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Magazine Archive 01-2013

Meaningful improvements seen

System prices: The national weighted-average price for PV systems in the U.S. fell. GTM Research’s Andrew Krulewitz details the factors that contributed to price declines in each U.S. PV market segment this quarter.

Stepwise innovation

Battery market update: Battery innovation will proceed due to both private and public investments, but guided by stepwise innovation introduced by legacy battery vendors, says Pike Research analyst Brittany E. Gibson.

“Subsidies are extremely harmful”

Interview: What is hampering the development of the photovoltaics off-grid markets? And what can be done? Prof. Peter Adelmann, Director of the Institute for Decentralized Electrification, Entrepreneurship and Education (id-eee), reports on his experience with projects in Ethiopia and other countries.

The time is ripe

Dear readers, And now 2013, a new year once again. I still remember the time when an acquaintance who was a development aid worker imagined getting the first large solar park underway in West Africa in 2006. For months he negotiated with companies, governments and banks, while preparing concepts, plans and subsidy requests. But somehow […]

1,000 Factories, 1,000 Megawatts

China’s rooftop potential: Southern China and its richest province Guangdong have lagged behind other regions in China when it comes to PV production and installation. However, the region pioneered China’s industrial development and at the recent Distributed PV Application and Commercialization Forum organized by SEMI China in Shunde, Guangdong, there were signs that the situation is about to change. Abundant industrial rooftops provide the basis for Guangdong’s new “Thousand Factories, Thousand Megawatts” program and it could make PV a leading industry in this region.

Their own best customers

EPC ranking: In 2012 it seemed that Chinese solar project developers materialized out of thin air, while several German companies completely dropped off the charts. Market researchers and analysts shed light on the background and develop scenarios for how solar PV engineering, procurement and construction companies might develop in the future.

A boom across all segments

Japan: While there are regular announcements of new Japanese “mega solar” projects across the country, the latest figures of installed capacity and FIT registrations show that strong growth is also occurring in the residential market. Izumi Kaizuka, from RTS Corporation, takes a look at the data behind Japan’s solar boom.

Walking a thin line

Thin film 2013: Picking winners in this year’s PV market is difficult, to say the least. In the thin film sector, picking survivors may be near impossible. With brutal price competition continuing to make life hard, pv magazine casts its eye over the thin film field to see what strategies are emerging in this fight for survival.

A challenging year

Mercom Capital global forecast: Mercom Capital Group’s Raj Prabhu looks back at the global solar market in 2012 and anticipates what 2013 has in store for the industry.

What will 2013 bring?

Module prices: The prices for modules kept falling November to December. The reason might be distributors’ efforts to keep stocks as small as possible.

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