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India’s Alpex Solar preparing IPO in Mumbai

India’s Alpex Solar has filed a draft prospectus for an initial public offering (IPO) on the NSE Emerge trading platform in Mumbai. It plans to use the net proceeds to expand its PV panel capacity from 450 MW to 1.2 GW and set up an aluminium frame manufacturing unit.

US Virgin Islands to cover 30% of power needs with solar-plus-battery systems

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced plans to install about 124 MWh of its battery energy storage systems alongside 140 MW of solar at six sites to help the US Virgin Islands cover 30% of its electricity needs.

Jamaican utility launches solar-plus-storage, wind project tender

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) is inviting applications for engineering, procurement and construction services of a 115 MW utility-scale solar plant, 171.5 MWh battery energy storage system and 12 MW wind plant at unspecified locations at unspecified locations in the Caribbean country.

Finland’s gold rush: navigating the solar landscape

In the land of a thousand lakes and long, harsh winters, a surprising gold rush is under way – not for precious metals but for sunlight. Finland, often associated with its stunning natural landscapes, has become an unlikely contender in the global renewable energy market, particularly in the realm of solar power.

EKI Energy, IndianOil to jointly promote indoor solar cooking system

EKI Energy Services says it will oversee the production, marketing, installation, and after-sales services of “Surya Nutan,” an indoor solar cooking system designed and patented by IndianOil. The initiative will be supported by carbon finance.

Fire suppression system for flat rooftops with PV systems

Minimax’s PVProtect system, which is recognized by German insurers, detects solar panel fires and fights them in their early stages.

Agrivoltaics may increase forage quality in semi-arid regions

New research from the United States showed agrivoltaic plants on grassland may not only maintain grass productivity but also increase forage quality. The scientists took their measurements at the Jack’s Solar Garden (JSG), an elevated, south-oriented agrivoltaic research facility using single-axis-tracking systems near Longmont, Colorado.


Comoros to revamp its solar-plus-storage offerings, network

The Government of Comoros wants to improve the supply and storage of solar on its islands and is inviting applications for the development, operation and maintenance of multiple PV plants with a combined output of 9 MW, as well as battery and storage facilities totaling 20 MWh.

France’s Profils Systèmes unveils new solar veranda

Profils Systèmes, a French aluminum carpentry specialist, has developed Wallis&Energy, a new solar veranda that is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing buildings and new structures.

EnergyAustralia pushes forward with 335 MW pumped hydro project

EnergyAustralia has released the concept design for a 335 MW pumped hydro energy storage and generation project it plans to develop at Lake Lyell, in the Australian state of New South Wales.

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