass, positioning Solarcycle as one of the first manufacturers of specialized glass for crystalline-silicon PV in the US market.

U.S. startup advances solar perovskite thin film roll-to-roll coating

Verde Technologies, a U.S.-based spinoff of the University of Vermont specializing in single junction and all thin-film tandem perovskite solar technologies, has demonstrated that its coating processes are transferable to existing commercial roll-to-roll manufacturing lines in a project with compatriot manufacturer Verico Technology.

Energy Storage


Greece awards 300 MW in storage tender

The Greek authorities have awarded 300 MW of new battery storage capacity in the nation's second energy storage tender, split among 11 projects. The tender is part of the country’s 1 GW energy storage auction program.

Simulation model to determine coefficient of performance of air-source heat pumps

A Dutch research team has outlined a new method to assess the coefficient of performance of air-to-water heat pumps by considering ambient temperature and relative humidity. The model is based on the equalization of the so-called logarithmic mean temperature difference (LMTD), which determines the temperature driving force for heat transfer in flow systems such as heat exchangers.

US utility-scale solar capacity additions hit 36.4 GW in 2023

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) says it expects developers to install nearly 63 GW of utility-scale electricity capacity in the United States in 2024 – mostly a mix of solar and batteries. It notes that the nation added roughly 36.4 GW of solar in 2023.

Weekend Read: PV goes portable

Portable solar generators are making their way from the fringes of solar and energy storage to become a mainstream consumer item. The rise has been charged by a range of factors that have created massive brands. Where did the sector emerge from, who was buying before, who is buying now, and what’s next? Tristan Rayner reports.

The Hydrogen Stream: Wood Mackenzie calls for focus on life-cycle emissions

Wood Mackenzie has urged policymakers and companies to focus on the full life-cycle emissions of hydrogen, while a European Commission has revealed that a European business mission will visit Mauritania in March to explore hydrogen investment opportunities.

Survey highlights fire-detection, suppression issues in battery storage systems

A new Clean Energy Associates (CEA) survey shows that 26% of battery storage systems have fire-detection and fire-suppression issues, while about 18% face challenges with thermal management systems.

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