Magazine Archive 03-2011

A Bengali dream

Bangladesh: From barefoot PV to a new dream of bringing solar energy to millions of Bangladeshis: the dreams of one man to bring light to rural dwellers in the South Asian state. The efforts of domestic solar companies to take things further. The country is steadily on a mission to place itself on the global solar map and to bring hope of light to thousands living in remote darkness.

Spot market for PV panels: Cheaper than ever

Module prices: As was to be expected, there was a sharp decline in prices in each of the regions of origin. Spot market prices hit a record low in January.

A solar philanthropist

Solar energy for Haiti: The founder of Biohaus, Willi Ernst, took the money he made from the sale of his company to Centrosolar, and set up a charitable foundation. Its first major project is the development of a solar training center for future roofers, electricians, and sanitary installation specialists in Haiti.

SRECs for all!

CEO interview: Solis Partners MD Jamie Hahn talks to pv magazine about solar renewable energy certificates – their success in the New Jersey marketplace and the areas which still need development. He also discusses incentive schemes, and the company’s competitive strategy.

Big policy push

The U.S. solar market: After two years of investing billions of dollars into solar research and deployment, U.S. President Barack Obama is strategizing ways to gain political support for his goals of boosting solar energy generation and reducing its installation cost to one dollar per watt.

Surprising dynamics

Industry ranking: Whether among raw silicon or wafer manufacturers – the competition is dynamic and some companies are expanding especially fast. Market researchers and analysts provide information about these manufacturers and their strategies.


SERIS Interview: Under the wing of the National University of Singapore, SERIS (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) aims to develop materials, components, processes and systems for photovoltaic electricity generation and energy efficient buildings. Stephen Wittkopf, Cluster Director for Solar and Energy Efficient Buildings, spoke to pv magazine about his vision for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

Sustainable installations

Power for remote areas: Phocos AG, a manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers, components and energy-saving appliances, has always focused on off-grid applications, often in areas with difficult conditions in climate and infrastructure. A report on some of the recent projects.

Expanding the laser tool box

Lasers in PV production: Lasers have the potential to become vital tools for many processes in the production chain of crystalline solar cells. Malte Schulz-Ruhtenberg of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen, Germany, reports on research projects his institute is involved in and their results.

The limits of automation

Monitoring systems: They warn against loss of performance, but sometimes they also trigger false alarms, causing unnecessary service call-outs. How such errors can be minimized was Armin Schmiegel’s topic at the 1st Inverter and PV System Technology Forum 2011 in Berlin (January 24-25, 2011). In pv magazine, the expert from voltwerk electronics, together with his colleague Andreas Linhart, explains the details.

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