UK frees up just shy of half a million pounds for solar innovation fund


A small amount of government-backed funding for solar power innovation has been made available today by Innovate UK, a division of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The monies available – a mere £455,000 ($575,000) – will be granted to successful projects that develop products designed to increase Europe’s market share in solar power.

Innovate UK’s involvement is part of a Europe-wide competition called that aims to strengthen the solar manufacturing base in Europe, with a grander goal of increasing Europe’s market share in this increasingly competitive field.

British companies wishing to apply for a share of the grant should be able to demonstrate innovative and/or low-cost PV manufacturing solutions; develop advanced PV products and applications; exhibits advances in PV system integration, or be able to move forward cost reductions in concentrating solar power (CSP).

The program brings together more than 20 solar innovation fields across Europe with the aim or increasing transnational cooperation on matters pertaining to solar research and development.

Pre-proposal applications for the Innovate UK fund must be submitted by February 20, 2017, with the full proposal deadline of June 14, 2017. Successful projects must involve at least two partners from two different countries.