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Since 2015, pv magazine Webinars are a neutral platform where to have trusted conversations and share knowledge. We work with our partners to deliver our participants an informative and engaging webinar experience. Our webinars are thematically oriented and do not serve the purpose of sales.

Below you can find our upcoming webinars as well as browse through our past webinar recordings.

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Upcoming Webinars

Where are we headed with off-grid PV?

An increasing number of people choose to design their PV system so it can be used even when the grid power has gone – as a back-up, so to speak. But there are markets where off-grid PV is not the back-up solution, but it is the primary source of power. There are numerous examples ranging from holiday homes and house boats in the south of Europe, to remote farmhouses, and rural regions in Africa and Asia where people don’t always have grid access. To this end, our webinar partner Solis has introduced its latest off-grid inverter which kicks into life at a mere 500 V input voltage.

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Solar Portfolio Management – The next innovation in project planning

Regularly working with spreadsheets for solar project and portfolio management can be challenging, inefficient, and hinder collaboration efforts and transparency. Until recently, most project development documents were kept in separate silos, updates were difficult to share, and important changes were sometimes missed altogether.
That picture is changing for the solar industry with the introduction of project management software. With ATLAS, a portfolio management software, FTC Solar is promising to offer the solar industry a “single point of truth” solution.

Why TOPCon is leading the n-type market breakthrough

This year has seen a raft of developments in n-type technology, as the PV manufacturing industry looks to keep both efficiency and long-term performance figures rising. There are a few different cell technologies gaining ground under the banner of n-type, however, tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) looks set to be first to gain a real share of the module market. In this pv magazine Webinar, we analyze market trends and the potential for TOPCon over the coming years, and take a closer look at some of the technological developments allowing this. Chinese manufacturer Jolywood will share details of its technological progress and impressive expansion plans for TOPCon, as well as the increased reliability that allowed it to partner with insurance provider Munich Re to offer 30 years of warranty protection to customers.

Field forensics and analysis for optimal solar asset performance

Forensic analysis provides a wide range of insights, from performance history to soiling, from weather events to wash cycles, and many more. Through testing, tracing and inspection, field forensics can help plant owners make better use of their solar assets. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will learn about field forensics and forensic analysis and discuss the process of action planning, underperformance attribution, and solutions engineering.

O Green New World – What’s ahead for large-scale projects in Australia?

In this pv magazine Webinar, we will be joined by leading industry professionals with experience across every aspect of Australia’s multifaceted large-scale solar market, considering the current state of affairs and the challenges facing a new wave of large-scale development Down Under, the next phase of large-scale development driven by energy storage and green hydrogen and the new world of big modules and innovative designs, and off-grid solutions.

Driving Safe and Cost-Effective Solar Architecture Through Circuit Protection

Solar-specific fuses have been developed to operate reliably in varying weather conditions and different times of day, both of which cause fluctuating levels of panel power generation and inconsistent levels of electrical current. They are also designed to cover a wider array of temperature fluctuations. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will learn about the role solar fuses play in projects, as well as how solar fuses are unique compared to general-purpose fuses and how to properly size solar fuses to increase efficiency.

Past Webinars

Understanding PV Fire Risk: Is Your Commercial Rooftop Safe?

Most of PV fire risks can be readily identified and resolved. If not done so promptly, however, they may result in fires, creating a safety hazard and potential liability that can be costly. In this pv magazine Webinar, CEA goes through some of the most common issues found on site and the resulting safety risk potential.

Fast grid-scale storage project delivery – Technology supplier takes on technical consultancy service

In this pv magazine Webinar, we discuss the advantages of supplying technology and technical consultancy both from one company. We will look at the grid study Sungrow has carried out to prepare its customers to deliver Dynamic Containment and discuss whether such support will be needed for other grid stability products, as well.

Powering the future with NEO n-type TOPCon

Recent years have seen PV manufacturers edge closer to the limits in conversion efficiency that can be achieved with the currently mainstream p-type PERC technology. In the push for ever-improving cell and module performance, many are now looking to bring TOPCon and other n-type cell technologies into mainstream production. In this pv magazine Webinar, we take a closer look at JinkoSolar’s latest Tiger NEO product range, and examine the recent developments with n-type products and their proven potential to keep efficiency figures rising, and the cost of PV energy falling.

Reasons for repowering

In many of the world’s more mature PV markets, repowering – the replacement or upgrade of all or part of an existing PV system – is an increasingly common strategy for asset owners looking to boost their returns or overcome performance issues caused by aging components. There is, however, much more to consider than simply hardware replacement, and various risks that need to be managed. In this pv magazine Webinar, SMA introduces services it has developed specifically for the repowering market, and takes us through the whole process via examples from successful projects.

Purchasing modules in 2022 – What should be in your purchase contract?

Join this pv magazine Webinar for a discussion about what elements should be placed into a purchase agreement, from adequate quality requirements to emerging supply chain requirements, and what support you can get from an accredited inspection body to ensure high quality PV module manufacturing and delivery.

PV on the northern roof – a proposition for the cold season

In this pv magazine Webinar, Sungrow will show a range of case studies exemplifying when and where it makes sense to also utilize the northern side of the roof. We will discuss the sizing of the generator and run through a few examples of such installations in Europe, analyzing the costs in each region and for each use-case.

Tracker Development Solutions that increase reliability and reduce O&M costs

Join this pv magazine Webinar to discover more about how solar tracking technology improves through every generation of products: from optimizations of software to lower failure rates, how R&D and quality control improvements work to reduce costs and downtime, and how plants are designed right from the initial phase to deliver a full life cycle. Also on the webinar agenda, an independent expert looks holistically at understanding industry best preventative maintenance approaches that lead to effective operational performance.

Nueva tecnología de inversores e insights de O&M: optimización del servicio y reducción de costes

Lograr el mejor equilibrio entre coste y rendimiento es el punto clave a la hora de planificar y operar una planta de energía solar fotovoltaica. En este seminario web de pv magazine, Ingeteam presentará su nuevo inversor central, el Ingecon Sun 3Power C Series. Además de una alta densidad de potencia y un sistema de refrigeración líquida en circuito cerrado que hasta ahora solo estaba disponible en los convertidores de potencia de Ingeteam para otras aplicaciones, el inversor incorpora inteligencia artificial y otras características que prometen optimizar los servicios de O&M y reducir los costes a lo largo de toda la vida útil de un sistema fotovoltaico.

5 key challenges for commercial battery systems

For industrial and commercial applications, battery energy storage systems should be highly flexible to scale, safe, and easy to install. They should also have favorable operating costs, allow for great financial savings, and guarantee a high level of resilience. In this pv magazine Webinar, Socomec will discuss how its new SUNSYS HES L system ticks all these boxes.

Can N-type modules conquer the project market?

Join this pv magazine Webinar to learn about the factors that have led to JinkoSolar’s decision to switch to N-type cells, Jinko’s N-type expansion plans, planned products, and the company’s transition strategy.

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