About us

Since its initial publication in 2008, pv magazine group (www.pv-magazine.com) has evolved into the leading global solar PV trade magazine, online news and events platform.

pv magazine publishes monthly and quarterly magazines in English and German and operates daily industry news sites channels covering specific markets (pv magazine Germany, pv magazine France, pv magazine Spain, pv magazine USA, pv magazine Mexico, pv magazine Latin America, pv magazine China, pv magazine Australia, and pv magazine India). With its independent, technology-focused reporting, pv magazine concentrates on the latest developments in the solar PV and energy storage markets and in local industries. Articles cover new products and technologies, policy and market developments, and other topics related to solar PV and the energy transition. pv magazine also has an established and successful international hybrid and virtual events portfolio to deep-dive on these industry matters.

Categories covered

pv magazine readers comprise

By industry sector

  • PV manufacturers (cells, modules, components) and suppliers (equipment, materials)
  • International project developers, system integrators and distributors
  • Financial/political sector

By job title

  • Directors, presidents, chief executives
  • Engineering executives
  • Engineering managers, project managers
  • Financial executives

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