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Magazine Archive 02-2013

New approaches to vacuum deposition

Vacuum deposition processes: A new tool that presents a different way of doing things certainly can get the attention of manufacturers. But are any PV manufacturers in the position to spend? Manz AG has found that the market is receptive to its new Vertical Coating System (VCS 1200), however the road to sales may prove more difficult.

Putting on the pressure

Dear readers, “Electricity Price: Altmaier Steps on the Brakes” – these anxious headlines arrived just in time for the editorial deadline. With the explanation that a precipitously rapid development of renewable energies, in particular photovoltaics, is leading to an endless increase in the amount of the surcharge provided for in the German Renewable Energy Sources […]

A calming market

United Kingdom: The UK solar market is settling down after two rollercoaster years. So far the new capacity-linked “degressive” feed-in tariff (DFIT) system appears to be stabilizing the market. Now the value of solar renewable obligation certificates (ROCs) has been clarified and solar incorporated into the government’s green roadmap, all appears set for continued strong but steady growth.

PV expansion powers growth creation

Africa: Overall economic growth on the continent for 2012 through 2013 is projected to reach 4.8% with some countries likely to hit the 6% mark. These figures are raising hopes of expanded investment in the nascent solar PV sector and the creation of ‘green collar’ jobs.

A week of superlatives

World Future Energy Summit: Representatives from more than 140 countries, including more than 80 energy ministers and six heads of state, came together in Abu Dhabi for the General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) and International Water Summit were held at the same time. The focus of the event was on the status quo of renewable energy in the region.

Quantum dots: The pros and cons in PV

Quantum dots: PV has anchored its place as one of the most promising renewable energy technologies owing to its operational feasibility, durability and ease of maintenance. Within this field, quantum dot (QD) semiconductors have, of late, drawn a large number of PV researchers.


After the lull

India PV market update: After a lull in 2012, the Indian solar market is set to look up in 2013 as BRIDGE TO INDIA predicts.

Reliable performance

On-site testing: In Europe, transportation routes between PV manufacturing facilities and solar parks are getting longer. That means that product quality might not always be as expected at the point of delivery. A cost-efficient way to overcome such risks is to use mobile test centers on-site, as Erik Lohse of MBJ Services, Tanja Bergbauer of BEC-Engineering, and Michael Radig of Gehrlicher Solar explain.

At the break-even point

Chinese factory gate prices: The Chinese PV module price decrease in Europe is expected to slow down in the first quarter of 2013.

Smart glass

Anti-reflective coatings: A new wave of anti-reflective technology is emerging with some of the most promising products in development having multi-functional properties that could benefit solar PV cover glass.

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