DFBEW/OFATE | Large-scale rooftop PV: regulatory framework, incentives and challenges


On December 13th 2022, the Franco-German Office for the Energy Transition (DFBEW/OFATE) will hold an online conference on the following topic:

Large-scale rooftop PV: regulatory framework, incentives and challenges

The development of PV capacities is an integral part of energy policy in France and Germany. In France, the development targets have been raised to 100 GW by 2050 and to 215 GW by 2030 in Germany. This implies that the implementation of solar projects has to be accelerated. In addition to ground-mounted solar panels, the use of rooftop PV is essential for achieving these targets, as this segment offers great, as yet untapped potential.

Companies can accelerate the necessary implementation dynamic. In addition to environmental benefits, solar projects rely on business models that can offer competitive prices and long-term price hedging – a challenge that is particularly important in the current energy crisis.

But despite the incentives and legal obligations, there is a discrepancy between the ambitious targets and the actual number of new rooftop PV projects. For example, in the last tenders for PV installations on buildings in both Germany and France, the volumes of the bidders' projects fell far short of the tendered quantities. Currently, the construction of some plants is paused or even stopped due to rising raw material costs, financing conditions and delivery times.

The conference will discuss these challenges as well as the outlook for large-scale rooftop PV installations. Among others, the following questions will be discussed:

  • What are the current and future legal frameworks for large rooftop installations? What are the market dynamics in France and Germany?
  • What business models can add value to large rooftop installations and what challenges do these projects face?
  • Which instruments could be used to accelerate the development of rooftop PV systems?

Further information and registration here (German) or here (French).