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EU set to dig into raw materials supply

The European Union has drawn up new regulations to boost the domestic mining of raw materials and support production of renewable energy products and materials at home. Will it be enough to incentivize investment, or will Europe trail other major economies, such as the United States and China?
Energy Storage

The Hydrogen Stream: Lower costs needed for competitive green hydrogen

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research has provided figures for the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCoH) for major projects in the Netherlands, while Meld Energy says it is moving forward with its hydrogen plans in England.

Longi claims 34.6% efficiency for perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell

The European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) has confirmed Longi's achievement of a world record-breaking efficiency rating of 34.6% for a perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell.

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Markets & Policy

Valencia using PV trees to recharge small electric vehicles, mobile devices

The city of Valencia, Spain, has installed solar trees to recharge small electric vehicles and mobile devices, with a total investment of about €370,000 ($395,600). Each solar tree can generate up to 5,600 kWh per year.
Energy Storage

Marstek unveils plug-in balcony solar with AC-coupled storage at SNEC

A new manufacturer is entering the PV market. Marstek initially focused on power banks, but is now showcasing a range of products for the booming DIY solar market, including a user-friendly, AC-coupled battery solution for balconies.

Long-duration stability of perovskite solar cells

US scientists have analyzed the impact of "seasoning" a formamidinium lead iodide solution with two-dimensional (2D) perovskites. They have found that the template improved the efficiency and durability of their solar cells.

AI in photovoltaic systems

Researchers from Chinese and Malaysian universities have compared studies demonstrating the use of artificial intelligence to solve PV integration problems. They say that AI will bring revolutionary improvements in the efficiency, reliability and predict...
Markets & Policy

Two solar leaders plan 5 GW solar module factory in U.S.

The two companies have partnered on a new venture that will bring 5 GW of solar cells and 5 GW of solar modules to U.S. and EU markets.

Press Releases

JinkoSolar’s 182 mm TOPCon Module Reaches Highest Conversion Efficiency of 25.42%

SHANGRAO, China, June 11, 2024 -- JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced a significant breakthrough in the development of its N-type TOPCon solar module.

Dyness Set to Make Waves at Intersolar Europe 2024 with Breakthrough Energy Storage Solution

Dyness, a global innovator in energy storage system solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in Intersolar Europe 2024, a premier global event for the solar industry. The exhibition will be held from June 19th to 21st at Messe München in Germany.

Hanersun Wins PVBL “World’s Top 100 Solar PV Brands” and More Industry Awards

On June 11, Hanersun attended the 9th Annual Century Photovoltaic Conference and the 12th Global PV Brand Rankings Announcement Ceremony, co-hosted by Century New Energy Network and Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL). At the conference, Hanersun won three awards as "World's Top 100 Solar PV Brands," "Best Solar PV Brand Promotion Award," and "Fastest Growing Company in Global PV&ES Industry," highlighting its steady growth, innovative strength, and excellent brand reputation.

Growatt inverter series now approved in Austria

Friedrichsdorf, Germany - Growatt, a leading global provider of decentralized energy solutions, is pleased to announce the approval and inclusion in the Österreich Energie inverter list for its three-phase inverter series for the Austrian market. The MID 11-30KTL3-XH and MOD 3-15KTL3-XH models are newly approved alongside the already approved SPH 4000-10000TL3 BH-UP.

Opinion & Analysis


2024 Outlook: What could La Niña mean for US solar this year?

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, describes the possible consequences for PV plan and grid operators of a possible switch to La Niña conditions in North America. These conditions lead to more hurricanes, convection and cloudiness in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in decreased solar irradiance. In contrast, the Atlantic coast of the USA has historically seen up to 5-10% above-average irradiance during summer months in previous La Niña events.

‘I’m proud to work for a company led by a woman’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Aleksandra Gabryjalowicz-Watla, Head of Partnerships Wind & Solar Germanyat Statkraft Erneuerbare GmbH. She explains how being out “in the field” may mean more exposion to occasional opposition or bias, but she also says how to properly react to bias or even disrespect.

‘Addressing the gender gap requires a bottom-up approach, beginning with recognition and regulation’

This week, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to Giorgia Epicoco, Senior EU Affairs Manager | Sustainability Lead at Huawei. She believes that the renewable energy sector is now poised to welcome a growing number of talented female professionals in technical, sales, marketing, operations, logistics, and public affairs roles. “However, reaching top-level positions isn’t feasible for everyone, and this is where skills development becomes crucial,” she warned.

Western Europe cloudy while East sees solar gains in May

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that, thanks to warm temperatures and relatively sunny skies, Finland and Sweden had irradiance up to 30%, which unusually resulted in higher total irradiance than the more southerly UK and France. On the other side of the Baltic Sea, Poland, the Baltic States, and neighbouring countries also experienced irradiance up to 30% above the long-term average.

Solar cell prices hold steady in quiet market

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

IEC lays ground for flexible silicon solar module standards

In its second monthly column for pv magazine, the IEC highlights the research on flexible crystalline silicon solar cells led by researcher Zhengxin Liu, the Vice Chair of IEC Technical Committee 82, which prepares standards for solar PV energy systems.

Markets & Policy


Enpal, Entrix reveal plans for Europe’s biggest VPP

Enpal and Entrix aim to build Europe’s largest virtual power plant (VPP) via their new Flexa joint venture. They plan to integrate PV systems and other decentralized energy producers and consumers into a multi-gigawatt network with an AI-powered electricity trading platform.

Cliantech Solutions to supply 1.2 GW automated production line for Alpex Solar

Cliantech Solutions says it will install a 1.2 GW,Cliantech to supply 1.2 GW automated production line for Alpex Solar
fully automated solar panel production line for Alpex Solar’s new factory in India.

Study estimates global floating solar potential at 1,302 TWh

A UK-based research team has calculated the global potential of deploying floating solar arrays on almost 68,000 lakes and reservoirs. It found some countries could generate the majority of their electricity needs from floating solar panels, while five could meet all their electricity demand.

UK flexibility service set for year-round commercial rollout

Electricity system operator (ESO) plans to expand Demand Flexibility Service, financially rewarding consumers and businesses in Great Britain for reducing consumption at times of peak demand.

Austria offers €17.9 million to fund storage

The Austrian authorities have offered €17.9 million ($19 million) to fund medium-sized electricity storage systems, with €10 million from the climate action protection ministry and €7.9 million from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Highview Power to build 300 MWh liquid air storage plant in UK

Construction to begin imminently at commercial-scale liquid air energy storage (LAES) plant in the United Kingdom. Major investors include Centrica, which joins as a strategic partner.



Colombian developer switches on 83 MW of solar

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) has started operating an 83 MW solar project in Caldas, Colombia.

SNCF Energie, Neoen tie up on 172 GWh of annual solar capacity

SNCF Energie, a unit of French railway group SNCF, has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Neoen for 172 GWh of annual solar power. The deal supports financing for a new 139 MWp solar park set to start operations in 2028, alongside 150 hectares of land for sheep farming.

Hoymiles launches 5 kW three-phase microinverter at SNEC

The Chinese manufacturer claims its new MIT-5000-8T product is currently the largest and the most efficient microinverter on the market. It can accomodate eight solar modules and is said to be particularly suitable for large-size residential PV systems or commercial applications.

Gree presents photovoltaic DC air conditioner at SNEC

The Chinese manufacturer said its new photovoltaic air conditioner is available in three versions with a cooling capacity ranging from 12.1 kW to 16 kW and a heating capacity of 14 kW to 18 kW. It can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Strawberry agrivoltaic project combines PV, shade screens, rainwater harvesting

Insolight, an agrivoltaic specialist, has inaugurated a 3,000 sqm greenhouse project for a strawberry farm in France. The facility combines solar panels, shade screens, and rainwater harvesting.

Commercial perovskite solar modules at SNEC 2024 trade show

China’s Utmo Light showcased its first full perovskite PV module at this week’s SNEC PV trade fair in Shanghai, underscoring the technology’s ongoing shift toward commercialization.


MPPT-based photovoltaic micro-power system with tracking accuracy of 99.25%

Conceived for use in wearable electronics, the micro-power system utilizes a MPPT structure based on a customized FOCV algorithm, a DC-DC converter, a load or a rechargeable battery, a flowchart of MPPT, and a microcontroller.

Semitransparent organic cell achieves bifaciality factor of 99.1%

A team of researchers from two Chinese universities achieved a bifaciality factor of 99.1% with a semitransparent organic cell, the highest reported bifacial factor in such cells to date. The cell also achieved a power conversion efficiency of 12.5% and an average visible light transmittance of 22.9%.

Maxeon reveals minimized risk of hotspots in IBC solar panels

Maxeon’s Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar panels were found to disperse heat evenly, leading to lower operating temperatures in the shade and reduced degradation.

Soltec launches specially designed floating PV tracker

Soltec has developed a floating PV tracker with pumps in the central tank for mobility and ballast, enabling operation in wind gusts above 100 km/h.

Zirconium-doped indium oxide electrodes for heterojunction solar cells

A research team including scientists from Italian module manufacturer 3Sun has tested new zirconium-doped indium oxide electrodes in commercial heterojunction solar modules. The new electrodes reportedly achieve the same performance as their counterparts based on indium tin oxide and paves the way for lower indium consumption in heterojunction products.

JinkoSolar hits highest conversion efficiency with 182 mm TOPCon module

JinkoSolar says its 182 mm tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar module has achieved a conversion efficiency of 25.42%.



U.S. startup plans perovskite solar factory

Swift Solar, a specialist in perovskite tandem photovoltaics, plans to build a factory in the U.S. in the next two to three years to manufacture thin-film solar.

Rectangular wing vortex generators for solar module cooling

University of New South Wales researchers have created vortex generators that can reportedly reduce the operating solar module temperature by up to 2.5 C. They built two different prototypes, based on aluminum and a conductive 3D printable polymer, and tested them under several scenarios in an experimental setting deployed in Sydney.

Heliatek develops lightweight organic PV module for low load-bearing roofs, facades

German organic PV manufacturer Heliatek has announced a new series of lightweight modules. The Heliasol 436-2000-CFE-45-600V panels are IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certified and have a 20-year lifetime warranty.

Modular solar solution helps mining operation shift to renewables

Modular solar specialist 5B’s pre-assembled and relocatable Maverick solar solution has been unfolded in another off-grid hybrid renewable energy project as the decarbonisation of Australia’s mining sector continues.

More states in the U.S. now require smart inverters, enabling more distributed solar

Pennsylvania and Minnesota have joined six other states in requiring smart inverters for distributed solar and storage. Certain utilities in 13 states and Puerto Rico also require smart inverters, while six states are considering the requirement. Smart inverters enable more solar on distribution circuits.

Optimized antimony trisulfide solar cells may reach 11.68% efficiency

An international research group has analyzed the most important barriers preventing antimony trisulfide solar cells from reaching satifsfying power conversion efficiencies and has suggested a series of optimization parameters that could get them closer to commercial production.

Energy Storage


French startup unveils plug-and-play PV

France's Sunology says its new Play Max system is "the world's first plug-and-play station with an integrated modular battery."

Australian developer opts for longer battery duration to boost project economics

Renewables developer Frontier Energy has boosted the storage duration of its 80 MW Waroona Renewable battery by 12% to 4.5 hours

European battery market growth to drop off amid falling electricity prices

The latest analysis from SolarPower Europe reveals that, in 2023, Europe installed 17.2 GWh of new battery energy storage systems (BESS), up from up from 8.8 GW in 2022. While this marks the third consecutive year of doubling the annual market, much slower growth is expected in the years to come.

Solarwatt presents DC version of Battery flex PV storage system

Solarwatt says it has developed a DC version of its Battery flex PV storage system. The new version offers backup power and is optimized for the Steca SolBrid hybrid inverter.

Warehouse rooftop solar, batteries could unlock 28 GW in Australia

Nexa Advisory says sluggish rooftop solar and battery storage uptake by businesses in the Australian state of New South Wales points to a 7 GW missed opportunity, and 28 GW nationally.

Home office, schooling helped distributed PV address duck curve challenge during Covid-19 crisis

New research from the United Kingdom shows how during the Covid-19 crisis homeowners relying on PV and storage were able to considerably reduce grid electricity reliance, while increasing self-consumption rates. The analysis included 100 houses equipped with solar arrays ranging in output from 1.71 kW to 4.86 kW and batteries ranging from 2.5 kW to 3.3 kW.

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