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Since 2015, pv magazine Webinars are a neutral platform where to have trusted conversations and share knowledge. We work with our partners to deliver our participants an informative and engaging webinar experience. Our webinars are thematically oriented and do not serve the purpose of sales.

Below you can find our upcoming webinars as well as browse through our past webinar recordings.

Registration for pv magazine Webinars is free of charge. We look forward to your participation and critical feedback! Please send your questions and proposals to [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

Going big on back contact

Back contact cell designs can be combined with many other PV manufacturing innovations, to push cell efficiency and module power beyond current limitations. In this pv magazine Webinar, we take a closer look at Chinese manufacturing giant Longi Solar’s latest product, incorporating hybrid passivated back contact (HPBC) cell technology, and a wealth of other innovations.

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Unlocking Solar Project Success: Best Practices for Selecting the Right Tracker System

In this pv magazine Webinar, we will explore how advanced tracker technology can improve both the longterm return on investment for solar in the region and help future-proof projects as weather conditions grow more extreme.

Past Webinars

What are the benefits of “Made in Germany” for inverters?

Recent discussions about a “resilience bonus” for EU-manufactured PV modules have highlighted the challenges of regaining lost ground once expertise and production capacity have shifted to Asia. But in inverters, the case is much stronger for the ongoing production successes and quality. And, the new blueplanet 100 NX3/125 NX3 commercial inverter series from Kaco delivers on this promise.

Next-generation whole home backup and off-grid support

In this pv magazine Webinar, we will discuss about the Delta Pro Ultra battery and the company’s updated Smart Home Panel 2, reviewing key features and technological advancements.

Aerial thermography for analyzing solar asset health

In this pv magazine Webinar, we explore whether thermography can effectively replace IV curve tracing for solar diagnostics and inspection and learn what roles IV curve tracing can serve as a tool in the toolbox.

Racking and trackers: quality issues in the factory and design considerations for utility-scale solar installations

Utility-scale solar projects continue to face challenges with energy yield and premature equipment failures. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will discuss common issues during production, what the downstream impact of those issues are, and action that can be taken to prevent these risks.

Advanced solution for C&I energy storage

In this pv magazine Webinar we’ll hear about SigenStor battery systems that can be easily installed, expanded, and retrofitted to existing solar systems – making them uniquely dynamic.

Procuring bankable PV and energy storage as a complete solution

Rescheduled pv magazine Webinar, we will learn how developers can mitigate supply chain risk by procuring from one supplier.

Real-world case study and solar business growth outcomes from predictive analytics

In this pv magazine Webinar we’ll explore the reality of AI and automation, and its outcomes on the solar industry from more than 5GW of C&I and utility solar under management. Our webinar partner, SmartHelio, a solar software company, will showcase their predictive analytics method, illustrating tangible improvements in PV performance, operational efficiency, and business growth through a client case study.

Solar solutions for low-load bearing and tricky commercial roofs

Sunman has brought up a one of a kind installation crystalline silicon PV module-eArc, a great solution for both of the costly and disruptive problems asset owners face today. In this pv magazine Webinar it will be discussed how Sunman’s technology can enable solar installations on structurally limited C&I roofs.

Raising the bar on battery energy storage safety

In this pv magazine webinar, we will discuss the latest battery energy storage system design trends along with addressing the perceived safety concerns.

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