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Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

Circular economy could support India’s push for clean energy, self-reliance

The recovery of valuable raw materials from end-of-life solar panels and batteries presents a great opportunity for India to secure future supplies as the nation chases its ambitious renewable energy targets.

Frameless glass-glass solar modules made in Europe have the best CO2 footprint, Fraunhofer ISE says

The German research institute has compared the CO2 emissions of glass-glass and glass-backsheet solar modules manufactured in Germany, the EU and China, and found glass-glass modules enable an additional emissions reduction ranging between 7.5 to 12.5% compared to PV modules with backsheet film, regardless of the location.

Canadian manufacturer to set up 350 MW solar cell factory in New York

Ubiquity Solar plans to annually produce 350 MW of utility-grade PV cells and 1.5 MW of advanced space-grade PV cells for aerospace customers.

Solarwatt brings new module and battery factories online in Germany

German manufacturer Solarwatt today announced the opening of a new 300 MW module production facility, as well as new battery pack assembly lines, located on the outskirts of Dresden. The company invested around €35 million in the new lines and says it will begin delivering modules produced on the new equipment to customers as early as next week.

Sonnenstromfabrik launches new PV module series with large wafers and power of up to 490 W

The German solar manufacturer has unveiled three new formats for its glass-film and glass-glass PV modules for the first quarter of 2022.

Triple Solar unveils new photovoltaic thermal panel for heat-pump houses

Dutch company Triple Solar has launched a new PVT module for residential applications which can be connected to water-to-water or PVT heat pumps. The new panel is said to be 10% larger and have a 15% higher output than the company’s other products and can reach a PV power output of 450 W.

Fraunhofer ISE develops solder-free aluminum interconnection tech for shingled PV modules

The German research institute has unveiled a novel interconnection technology for shingled PV modules that eliminates the need for electrically conductive adhesives and screen-printed busbars. It consists of an 8-μm-thick aluminum foil that is joined to the silicon nitride (SiNX) passivation via laser metal bond (LMB). When integrated in a solar module, the efficiency of the new interconnector improved by 0.7%.

New rules to boost Indonesian net metered rooftop PV

The new rules will increase the PV net metering factor from 0.65 to 100 and the credit accumulation period from three to six months.

US solar association warns that tariffs could jeopardize one-third of solar projects by 2023

Anti-dumping tariffs would jeopardize 18 GW of solar projects by 2023, the US Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said in a letter to the Commerce Department.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Zhonghuan Semiconductor raises wafer prices

The manufacturer has raised the cost of all its products. Elsewhere, Xinyi is planning to deploy 5 GW of solar in Heilongjiang province and the China Electricity Council has reported the nation added 22 GW of solar in the first eight months of the year.

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