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Balance of Systems

Israeli startup launches agrivoltaic pilot in desert with double-axis sun tracking

Agri-Light has launched its first pilot agrivoltaic project, using a two-axis solar installation on a rail system to move solar panels horizontally above a vineyard in the Negev Desert. The results are due this summer, and the company plans to build commercial projects in Israel and Spain next year.


Pontoon-type structure for offshore floating photovoltaics

Researchers in China have developed a floating structure for offshore PV that reportedly offers improved stability and dynamic responses compared to conventional semi-submerged floating designs. The floating structure consists of pontoon-truss platform composed of four pontoons and a steel truss connected by soft ropes.

BirdBlocker unveils bird-proofing solutions for rooftop PV at Intersolar

Dutch company offering bird-proofing solution for solar installations expands its range with a trio of launches – with high hopes that its business can take flight on commercial rooftops.

Spanish startup Soletrax creates custom trackers for individual projects

The new Trxone, a single-row tracker with short independently tracked rows that are not subject to the tracking algorithm of the master row. The trackers are manufactured separately for each project.

Intersolar 2024: Day 3: Tecloman unveils Cubox mobile storage platform

Our pv magazine newshounds will be walking the floors for one last time in Munich today as Intersolar Europe 2024 winds down for another year.

Crop-responsive PV tracking system for greenhouses

An international consortium led by Israel-based Al-Zahrawi Society announced the first European installations of a multi-year project to test crop-responsive PV systems combined with carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses.

Nextracker acquires solar foundation specialist Ojjo for $119 million

Ojjo makes a unique truss system that reportedly uses half the steel of a conventional foundation and a design that minimizes grading requirements.

Intersolar Liveblog 2024: Ban-Ki Moon, Cate Blanchett at ‘We Choose Earth Tour’

Our pv magazine newshounds are walking the floors in Munich today to bring you all the developments at Intersolar Europe 2024.


Axial launches new dual-row tracker AxialTracker SlopeSync

The new tracker incorporates cardan joint technology along its main axis of rotation, which allows each section of torque tube to have a different inclination or slope while maintaining the continuity of the rotation and rotation of the PV modules.

Nextracker expands U.S. manufacturing with Unimacts

Owned by Unimacts and located near Las Vegas, the factory will produce steel components exclusively for Nextracker, bringing the tracker specialist’s annual domestic solar tracker capacity to over 30 GW.

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