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Magazine Archive 03-2011

Power off the beaten track

Off-grid Bangladesh: Off-grid Base Terminal Stations are turning towards solar energy to power the telecommunication possibilities in the country. Carbon footprint reduction and sustainability are core ideologies behind the deletion of diesel and entry of solar. Pilot project success stories drive further plans.

Win-win in Wuhan

Chinese industry incentives: Evergreen Solar is moving its PV manufacturing plant from Devens, USA, to Wuhan, China. It’s sad for Massachusetts, but the move is understandable: China is offering generous support for high-tech ventures, especially in the clean tech space.

What to do about PV waste?

Opinion: Some companies offer voluntary recycling services. At governmental level, the issue has only been addressed by the European Union. Jennifer Woolwich sums up the considerations and suggestions in the industry.

Welcome China

Dear readers, In 2010, the People’s Republic of China overtook Japan as the second largest economy in the world. China is also setting the pace more and more when it comes to photovoltaic technology. In its newest five-year plan the central government in Peking defined renewable energy as one of seven strategic industries. Newly installed […]

The silent revolution continues

The story of solar electricity: The eighteenth part of our series of chapters from John Perlin’s book From Space to Earth looks back at how photovoltaics became widely accepted around the world.

The limits of automation

Monitoring systems: They warn against loss of performance, but sometimes they also trigger false alarms, causing unnecessary service call-outs. How such errors can be minimized was Armin Schmiegel’s topic at the 1st Inverter and PV System Technology Forum 2011 in Berlin (January 24-25, 2011). In pv magazine, the expert from voltwerk electronics, together with his colleague Andreas Linhart, explains the details.

Sustainable installations

Power for remote areas: Phocos AG, a manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers, components and energy-saving appliances, has always focused on off-grid applications, often in areas with difficult conditions in climate and infrastructure. A report on some of the recent projects.

Surprising dynamics

Industry ranking: Whether among raw silicon or wafer manufacturers – the competition is dynamic and some companies are expanding especially fast. Market researchers and analysts provide information about these manufacturers and their strategies.

SRECs for all!

CEO interview: Solis Partners MD Jamie Hahn talks to pv magazine about solar renewable energy certificates – their success in the New Jersey marketplace and the areas which still need development. He also discusses incentive schemes, and the company’s competitive strategy.

Spot market for PV panels: Cheaper than ever

Module prices: As was to be expected, there was a sharp decline in prices in each of the regions of origin. Spot market prices hit a record low in January.

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