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Intersolar Liveblog 2024: Ban-Ki Moon, Cate Blanchett at ‘We Choose Earth Tour’

Our pv magazine newshounds are walking the floors in Munich today to bring you all the developments at Intersolar Europe 2024.
Markets & Policy

Floating solar power in Brazil provides opportunity for hydroelectric power plants

The Itaipu hydroelectric power plant could almost double its generation capacity if it were to install a large floating solar plant that would occupy only 10% of its 1,350-square-kilometer reservoir area, according to an estimate released by the energy c...

GCL says perovskite solar module passes silicon degradation tests

At Intersolar Europe, the Chinese manufacturer also said the perovskite-silicon tandem module would cost 50% of a crystalline silicon module that costs $0.15 per W, meaning $0.075 per W.

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Chinese manufacturer presents 200 Nm3/h alkaline electrolyzer at Intersolar

The Serie-C containerized alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production system, developed by China’s CPU Hydrogen Power Technology, boasts a hydrogen production of 200 Nm3/h, or up to 428 kg/24hr, with a purity of up to 99.999%. It has been presented...

German PV installations fell to 946 MW in May

The slight growth was mainly due to large commercial and ground-mounted systems. The Federal Network Agency also corrected new installation figures for April upwards from 1,040 to 1,177 MW.

Valmont Solar presents new tracking system

The manufacturer will release the system in Europe in early 2025. It is weld-free and supports single-string and multi-string configurations.

144 MW La Unión PV plant connected to Colombian grid

Spanish company Solarpack developed the $100 million photovoltaic plant in the municipality of Montería, located in the department of Córdoba. It's one of two large-scale solar park projects the company has in Colombia.
Markets & Policy

SMA lowers sales and earnings forecast for 2024

SMA Solar Technology AG is significantly lowering its forecast for the current fiscal year. Accordingly, sales are expected to be between €1.55 and €1.7 billion instead of between €1.95 and €2.22 billion. The new EBITDA target is €80 to €130 ...

Press Releases

Astronergy honored with “2024 Kiwa PVEL TOP Performer” at SNEC PV Power Expo

On the second day of the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China, Astronergy was proud to be awarded the “2024 Kiwa PVEL TOP Performer” for the eighth time. This recognition, based on Kiwa PVEL’s latest PV Module Reliability Scorecard, reaffirms Astronergy's commitment to product excellence.

2024 Huawei FusionSolar Strategy and Product Launch

During SNEC 2024, Huawei held the FusionSolar Strategy and Product Launch on June 12, attracting more than 600 participants that included global leaders, enterprise representatives, industry experts, and members of government agencies, associations, consulting institutions, and media in the energy, PV, and energy storage industries.

Breaking Boundaries: SOFAR’s Next-Gen Innovation Revolutionizes Energy Management at SNEC 2024

Shanghai, June 14, 2024 - SOFAR, the global leading provider of all-scenario PV & ESS solutions, unveils the latest SOFAR Cloud system at SNEC, marking another significant step towards fulfilling the solar and energy storage digital ecosystem. This plant monitoring and O&M system is set to redefine energy management with four major advantages.

JinkoSolar’s 182 mm TOPCon Module Reaches Highest Conversion Efficiency of 25.42%

SHANGRAO, China, June 11, 2024 -- JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced a significant breakthrough in the development of its N-type TOPCon solar module.

Opinion & Analysis


Solar dimming and brightening, and PV power plant output performance

Reliable assessment of the local solar radiation resource is a major component of large-scale PV power plant project development and financing. This assessment is usually based on the assumption that the long-term average annual solar radiation from previous years is not significantly different from the expected future solar resource availability. In many areas of the globe, the solar radiation availability in 2023 was considerably higher (up to 10-12%) than the long-term average, and this might be overshadowing the fact that a large fraction of utility-scale PV power plants is undeperforming.

2024 Outlook: What could La Niña mean for US solar this year?

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, describes the possible consequences for PV plan and grid operators of a possible switch to La Niña conditions in North America. These conditions lead to more hurricanes, convection and cloudiness in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in decreased solar irradiance. In contrast, the Atlantic coast of the USA has historically seen up to 5-10% above-average irradiance during summer months in previous La Niña events.

‘I’m proud to work for a company led by a woman’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Aleksandra Gabryjalowicz-Watla, Head of Partnerships Wind & Solar Germanyat Statkraft Erneuerbare GmbH. She explains how being out “in the field” may mean more exposion to occasional opposition or bias, but she also says how to properly react to bias or even disrespect.

‘Addressing the gender gap requires a bottom-up approach, beginning with recognition and regulation’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Giorgia Epicoco, Senior EU Affairs Manager | Sustainability Lead at Huawei. She believes that the renewable energy sector is now poised to welcome a growing number of talented female professionals in technical, sales, marketing, operations, logistics, and public affairs roles. “However, reaching top-level positions isn’t feasible for everyone, and this is where skills development becomes crucial,” she warned.

Western Europe cloudy while East sees solar gains in May

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that, thanks to warm temperatures and relatively sunny skies, Finland and Sweden had irradiance up to 30%, which unusually resulted in higher total irradiance than the more southerly UK and France. On the other side of the Baltic Sea, Poland, the Baltic States, and neighbouring countries also experienced irradiance up to 30% above the long-term average.

Solar cell prices hold steady in quiet market

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Markets & Policy


SolReina’s patented solar window wins best protected invention award in Spain

The windows, composed of glass-glass BIPV panels with thermal and acoustic insulation, are designed for use on building exteriors. They can generate between 150 and 225 W/m2. While currently manufactured and marketed in Spain, they may soon be available in Germany.

Nepal opens tender for grid-connected solar projects

State-owned Nepal Electricity Authority is requesting proposals for the development of grid-connected solar projects across the country. The maximum total capacity available under the tender is 800 MW. The deadline to submit proposals is July 9.

Tesla launches Powerwall 3 in UK & Germany

Almost ten years after the “Powerwall 1,” US EV giant Tesla has launched its home battery system, Powerwall 3, in the United Kingdom and Germany. The Powerwall 3 is being officially presented at The smarter E Europe this week.

U.S. grid-scale storage grows 84%, residential storage 48%

Wood Mackenzie reported large growth in Q1 year-over-year for grid-scale storage and residential storage in the USA, while commercial and industrial storage slowed.

Intersolar Liveblog 2024: SMA wins The smarter E Award for Sunny Central Flex platform

Eco Stor: Online calculator determines energy transition storage requirements

The “Dunkelflaute” is a bogeyman for the energy sector, but a new tool from the German-Norwegian storage provider can now determine exactly which storage capacities and how many reserve power plants are needed in order to be on the safe side even in phases with little PV and wind power.



Dynamic modeling for building-integrated photovoltaic-thermal systems

Researchers in the Middle East have conducted a series of simulations to assess the technical and economical feasibility of building-integrated photovoltaic-thermal systems. The proposed framework could apply to various building types and geographical locations.

Drones used to plan mountain solar park in Switzerland

The SLF research institute recently completed a survey on the Bernina Pass commissioned by a PV system design company that wants to build a solar park there. Measuring snow with drones makes it possible to identify the most suitable terrain and just a few meters to the left or right can makes a difference.

Fraunhofer ISE switching to medium voltage for resource efficiency in PV plants

Enormous quantities of raw materials, such as copper and aluminum cables, are required for energy system conversion when connecting renewable generators to the grid. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE sees a huge potential for savings with higher system voltages and is planning its first pilot PV power plants with this technology.

My-PV’s new SOL•THOR uses photovoltaics to generate heat

The device can be connected directly to a solar generator without an inverter and can control heating elements or electric boilers.

DMEGC releases 440-460 W bifacial solar modules based on rectangular wafers at Intersolar

DMEGC Solar says its new solar panels combine a double-glass design with half-cut n-type cell technology. It says the efficiency ratings range from 22.0% to 23.0%.

Viessmann launches air-water heat pump for larger residential, commercial buildings

The Vitocal 250-A Pro boasts a flow temperature of up to 70 C, a heating output of up to 39.5 kW and a cooling output of up to 21.7 kW and according to the German manufacturer, it is one of the quietest of its kind on the market. Its coefficient of performance is 5.6.



U.S. scientists develop silver-free PEDOT:PSS adhesive for shingled solar cells

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have developed a new silver-free adhesive for shingled solar cells. The novel adhesive is based the PEDOT:PSS polymer and can reportedly reduce silver consumption to approximately 6.3 mg/W.

Sunmaxx PVT, Oxford PV present perovskite-silicon tandem solar thermal module with 80% overall efficiency

The new photovoltaic-thermal module, presented for the first time on the first day of Intersolar 2024, has a record electrical efficiency of 26.6% and thermal efficiency of 53.4%. The electrical output of the module with 6cm x 10cm M6 cells is 433 W.

Aiko presents ABC solar module with world record efficiency of 25.2% at Intersolar

The Chinese back contact module maker said its new products rely on the company’s all-back-contact (ABC) cell technology and feature a temperature coefficient of -0.26% per C.

Chinese researchers develop 28-µm silicon solar cell with 20% efficiency, 0% breakage rate

A research team in China has developed a novel thin-silicon wafer reinforced ring (TSRR) to protect ultra-thin wafers and solar cells during production. This technique consists of applying the ring at the edge of thin wafers and is compatible with all silicon solar module technology.

Swedish startup unveils tape-based stringer for back contact solar modules

Sticky Solar Power is taking orders for industrial-scale versions of its novel room-temperature cell interconnection system, which is reportedly well-suited for back-contact (xBC), perovskite, and heterojunction cell technologies.

U.S. startup claims doubled energy per acre with terrain-following solar array

California startup Planted Solar uses construction robots and high-density arrays to deliver what the company says are higher energy outputs and lower balance of system costs.



Axial launches new dual-row tracker AxialTracker SlopeSync

The new tracker incorporates cardan joint technology along its main axis of rotation, which allows each section of torque tube to have a different inclination or slope while maintaining the continuity of the rotation and rotation of the PV modules.

Nextracker expands U.S. manufacturing with Unimacts

Owned by Unimacts and located near Las Vegas, the factory will produce steel components exclusively for Nextracker, bringing the tracker specialist’s annual domestic solar tracker capacity to over 30 GW.

India’s Gautam Solar showcases TOPCon glass-glass bifacial panels at Intersolar

Gautam Solar’s TOPCon glass-glass bifacial panels are available in power range of 580 Wp to 590 Wp with maximum efficiency up to 22.84%.

Maxeon initiates unitary patent infringement lawsuit against Aiko, partners

Alongside the new lawsuit, which has been filed in Germany, Maxeon has announced it is appealing a preliminary injunction decision recently made by a court in the Netherlands over an ongoing patent dispute with Aiko.

CPX and PanelClaw announce brand merge

The two companies will continue operations under the name PanelClaw, as they set out ambition to support commercial and industrial rooftop customers in both the United States and Europe, then eventually worldwide.

Canon unveils passivation material to improve perovskite solar cell durability

Canon has announced a new functional material for perovskite thin film passivation that potentially improves durability of perovskite solar cells while enabling a mass-production process. The Japanese company aims to start commercial production of the material in 2025.

Energy Storage


Australia: Drilling survey offers positive assessment for 120 GWh pumped hydro project

Plans to build a 5 GW/120 GWh pumped hydro energy storage system in Queensland’s Pioneer Valley have received a positive boost with geotechnical investigations revealing the site is ideally suited for dam and tunnel construction.

FRV to invest some $5 billion in 2 GW of green hydrogen capacity in Brazil

FRV is one of a number of companies that has already signed contracts with the Ceará government for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives in the state. Its H2 Cumbuco project is set to expand to 2 GW of electrolyzer capacity in two phases. The project will use residual urban water treated by the local sanitation company.

Fire in a battery container causes €700,000 in damage in Germany

The cause of the battery container fire in Thuringia, Germany, is still unclear. The damage caused is enormous.

The Hydrogen Stream: PV-wind hybrids cut LCOH by 70%

Portuguese and Italian researchers have shown that the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) is lower onshore and that PV-wind configurations reduce the LCOH up to 70%, while Lhyfe says it has started collaborating on a hydrogen storage project.

Peer-to-peer energy trading framework for residential buildings

Scientists in the UK developed a controller for B2B trading platform that considers thermal and visual comfort. Their modeling shows that participating in local energy trading increases the robustness of the control systems in residential microgrids in face of uncertainty in the occupant comfort level.

55 MWh battery storage system goes live in Bulgaria

Billed as the largest operating battery energy storage system in Bulgaria to date, the 25 MW/55 MWh facility, developed by Austria’s Renalfa IPP, came online at the start of the month.

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