Solarex Istanbul 2023


SolarEX Istanbul, the fair of those who receive their energy from the Sun, is preparing to bring the latest technology products of world brands together with its investors for the 15th time.

International SolarEX Istanbul Fair is preparing to bring together many international professional visitors with the leading companies of the sector once again in an area of 35,000 m2, which is 5 times larger than before, in Istanbul Exhibition Center between 6th and 8th of April 2023. The fair, which will be held for the 15th time, continues to determine the road map of Energy with the players of the sector.

As Turkey's first and only international solar energy and technology fair for investors, producers, components and end users, which is excitedly awaited by all professionals of the solar sector, is of great importance for our country.

We will put our signature under the biggest fair in the sector”

Yasemin TERLE, who has been managing the project since the first year of SolarEX Istanbul International Solarex Istanbul Fair, which has been the final destination of the investors for 15 years, who receive their energy from the Sun, the unlimited energy source, has made the following statement about the fair: “The only way to leave  the global energy and climate crisis behind is the solar energy system that is unlimitedly self-repetitive, renewable and not dependent on raw materials. Clean energy and energy efficiency on a global scale is the priority of all countries in the world. Efficient and effective use of energy is possible with the unlimited use of solar energy by individuals and masses aiming for sustainable growth. We are excited to meet again in the international arena for the 15th time in SolarEX Istanbul, where more than 200 companies and more than 500 brands of the solar sector are expanding their fields every year. We continue our promotion efforts in the target markets by exhibiting the latest technology products in SolarEX Istanbul in 2023 along with the capacity increases of our sector companies, who have made millions of dollars of investments in 2022 SolarEX. As a team, we attach great importance to promoting our fair especially abroad. Last year, we participated in 12 foreign fairs on 5 continents from the United States to the United Arab Emirates and made promotion in them. This year, we will expand the scope even more and bring especially purchasing delegations from abroad to Istanbul. In our country, where the unlimited energy of the sun is a strong commercial resource, we have been gathering the solar community under the same roof for 15 years. In 2023, we are happy to offer a strong commercial arena for the solar sector with the organization that will bring together solar energy investors and sector professionals from Eastern Europe to the Near East, from the Middle East to North Africa. We will be happy to get together with our participants and visitors in SolarEX with the good developments and innovative works on behalf of our sector for the 15th times. . ‘’

With Solar Sessions, which is held simultaneously with the fair, a live broadcast is made worldwide.

Emphasizing the importance of the sun on the way to energy independence in our country, which is a clean, renewable and continuous energy source, the International SolarEX Istanbul Fair brings together sector leaders with individual and mass environmentally friendly solutions. The event, which cooperates with many international NGOs and organizations worldwide, enables investors to find answers to all their questions about the latest developments in the solar sector worldwide by holding simultaneous conference sessions with live broadcast infrastructure accompanied by simultaneous translation.

International Solarex Istanbul Fair is not only a commercial platform, but also a platform where innovations for the sector are seen and the latest technologies are shared with industry professionals.

Solar energy solutions in SolarEX Istanbul with increasing use in all areas of our lives

For being a participant and a visitor in SolarEX, the only international event in Turkey, in which the Solar energy solutions, which are the first choice of those who want to invest in clean energy in the world of tomorrow, are presented in the best manner, for meeting with the world-famous solar sector experts in solar sessions and for detailed information;

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