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Industrial green hydrogen could become a global commodity but local production is needed for transport uses

Long distance, point-to-point transport of green hydrogen for industrial use can harness the cheap solar electricity available in some parts of the world but distributing the energy-storage gas to individual refueling stations, for vehicle fuel cell use, will likely have to depend on production nearby.

Mammoth Dubai solar park set to power water pumping station

The new facility is expected to be connected to the emirate’s water network this month.


pv magazine Roundtables Europe live coverage – Day 2

Welcome to the second day of the pv magazine Roundtable Europe event! Coming up this morning, is the cornerstone on Sustainability and Made in Europe, followed by the Innovation Hub: Hydrogen, battery storage, and e-mobility. Make sure you stay tuned!

Universal electricity access by 2030 remains a distant dream

Energy efficiency, electrification of heating and transport, and the provision of clean cooking facilities are all going in the wrong direction as the Covid crisis deprived millions in sub-Saharan Africa of electricity use, according to a report by the IEA, IRENA, WHO, World Bank and UN Statistics Division.


Romania sees first green bonds

World Bank arm the International Finance Corp has now extended almost €76 million of credit into two sustainable lending facilities launched via Raiffeisen Bank.


Venn diagramming, responsible procurement and customer requirements: Nextracker’s take as the higher calling

Solar supply chain transparency and sustainability has achieved table stakes status. How and where products are manufactured and by whom has hit our 24/7 news cycle. pv magazine’s UP Initiative partner, U.S. PV tracker manufacturer Nextracker Inc. is actively seeking to address the issue of responsible procurement and workers’ rights. As its director of sustainability points out, these matters come up more frequently in customer meetings which is a positive indication of the importance of sustainability on the agenda.

The route to a zero carbon Indonesia

With the nation among the world’s top ten greenhouse gas emitting states, energy analysts from three policy advisories have spelled out how Jakarta could hit net zero by mid century rather than 2070, as currently planned. However, the energy transition would require uncharacteristically long term thinking.


Plans for $1bn solar-powered green hydrogen and ammonia in Abu Dhabi

Details are thin on the ground as yet, but Emirati newspaper The National has reported the port facility will be linked to an 800 MW solar field at the site.


Ferrero signs up for Sicilian solar – the ambassador will be happy

The Ferrero Rocher maker will buy the energy generated by two agrivoltaics projects planned in Sicily as it aims to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.


IEA highlights solar’s dependence on Chinese copper processing

The sheer volume of new power lines which will be required to accommodate the rising tide of solar installations ensures copper has been included by the International Energy Agency on its list of minerals which must keep flowing if the energy transition is to stay on course. And it’s not production that’s the potential bottleneck.

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