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The Hydrogen Stream: Liquid hydrogen test flight could enable long-distance flights

H2FLY claims that a recent three-hour test flight, entirely powered by liquid hydrogen, could lead to sustainable long-range flights fueled by liquefied, cryogenic hydrogen. Solaris, meanwhile, has started selling hydrogen buses in Italy.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen-electric powertrain for aircraft

H2FLY has wrapped up initial filling tests with the liquid hydrogen tank for its HY4 aircraft, while Wingcopter has announced the development of a hydrogen-fed delivery drone.

The Hydrogen Stream: Magnetic alloys for efficient hydrogen cooling

While a Japanese team developed a series of Er(Ho)Co2-based magnetic cooling alloys for hydrogen cooling, a US research team used a “simple” acid treatment to increase flow of hydrogen atoms within protonic ceramic electrochemical cells (PCECs). Hydrogen-fuelled mobility registered significant developments: the first hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft was piloted between two major airports in Germany, and a 75-passenger ferry service in the San Francisco Bay braces for operations in June.


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