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Magazine Archive 04-2016

The best of the best: innovative high efficiency PV module designs

High efficiency PV: The premium end of the PV module market has remained vibrant even during the period of rapid price declines. It is a segment in which innovation can be showcased and is a keenly contested space when it comes to demonstrating manufacturing prowess and technical leadership. pv magazine showcases some of the modules leading the field in the high efficiency ranks.

The great inverter disruption

MLPE vs. String, Part I: Following the news that power optimizer specialist SolarEdge may become the market leader for residential inverters globally this year, pv magazine revisits the MLPE space to examine just what is driving the sector’s phenomenal adoption rates, and how traditional inverter suppliers can respond.

“Industry 4.0 will result in intelligent production”

Robotics and automation: With the financial outlook for investments in PV production looking increasingly strong, pv magazine speaks with Kuka Industries’ Paul Merz to see what the current investment cycle means for the deployment of robotic solutions.

The key questions for SNEC 2016

SNEC 2016: The biggest solar show in the biggest solar market rolls into Shanghai between May 24-26, bringing with it the promise of yet further clarity of just how China’s solar sector will grow this year – a year filled with economic trepidation on the one hand, but positive clean energy activity on the other. pv magazine looks ahead to what should be a fascination expo, whichever way the chips fall.

“Super thin glass-glass modules: a breakthrough”

Dual glass module manufacturing: In 2016 Changzhou Almaden will open a $30 million thin glass and glass-glass module assembly facility in Dubai. The project was developed in cooperation with the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and as the fit out of the 15,000 square meter facility continues, Almaden’s Sales and Marketing Director Manfred Fussi speaks to pv magazine .


The uncertain future of silicon heterojunction solar

PV cells: Heterojunction PV cells can deliver impressive efficiency results, but they are neither easy nor cheap to produce.

2015 Poly and wafer rankings

PV manufacturing: Polysilicon manufacturers and wafer producers are facing wildly different fortunes. With polysilicon prices remaining low, the competitive landscape is in flux. But quality still counts. Wafer demand remains strong as wafer, cell and module capacities have not expanded in step. Christian Roselund reports.

Thermal Cycling insights

PV Module Reliability Scorecard: While nothing can rival data from the field, accelerated testing can reveal telling module quality and performance. DNV GL’s Laboratory Services Group, founded by Jenya Meydbray, has carried out testing on some 30 different manufacturers as a part of its Product Qualification Program. The results contain some intriguing insights, Thermal Cycling results are presented here.

Beyond Europe

Solar industry leaders met in Brussels last month for Solar Power Europe’s 11th annual workshop. CEO James Watson delivered the keynote and the EU’s unexpectedly strong solar performance in 2015 was the theme. Looking further forward, and even only to 2016, the outlook is far less rosy. With the U.K. market (pp. 58 – 59) […]

Trends in two directions

Module prices: Solar pioneers are being insourced by energy companies. Solar firms have begun reporting significantly better numbers.

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