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A net-zero Canada would need 1.6 GW of solar per year from now on

Clean energy trade group the Canadian Renewable Energy Association has told policymakers CA$8 billion worth of solar and wind projects will be needed each year to decarbonize the electricity supply by 2035 and remove net emissions by mid century.


Cheaper wholesale solar equipment through $10m group-buying fund in Nigeria

Two investors backed by the charitable foundations set up by energy giants have seed-funded the cash pot to lend to African solar companies, who will be able to buy solar kit cheaper thanks to the economies of scale offered by the aggregation of orders.

Roundtables USA: Solar resiliency in an age of extremes – video now available

Industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders joined pv magazine senior editors in an insight-packed live event to discuss optimizing solar PV and accelerating deployment across the U.S. and the globe.


Greening solar supply chains

As solar energy experiences record growth, investors, customers, and regulators are increasingly asking for more disclosure and transparency on how solar supply chains are managed throughout product life cycles.

The weekend read: Crypto’s energy conundrum

In a financial world of stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and credit cards, trillions of dollars are traded daily, with money flows handled by a bevy of databanks. In the world of cryptocurrency, billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin are traded through as many as 400,000 transactions per day, consuming the energy supply of a modernized country. The quirk is a “proof of work” feature that provides decentralized security. Is Bitcoin’s energy usage all for nothing, or is it a game-changer for renewable assets and generators? Tristan Rayner explores.


Soft drinks business wants to be biggest industrial solar user in Nigeria

An initial 1.44 MW of solar panels this year appears to have impressed the Seven-Up Bottling Company sufficiently to persuade the business to opt for another 10.5 MW of arrays on its factories.


Analyst revises up zero-emission vehicle forecast after bumper year

A report published by BloombergNEF for the COP26 climate change summit has listed global commitments by cities, states, provinces and nations to end the sale of new fossil-fueled vehicles but, with 2035 estimated as the cut-off date for zero-emission roads by mid century, policymakers need to be more ambitious.

USA Roundtables 2021 live blog: Thank you for attending!

Join pv magazine and solar industry leaders as we meet for the USA Roundtables 2021 today, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.


‘Italy can be a laboratory for agrivoltaics’

Efforts are being made to come up with a less convoluted approach to planning farm-based solar systems, in the only EU member state which explicitly apportioned funds for agrivoltaics in its post-Covid spending plans.


Morocco + green hydrogen could be at heart of sustainable shipping revolution

With green hydrogen needed to produce the ‘e-ammonia’ required for carbon-free vessels, new clean power generation capacity and potential solar power hotspots near international shipping lanes will be crucial.


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