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Energy Storage

Azelio launches electro-thermal storage system for commercial applications

Developed by Swedish manufacturer Azelio, the system stores renewable energy in recycled aluminum and has an electrical and thermal energy output, with a total efficiency of 90 %. One unit’s storage capacity reaches 165 kWh of electrical output and on top of that thermal energy between 55-65 degrees Celsius. Its modular configuration allows the deployment of projects with a capacity of up to 100 MW.

China can ensure a 1.5C world – and continue to dominate the global clean energy supply chain

A report by the IEA laying out two routes for China to reach net zero attempts to persuade policymakers to gun for that goal by 2050, rather than ten years later, and dangles the prospect of continued global dominance as the main reward on offer.

M-Tec launches modular battery with integrated hybrid inverter

The modular battery can be cascaded up to 30.7 kWh of storage capacity. The Energy Butler is a storage kit made up of up to eight modules.


Hybrid fuel cell-battery storage system for solar applications

Scientists in Thailand have built a hybrid system based on a 3 kW fuel cell and a 50 kWh lead-acid battery that is intended for storing solar power. They also sought to identify the best DC coupling voltage between the two devices in order to optimize their combined performance.


US developer lands $1.75m deal for Nigerian mini-grids

Former start-up Husk, which originally based its business on renewables powered by rice industry waste products, has agreed to develop seven solar-plus-storage mini-grids across rural communities in Nasarawa state.

Broadband in Sierra Leone capital to be powered by off-grid solar-plus-storage

A 1.2 MW solar plant and ‘up to 2 MWh’ energy storage system will replace generators to power the city broadband network in Freetown from mid next year.

The Hydrogen Stream: Indian group makes bold green hydrogen claim as plans emerge for production capacity in Spain

The renewables-powered sustainable hydrogen announcements have come as a group of international researchers made controversial claims about the potential of gas-fired blue hydrogen to be part of the climate change solution.


Energy storage projects can apply for inclusion in Euro network plan

Electricity transmission system operators from 35 European countries have opened the call for new storage and long-distance network projects that wish to be included in their next, Europe-wide ten-year grid development plan.

Fresh call for twice-yearly renewables auctions in the UK

A report published today states the British grid needs to become more flexible at a faster pace to stay on track for a net-zero 2050 and called for time-of-use electricity tariffs and for the government to stop dragging its heels on issues such as EV charging.

The Hydrogen Stream: New fuel cell tech for uncrewed ships, and a solar-powered hydrogen valley in southern Italy

A printed circuit board-based hydrogen fuel cell for use in autonomous boats and ships has been engineered by a British consortium, and Italian energy companies Snam and Edison want to set up a 220 MW green hydrogen production plant powered by 380 MW of solar in Apulia.

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