Canadian Solar to list fund in Tokyo

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has approved Canadian Solar’s plan to list the Canadian Solar Infrastructure Fund (CSIF) on the Japanese exchange’s infrastructure investment fund securities market.

Italian wind specialist Falck renewables re-enters solar energy business

The Italian renewable energy company has acquired a 92 MW PV project in North Carolina from Canadian Solar for $42.8 million.

Solargiga invests $52.8m in new China ingot and wafer fab

Solargiga is ramping up its production capacity for monocrystalline silicon ingot and monocrystalline silicon wafers at a new factory in Quijing, China. Expansion undertaken alongside subsidiary Jinzhou Yangguang Energy.

REI: upstream and downstream review of the Indian solar show

Last week’s Renewable Energy India exhibition was a busy, bustling affair that highlighted the rude health and impressive energy of India’s solar sector. There are still many hurdles to overcome, however, if India is to develop its own domestic manufacturing industry.

Toshiba claims record efficiency with film-based perovskite solar mini-modules

Japan’s Toshiba has fabricated a perovskite solar cell mini-module with an energy conversion rate of 10.5%, which it claims is now the highest rate that has been reached throughout the world with a multi-cell mini-module.

Algeria: Oran’s new airport to be powered by 1.4 MW of rooftop PV

The project will be developed by local renewable energy developer Soliwind. Around 30% of the energy needs of the airport will be covered by the power output of the PV system.

Fraunhofer ISE announces 22.3% efficiency for polycrystalline solar cell

The German research institute said this new result has beaten its own world record, which it set in Februrary reaching a 21.9% efficiency.

US scientists develop new process to make stacks of semiconductors just a few atoms thick

R&D departments at the University of Chicago and Cornell University have pieced together a new atomic scale semi-conductor manufacturing procedure that can provide “the foundation for modern integrated circuitry”.

Afghan utility DABS to buy solar power from 10 MW facility at $0.073 per kWh

The 10 MW PV plant will be built by Indian developer Dynasty. The facility will sell power to the local grid under a 15-year PPA.

Sonnedix refinances Spanish solar portfolio for €74m

The Spanish renewable power developer has announced a non-recourse finance package for 18.17 MW of installed solar PV capacity in Spain.