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Past webinars

Past webinars

Reducing Solar Performance Uncertainty

Tuesday January 31 at 10am (PST)

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Vaisala’s presentation

The uncertainty of solar performance is a constant source for snide remarks by opponents of renewable energy. But it is also a fact that hounds developers of utility scale PV projects, and especially in the pre-construction period when financing is being secured it is necessary to reduce project uncertainty.

What are the steps a developer can take to improve their odds? pv magazine editor Christian Roselund will discuss this with a Vaisala’s Gwendalyn Bender, an expert for solar assessment services, in our third free webinar powered by Vaisala.

Bender and Roselund will take a deep dive into the steps a developer has control over to reduce the uncertainty of their solar energy assessments thus increase their odds at getting a PPA or financing agreement with positive terms. Developers have direct influence over factors such as:

– Quality of the resource assessment
– The equipment chosen
– The EPC chosen (if applicable)
– How the energy assessment is performed

Other factors such as location have a major impact on the viability of a project and must also be taken into account. Due to the complexity of this presentation, participants of the webinar should have a general knowledge of project development, because this will get into the details of how to improve results. Participants will receive FREE access to Vaisala’s solar resource data base through new online tools for two weeks.

Our co-presenter on this webinar is First Solar’s Lauren Ngan. Ngan will be providing information on reducing project output uncertainty, including a look at the company’s performance management software.

Best Practices for PV Project Development

Monday January 23 at 3pm (CST)

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Vaisala’s presentation

Kipp & Zonen presentation

Description: Successful local developers of utility scale projects and well-known international developers inevitably follow the same procedures to build a new plant. The guidelines for early stage utility-scale project development that set up project developers for success are the topic of our second webinar with initiative partner Vaisala. We aim for a better understanding of the standard development processes, because it will be particularly useful for developers if they are interacting with international financiers.

In this webinar, pv magazine editor Christian Roselund will discuss with Vaisala Head of Solar Product Development Gwendalyn Bender the phases of PV project development:

– Location prospecting (using online tools)
– Developing a site (ground station data, equipment selection, etc)
– Financing (bankable energy assessment).

They will define the phases, discuss issues with uncertainty and provide guidance on what the “gold standard” for development looks like internationally, as well as exploring where local practicalities can also come into play.

As a participant of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand or during the webinar.

Reducing Costs with Smart Maintenance in Solar Asset Management

Thursday January 19 at 4pm (CET)

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Vaisala’s presentation

3megawatt presentation

Description: The pressure on owners and operators of large PV projects to enhance the output and to reduce the cost of operations and maintenance has never been greater. Our first of three free webinars with global weather measurement and resource assessment provider Vaisala will give you practical ideas for improving asset management of existing plants, including opportunities to learn from best practices in solar asset management and discuss with experts how to provide smarter maintenance.

As part of this webinar Vaisala Head of Solar Product Development Gwendalyn Bender will give a tour of the use of resource data from real-time satellite datasets and ground stations to perform continuous performance checks. This will allow for preventative and proactive maintenance campaigns, rather than just adhering to a set schedule or waiting for something to break. Bender will also provide examples of how forecasting can be used to schedule maintenance events such as cleaning or snow removal on a cost/benefit basis.

Our co-presenter on this webinar is Edmée Kelsey from 3megawatt, a provider of solar asset management software that can utilize the resource data Vaisala is providing. Kelsay will explain how to integrate it with your production analysis and contract management, as well as providing examples of how asset management software can help streamline the operations business for better cost management.

The webinar is moderated by pv magazine editor Christian Roselund. It will include an opportunity to ask questions about meteorology and asset management, and questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window.