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Magazine Archive 02-2013

New approaches to vacuum deposition

Vacuum deposition processes: A new tool that presents a different way of doing things certainly can get the attention of manufacturers. But are any PV manufacturers in the position to spend? Manz AG has found that the market is receptive to its new Vertical Coating System (VCS 1200), however the road to sales may prove more difficult.

Where solar makes the real difference

Off-grid India: The Indian off-grid PV segment is reaching a point of inflection. Madhavan Nampoothiri from RESolve Energy Consultants explains how off-grid PV is making inroads in the Indian sub-continent.

Towards 2025

Interview: Since launching the 300 GW p.a. initiative in September 2012, pv magazine has shone a light on the future of the PV industry, in becoming a major pillar of world energy by 2025 and beyond. As a part of the initiative Applied Solar’s Charlie Gay joins the conversation and makes the case for PV to strive forward and take its place alongside major energy players, including natural gas.

Think wireless, but not overnight

Manufacturing and standards: Wireless communication in automation and to facilitate productivity improvements is becoming more common in a range of manufacturing processes. But is the time right for it to make an impact in the PV space?

The way forward

Taiwan: Up to now, the Taiwanese solar industry focused on upstream segments. Now, integrating downstream seems to be the order of the day. That requires soft skills beyond price and technology.

Spoilt for choice

Battery overview: Batteries are an integral part of the total storage solution offered for renewable energy applications. However in the selection process, comparison of the different batteries available is not easy since chemistries and performance for applications differ. This market overview shows deep cycle batteries that are on the market and the elements that can influence operation and storage.

Solar VC spending halved in 2012

Investment: Solar investors took cover in 2012. Burned by lackluster returns and weak exit opportunities, venture capital (VC) funds placed fewer bets of smaller average amounts on solar companies last year, according to Raj Prabhu, managing partner at Mercom Capital Group LLC.

Solar self-supply

Self-consumption: Small, decentralized solar energy production units, energy storage devices and a battery management system can help people to become independent from the public power grid and constantly rising electricity prices. The first systems for self- consumption prove that it really works, explains Artur Deger, CEO of DEGERenergie.

Smart little trackers

Trackers: A nifty little robot who does all the work. California-based QBotix Inc has made it its mission to leverage their expertise in intelligent robots to present smart solutions for PV. Founder and CEO Wasiq Bokhari talks to pv magazine on their robot, the QBotix Tracking System or QTS.

Smart glass

Anti-reflective coatings: A new wave of anti-reflective technology is emerging with some of the most promising products in development having multi-functional properties that could benefit solar PV cover glass.

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