Solar PV is the technology to combat the climate change now

Global warming and the climate emergency have attracted unexpected attention this year both in mainstream media and in public opinion. Governments, investors, business and other stakeholders are being asked to take urgent action towards a carbon neutral economy. Energy is a major part of the challenge and, being heavily regulated, will play a key role in determining the path we take towards that goal and how fast we get there.
To better understand the role solar PV can play in combatting climate change and the outlook for the Italian solar market, ITALIA SOLARE, the Italian Solar Association, is organizing the Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2019 “Climate emergency: solar PV is part of the solution today” which will take place in Rome on 10 December 2019.
In a conversation involving more than 30 high-profile speakers, the 2019 edition of the Forum ITALIA SOLARE will take a critical look at where we are today and examine the policies and strategies to put in place towards the decarbonisation of the energy sector. Particular focus will be placed on the key role of solar PV energy.
The event programme includes five sessions in order to analyse different aspects of solar PV. The first will address the climate crisis and policies encouraging solar PV and the energy transition; the second session will discuss how energy communities and markets represent a new paradigm of distributed (solar PV) self-consumption; the third session will focus on key solar PV technologies to achieve a fossil-free economy, illustrated by experiences in Italy; the following session will explore the issue of how to operate in photovoltaics in Italy today with case history and best practices; the last session of the Forum looks at large-scale PV plants in Italy.
Join us at the Forum ITALIA SOLARE 2019 and you will gain valuable market insights on how to invest and thrive in the Italian solar PV market. Participants and speakers will have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with major stakeholders in the sector.
Don't forget to check out the preliminary agenda.