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Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

A crowning achievement for perovskite stability

Scientists in Switzerland demonstrated a new type of nanoscale doping for perovskite solar cells. By both improving stability and reducing the chance of the cells leaking any toxic lead into the environment, the discovery addresses two of the largest remaining challenges to the development of the promising class of cell materials.

India could add 13.75 GW of PV module capacity by late 2022

The Indian government’s efforts to restrict PV equipment imports and expand domestic manufacturing are starting to bear fruit.

Canberra moves forward with new PV module recycling rules

The Australian federal government’s call for the solar industry to address the issue of PV module waste has coincided with new plans by the Australian Capital Territory government to look at new panel recycling options.

Risen Energy plans 3 GW cell, module factory in Malaysia

China-based Risen Energy is expanding its global footprint with plans to construct a $10 billion production facility in Malaysia.

PV-driven air conditioner coupled with ice thermal storage

Researchers in China have built a PV-powered air conditioner that can store power through ice thermal storage. The performance of the system was evaluated considering operating efficiency and stability and the scientists found that a device relying on a variable-speed compressor and an MPPT controller showed very good ice-making capability.

First reactions to Biden’s US ban on solar imports from China’s Xinjiang province

The Biden Administration’s decision to ban solar imports from four Xinjiang-based polysilicon manufacturers has already raised concerns. One analyst warns of a “significant negative impact” across the U.S. solar industry.


‘World’s cheapest wafer’ maker plans 2 GW Indian cell and wafer fab

U.S. business 1366 Technologies is looking for Indian module manufacturing partners as it plans to bring its ‘direct wafer’ production technique to the country. The company uses molten silicon to form wafers rather than sawing ingots, thus eliminating dust waste and speeding up the process.


‘Low-cost renewable hydrogen may already be in reach’

If the three record-busting low solar price tariffs recorded in the Middle East in the past 18 months are to be believed, renewables-powered hydrogen in prime sites in the region could already compete with gas-plus-CCS production, according to IRENA. Has the Gulf discovered the new petrol?

Roundtables Europe video: Sustainability & Made in Europe PV

As Europe’s PV market scales, the security of module supply and other equipment, the sustainability of products and processes, and the equity for citizens and workers grows in importance. Given these dynamics, pv magazine’s Roundtables Europe Sustainability and Made in Europe session explored European PV production, from polysilicon through to cells and modules. The discussion included how a competitive European production industry can be built, with a focus on political, financial, and technological issues. If you missed the session, check out the video, out now.

US government bans products from four Xinjiang-based solar manufacturers

The four manufacturers are Hoshine Silicon, Daqo, East Hope, and GCL New Energy Material.


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