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Manz reports stable turnover and improved results

Although the CIGS equipment manufacturer reported a negative Ebit of €35.9 million, this was improved considerably from the previous year. In 2017, the company aims to increase turnover significantily and to be back in the black.

Bringing all storage solutions together at Messe Düsseldorf

Video interview: On the second day of the Energy Storage Europe conference and trade show Hans Werner Reinhard, representative of organizer Messe Düsseldorf, gave his view on the future of the event and the energy storage market.

Tesvolt and Samsung unveil new high-voltage storage system

The German battery manufacturer and the Korean industrial conglomerate have unveiled a new high-voltage storage system. The device has an efficiency of 98% and functions just as well with a low voltage of 48 volts as with a high voltage of 1,000 volts.


Argentina tenders 6,500 off-grid photovoltaic systems

The Argentine government wants to promote renewable energy in rural areas of the country, and to do so it has launched a tender for about 6,500 off-grid solar systems. German companies are allowed to participate.

The warranty chain trap

Black sheep II: This case was more than just a headache for the installer – it cost him plenty of money and almost his entire company. After more than seven years of disputes with dealers, importers, lawyers and the end customer, he had to pay some EUR 175,000 out of his own pocket – even though he himself had not been accused of any installation errors.

Overheating and incompatible plug connectors

Black sheep I: In a Bavarian solar farm, experts discovered overheated junction boxes after commissioning and, later, overheated plug connectors as well.


PID-related performance drop in a solar farm

Black Sheep campaign: Some PV panels or batches of modules are susceptible to potential induced degradation (PID), while others are scarcely affected. Currently, many PV farm operators are experiencing this reality. The third instalment of our “Bring on the Black Sheep” series describes a case in which a module manufacturer behaved in a close to exemplary manner, but the inverter manufacturer made life difficult.

Relabeled modules cause headache for distributor

pv magazine’s ongoing Black Sheep campaign has uncovered a case in which a module supplier shipped modules that appear to have relabeled with a false module power rating. On further investigation the dealer was able to satisfy the end customer, but the dispute continues.

Germany: Utility survey reveals solar and Energiewende remain popular

A survey carried out by the German Association of Energy, and Water Industries (BDEW) has revealed that solar is one of the most popular industries in the country. It has also demonstrated that a majority of Germans believe the country’s Energiewende, or energy transition, is a “very important” priority.

Europe: No discrimination for battery storage on primary frequency control market

The EU Commission has ruled that battery storage units looking to provide primary frequency control regulation must achieve authorized maximum demand for 15 minutes, like all other power plants, instead of 30 minutes, as was being considered under a special regulation.

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