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Magazine Archive 02-2016

The butterfly effect

Smart buildings: The COP21 UN summit on climate change not only nurtured unity and political will to tackle a shared problem, but it also allowed those companies that are already way ahead of the curve to showcase their achievements and inspire the next generation. One such company is power electronics firm Delta, which saw COP21 as the ideal opportunity to share its green ideals with a global audience.

Top dollar decisions

Solar investment: Total corporate funding in the solar sector comes in at $25.3 billion in 2015, with a record $5.5 billion raised by residential and commercial solar funds. VC funding tops $1 billion, and a record number of large-scale projects have been acquired, writes Mercom Capital Group CEO and co-founder Raj Prabhu.

A great deal of Eastern promise

Welcome! Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that the soon-to-be sunburnt chap pictured above is not your usual editor in chief, Jonathan Gifford. Jonathan is off on paternity leave for the birth of his first child, so I am stepping into the breach for one issue while he feels his way slowly into the wonderful world […]

Unlocking the commercial rooftop

C&I rooftop: The commercial and industrial rooftop space in the U.S. has big room to grow. Both SunPower and Solar Frontier are supplying this market with modular, repeatable PV power plants, which they hope will open up new roofs to solar.

A platform for reform

Japan has made it again: For the second year running, Japan was one of the world’s leading PV nations, adding some 10 GW of new solar PV capacity in 2015. This year will prove crucial due to the anticipated liberalization of Japan’s retail electricity market and other policy changes that the energy ministry is planning specifically for the PV sector. So what will 2016 and beyond look like for Japan’s solar landscape?

A tight spot: Consequences of the multi-wafer shortage

Wafers shortage: Multicrystalline silicon wafers are currently in short supply across the solar landscape after years of overcapacity. Such market dynamics are prompting huge capacity expansion plans among leading wafer suppliers – driving new rounds of investment production techniques that could boost efficiencies.

Adulation and undulation

NYSE Bloomberg Solar Energy Index: COP21 and extension of US Investment Tax Credit drive index; optimism offset by China FIT cuts and possible EU import tariffs.

Best foot forward

WFES 2016: A mere month after the world rejoiced at the progress made in Paris, the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi was the ideal opportunity to take stock of the global clean energy landscape and ask: Where do we go from here? Although many other questions remain, MENA’s role in this journey is becoming far clearer.

Cheers to the sun IBC SOLAR: German expertise for the Indian PV market

India’s solar ambition: In leading calls for a solar alliance at the COP21 summit in Paris, India demonstrated its growing appetite for the industry. But can ambition be matched with solid growth and development, and what are the challenges that still need to be overcome? IBC Solar: German engineering expertise and knowledge of local business culture combined to produce the best results and effective knowledge transfer.

Floating PV buoyed by global demand

Floating PV: Floating PV plants have moved beyond space-saving solutions for wineries and densely populated areas like Japan, to a paired power technology addition for hydro dam reservoirs. Brazil, India and other countries are pursuing reservoir installations, and the list grows longer.

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